Deadly Premonition is one of the most impressive games ever released

Posted on February 10, 2014 - 11:10am by the goddamn batman

With it's atrocious visuals, derivative shooting, questionable driving controls, and other features that caused most people to skip it, Deadly Premonition received mixed reactions upon release, with a majority of critics giving it either mediocre or negative reviews.

However, when information about the titles bizarre subject matter and self aware sense of humor came out, people with an eye for the eccentric gave it a shot, plenty loved it, and spread the word throughout the community and turned the apparently average Deadly Premonition into a cult hit. I'll just be blunt; this is my favorite game of the seventh console generation, and one of my top three favorite games. No, I'm deadly serious.

The sheer lunacy, creativity, and escalating collection of completely unbelievable moments had me enthralled by this shambling, incoherent masterpiece from beginning to end. This isn't about personal enjoyment, however, or about the objective quality of the game either. No, the focus of this column will be how the ambition, the budgeting, the creators passion, and the rise to infamy of Deadly Premonition are all reasons why the game deserves a heaping helping of respect. Going on four years later after its launch, Deadly Premonition still does not cease to impress me with all of its mind blowing accomplishments.

An accolade that I've heard given to Deadly Premonition is its success as a middle market release in a gaming landscape with an increasing divide between AAA games and indies.

I'd go even further by saying that this is a game that shouldn't even exist, all things considered: A middle market, low budget, multi-genre, homage game. With the sheer amount of ground it covers with such a large monetary restraint, it's still amazing that any publisher would even take a chance on a project with this niche of an appeal.

Another unbelievable feat of Deadly Premonition is the dedication from its developers. It's debatable if it was a stupid or inspired choice for the development team to spend a large amount of time traveling around rural and small-town America for reference points, but whatever you think of the choice, it does demonstrate the passion everyone involved had for the project.

Going back to multitasking, on a shoestring budget Deadly Premonition attempts to be an open-world , survival horror, third-person shooter, fishing/driving simulator.

Make any sense? No? Well, it doesn't matter; The fact that a game actually tried to perform so many different tasks makes it worthy of some respect, regardless of the actual quality in anyones opinion.

The last, and most inspiring thing I have to say about Deadly Premonition is how this quirky, middle market, critically panned, and just all around under the radar game with no advertising budget gained fame/infamy entirely through word of mouth. This is the kind of community fueled "urban legend made real" style of thing that we just never see anymore. A true, modern cult classic.

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