Day Z brings people closer before making them blow each other away

Posted on July 19, 2012 - 1:30pm by Bryan


A story from Day Z makes a strong case for bringing gameplay bringing players close together with saying a single word before making them blow each others brains out.

The image below is screencapped from 4chan, and I saw it on Twitter from Cliffy B. Now I'm used to hearing about or being a part of great random encounters in online gaming. Those time that by chance you find yourself teamed up with someone that rocks who you really want to send a friend request to but you don't want to seem too forward so you  play it cool. That's what happened in the Day Z mod for ArmA 2 with these two guys before things went south in a very zombie apocalypse sort of way.

Here's the imgur link if you can't read this:

It's crazy to think that this didn't happen in a game but in a mod for a game, and in some way it speaks to the quality of the Day Z mod and the talent of the people who made it. We've seen mod teams turn into full time developers so who knows what happens for the guys behind Day Z. Any g1s have a cool story about random encounters in their online gaming?

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