Daily Recap: October 6th

Posted on October 7, 2011 - 9:40am by Sean Hinz

 Here is everything you missed on October 6th.

Duke Nukem Forever DLC is a Parody Pack
Duke Nukem Forever is getting its first DLC, on all platforms. The Hali to the Icons Parody Pack should be coming next week for free, if you are a member of the First Access Club...

Gran Turismo 5 gets Spec 2.0 and DLC
Forza 4 may be gearing up to release, but competitor Gran Turismo 5 is gearing down the steal the spotlight with some serious updates and DLC...

g1LunchPunch - Fill out this survey on the new ScrewAttack
Instead of staying silent or random g1s posting blogs, help me tell Craig and the crew how you really feel about the New ScrewAttack. How? Take this survey I created using SurveyMonkey.com...

Red Dead Rejection for PC gamers
Rockstar spent some time answering fan questions, and it mentioned that a PC version of Red Dead Redemption will probably never happen...
  [NSFW] Onechanbara Z is getting naughty DLC
Slicing zombies into kibble using a samurai sword is also pleasing to my brain. Watching Japanese schoolgirls do this while wearing practically nothing...
  We don't know who Neverwinter is anymore
Like an angst-ridden teenager, the Dungeons and Dragons title Neverwinter is changing everything about itself. Well, not quite everything. I think it just wants to fit in with the cool games... 
  Spielberg and Dreamworks working on the Halo movie?
It looks like the Halo movie is actually real and is packing some serious Hollywood talent.
  Fact: Dinosaurs exist on Cybertron
Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron, the game is currently in development for Xbox 360 and PS3. It will take "fans through the final, darkest hours of the civil war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS"...
  Try to be a butterfly in Battlefield 3
A big list of Battlefield 3 achievements has hit the internet. There are 38 achievements like "Butterfly" to unlock, including 6 secret badges. Here are the ones we know so far.
  Inafune talks 'King of Pirates'
During an interview, Keiji Inafune talked a bit about his latest project. 
  Ubisoft's Rabbids getting TV Show in 2013
Raving Rabbids? In your TV? It's more likely than you think. 
  [Update] Super Mario 3D Land is Tanooki crazy!
I have 75 screenshots of Super Mario 3D Land. They are full of Tanooki tails: Goomba Tanookies, Bullet Bill Tanookies, Boo Tanookies and even a special white Tanooki suit. Is this genius or insane? 
  Today's Takeaway - 10/06
Steve Jobs passed away yesterday at the young age of 56. His ability to capture our imagination and develop it into something tangible was uncanny. Here is some of the wisdom he has left behind.


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