Dare to Compare: Versions of Blackthorne and versions of Batman

Posted on September 12, 2011 - 3:02am by Game Sack


Welcome to Game Sack.  This is episode 22.  Joe and Dave talk about videogames, mostly retro videogames (re: ancient).  Our videos are unique because we never beg our audience to like, comment or subscribe.  We feel that if you want to like the video, comment on it, subscribe to our Youtube channel and/or spread the word about Game Sack, you'll do that on your own without us nagging you to do so.  We respect you too much to do that.



In this episode we compare the SNES version of Blackthorne to the 32X version and also to the GameBoy Advance version.  See and hear the differences for yourselves!  OMG BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  We also compare various versions of Batman The Video Game.   Those are the games which are based on the 1989 Batman movie by Sunsoft.  Versions exist for the NES, GameBoy, Genesis and PC Engine (aka TurboGarfx-16).  Maybe we'll even throw in another version, just for fun.


What are your favorite versions of the featured games, and why?


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