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Dead Space 3 is not better on PC

1/29/13 7:32pm

In a recent interview with ShackNews, Dead Space 3's executive producer Steve Papoutsis said that the PC version of the upcoming game will not be superior on PCs, or any one console for that matter.

Papoutsis says that

"[Visceral isn't] trying to create disparity in the experience that our gamers enjoy; we want to make sure everyone's having that same experience."

The game will run slightly more smoothly on a good PC, but unlike a lot of games released on consoles and PCs these days, it will not have clear improvements over its console brethren. It will, naturally, support a mouse and keyboard setup, as well as offer key configurations for disabled gamers.

This is a different approach from, say, BioShock Infinite, but is it a better one? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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