Daily Recap: October 10th

Posted on October 11, 2011 - 8:20am by Sean Hinz

Here is everything you missed from October 11th.

Silent Hill Downpour delayed until next year
Konami has confirmed that the next proper installment in the Silent Hill series has been delayed until Q2 of 2012. I can sleep soundly for another 6 months...

Ninja Gaiden short is a visual treat
Ninjas are silent and so is this fan film. Ryu Hayabusa slice up his enemies in this short from 12King Fan Films...
  Xperia Play is getting some free EA games
Sony Ericsson seems to have worked out a deal with EA to publish four free games on the platform. This promotion is only for a limited time though... OMG that necromorph is right behind you!!!
  "Xbox 720" rumors are becoming reality
The rumors we reported on early last week about a next-generation Xbox are all but confirmed at this point. So what are we going to name it? Xbox 720, Next-Gen Xbox, or NEXTBOX...
  Skyrim's map is unfolded for all to view
November is closing in on all of us quickly and that can only mean one thing; it's gaming season. There are huge titles releasing this November, none quite as big as Skyrim. I am talking land size here, the distance you can traverse in this massive game. I sit and wonder...
   [Updated] Mass Effect 3 multiplayer pass
It looks like Bioware has officially confirmed that multiplayer will be available in the finale to this trilogy. Though it is not what you might think...
  Tales of the Abyss official release date announced
The 3D remake of the PS2 JRPG Tales of the Abyss has been given a official release date. It will be arriving to November 25 in Europe, but still expected to be next year for North America...
  Goodbye Qwikster, we hardly knew thee
As quickly as Qwikster tried to make its move into the DVD/Game rental market, it has now become abandoned. Whether it was because of the Internet outrage or its PR disaster on Twitter, Qwikster...
  Sonic 4 Ep 2 won't have 3D Support but New Music
Sonic 4 Brand Manager Ken Balough talks 3D and music.
  Dead Island DLC hits mid-November
Extend your stay at beautiful Banoi.
  Leisure Suit Larry Remake in the Works
Larry Laffer is back and kicking it old-school. 
  Today's Takeaway - 10/10
Mass Effect 3 has confirmed it will have multiplayer. While this is not the worst news in the world, it feels the almost unnecessary...
  Tribes: Ascend Beta Starts Nov 4th
Tribes returns and you can get a sneak peek. 


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