Daily Recap: September 15th

Posted on September 16, 2011 - 8:20am by Sean Hinz

Here is everything you missed from Thursday, September 15.

[Update] Final Fantasy XIII-2 has international release dates and a special PS3 model
Square Enix revealed the Japanese release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Sony is celebrating with a special PS3 model.
[UPDATE] EA "tees up" another failure for fans
EA has gone and done it again. Fans have been fuming over the lack of quality in the PC version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. In a reddit article, user I_Have_A_Van explains why EA has missed the ball completely...
(Update) Dead Island DLC delayed until bugs are fixed. Patch for 360 version now available
There will be no DLC for Dead Island until the development team fixes the bugs that have been plaguing the game on all platforms.
Sonic has many friends, but you can't play with them
In an interview with Sonic Generation's director Hiroshi Miyamoto, Joystiq asked if any of Sonic's friends would be joining him in his latest adventure...
[UPDATED] g1LunchPunch - 6 new things about Mario Kart 7
Looking for the low down on the latest Mario Kart and everything it has to offer? Well I have all that good stuff you want to know.
Majority of MapleStory marriages go to crap
Oh yeah. Seventy-five percent of those Maple marriages end in divorce, and you would not believe the heart-wrenching stories behind them...
The Pandora ability will end you, my friend
Street Fighter X Tekken is shaping up to be anything more than your average crossover. We have seen a lot of things develop from Tokyo Game Show this week; large scale battles, character reveals, and even Sony cats. That was nothing compared to the introduction of the new Pandora ability.
Lucas Arts assembling for new X-wing title
Lucas Arts has posted a job opening to help develop a new aerial combat title. The position for Senior Gameplay Engineer, is looking for anyone with...
New PSN terms: No (class action) suit for you!
Sony is clearly not playing around after the PlayStation Network hack back in April. They're beefing up their Terms of Service to protect against class action lawsuits...
App Attack - Street Fighter II Collection
Capcom has released Street Fighter II Collection for iPhone today. Do you have what it takes to be the champion of the world warriors?
[Screenshots] PL Vs AA: Inside the medieval courtroom!
During an interview with Famitsu, the men behind the Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright franchises discuss some gameplay and development details of their upcoming 3DS crossover.
PS Vita gets Torne up
Sony has announced that the PlayStation Vita will now include the Japan-exclusive Torne DVR adapter service...
There is always room for "Sony Cat"
Toro and Kuro, the fuzzy mascots of Sony Japan, will be in the Playstation versions of Street Fighter X Tekken. While this may not mean a lot to us Americans, it should still be a fun novelty to see these cartoon cats knock around their opponents.
[Photos] Tokyo Game Show 2011
That's a picture of Mark McDonald, executive director at localization company 8-4, and Cheapy D, fearless leader of Cheap Ass Gamer, is manning the camera. Why is this picture here?


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