Darkstalkers is not dead!

Posted on June 18, 2012 - 1:02pm by supermatt64


 A somewhat hidden message in a video that promotes Street Fighter X Tekken, that shows that Capcom has not orgottenabout the  Darkstalkers. 

While I was doing some research for a new show that I am working on I came across this video on the Street Fighter X Tekken website promoting it for the Vita. It’s nothing really special things explode, people talk whatever. However as I was watching the video I came across something.

At about 2:30 read what it says on the little boys red t shirt. 

So Darkstalkers isn’t dead (awesome!), but what does that mean? A new game, a remake, all of the games sold online for half-off, is Capcom trolling us (this wouldn’t be the first time, remember the poster of the old Marvel vs. Capcom characters in MvC3 with Megaman being the only one not crossed off) no one really has a clue.

I hope it means a Darkstalkers 4 that would be freaking awesome. If it’s just Capcom messing with us then F*** you Capcom (IM STILL WAITING FOR MEGAMAN). What do you guys think it is? Feel free to put comments and opinions below.

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