Daily Recap: October 20th

Posted on October 21, 2011 - 8:20am by Sean Hinz

Here is everything you missed from Thursday, October 20th.

  PSN content mysteriously vanishes from Amazon
Honestly, is it just me, or is it looking like a download code Rapture all of a sudden? First a number of Batman: Arkham City code slips disappear, now PlayStation Network content, including game download codes, has vanished from Amazon...
  Japan's Club Nintendo gets an 8-bit Platinum bonus
This new Mario just wants to crash on your couch. Forever...
  GameStop takes your BF3, gives you MW3 for £0.99
Trade in your used copy of Battlefield 3 and GameStop UK will let you have Modern Warfare 3 for just £0.99... but you're going to have to jump through some ridiculous hoops along the way.
  g1LunchPunch - Halloween Hunt rules and sign-Ups
Rules and sign-ups for the 2011 ScrewAttack Halloween Hunt is here!
  Garriot to sell his humble abode for only $4 million
Want to see how a video game mogul lives? Step inside and find out...
New Soul Calibur 5 Art and Screenshots
A crapton of images showing off characters and stages.
Little Link is so cute your head will explode
Zelda cosplay is awesome. Zelda cosplay on a 1-year-old boy wandering through the woods with Navi at his side is even better...
  Assassins on-track to infiltrate theaters
With various console games, media platforms, and an entire universe evolving from the original Assassin's Creed; is it time the series graced the Silver Screen?
  Next gen Sony and Microsoft console rumors heat up
Sony and Microsoft continue to churn the console rumor mill. There's talk of PS4 and "Xbox Next" development and dates...
  L.A. Noire Complete Edition Coming this November
The complete Noire experience in one package.
The new SSX will be my Valentine
EA has announced a release date for the newly revamped SSX, and it's going to be the best Valentine's day present ever... 
Pinball FX2 getting a FREE table courtesy of Zen Studios
In honor of Pinball FX2's one year anniversary, Zen Studiosis bringing you a new table for Free... 
  Pre-order Sonic Generations on Steam and receive Genesis goodies
Steam has recently begun a deal for their version of Sonic Generations. Pre-order the currently discounted game and you will receive Sonic 3 & Knuckles plus Sonic 3D Blast for free. 
  [Rumor]Persona 4 Mobile Game in the Works?
Persona 4 spreads to mobile phones. 


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