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Daily Recap: November 17th

11/18/11 10:29am

Here's your Daily Recap of everything from Thursday November 17th:

Copyright Office will endorse SOPA anti-piracy bill - Copyright office supports copyright laws. Big surprise.
Trade you this engagement ring for your Halo armor? - When love tore Eric Smith apart, Master Chief's armor was there to make him feel safe again...
g1LunchPunch - 2011 The Good and Bad - Who's been successful and who hasn't in Video Games this year?
Save Skyrim on PS3 and break the game - It seems a little bug could ruin your adventures in fantasy land...
Rock Band 3 DLC for 11/22 - In this early announcement we have... wait for it... Nickelback! Plus some Pro Upgrades for Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.
Soul Calibur V screenshot blowout, new character revealed - A monkey-boy joins the fray in this truckload of screenshots.
Hero Academy is the next big game from Robot Entertainment - Forget Words With Friends, asynchronous mobile gaming is about to get EPIC...
DC Universe Online DLC expansion 'strikes' soon - With new maps, adventures, and characters like Livewire, Black Lightning and Static... there's plenty to buzz about.
Five ways you could spend Activision's money - So in the first five days since the release of MW3, Activision has made $750 million dollars. I wonder what I could buy with that...
Costumes for Street Fighter X Tekken may have revealed new characters - Capcom "swaps costumes" in Street Fighter X Tekken and I see a few characters that haven't been announced...
Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors headed to PSN - Felicia and company are stalking the PSN store.
Good Old Games has something new up its sleeve - In order to go head-to-head with Steam and Origin, GOG.com may be taking the "old" out of Good Old Games...
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD finished, coming soon to PSN - The game may be finished, but this Stranger's wrath has not.
Saints Row Bobble Budds have arrived - Are you really ready for this...
[Japan] Namco's Tales series gets hard rock soundtrack - Rock out to some battle themes.
Today's Takeaway - If you could go anywhere in the world - What would be the best setting for the next AssCreed...


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