DEATH ANALYSIS: The Half Ghost Savior of Amity Park

Posted on April 21, 2014 - 9:00pm by Kirby kid


Kirby kid does a blog on a ghost hunter who's half ghost...  Not sure how that works either.

Hey guys! Let me just start off by saying thanks to all those who read the previous blog, it was so awesome knowing everyone enjoyed my blog, especially since it was my first one ever.

Last time, I hinted to doing the infamous Danny Phantom in my next DEATH ANALYSIS, and that’s what I’ll be doing. Like before, I will not give Danny any of his feats from his video games, comic book series, or anything else non-canon. Hopefully I will introduce, or re-introduce you guys to this very creative character, and to my surprise Ben Singer (Wiz’s secret identity) doesn’t know who Danny is! So if you’re reading this right now Ben, I hope I can show you, or anyone else for that matter, what Danny is made of. Now let’s get started.


Danny Fenton was an average 14 year old adolescent. His parents, however, created a business based around something not so average. Ghost hunting. When his parent’s machine into “the ghost zone” had failed, Danny, after being tempted by his best friends, had gone into the portal and flipped on the power switch within it. After doing this the portal had charged, ripping Danny through the ghost world AND the human world. Through this, ectoplasm had fused with Danny’s DNA structure, inverting the color of his clothing, hair, eyes and the biggest change of them all, gave him ghost powers. Scared of his powers at first he decided to stop using them, fearing that he’d go from “Geek to Freak” among his peers (and how could you tell your ghost hunting parents you were a ghost?), but after realizing the good his powers could do Danny then made use of his powers to save his home Amity Park from any ghost that dared threaten it, and Danny Phantom came to be. His awkwardness carried into his superhero career at first, but as the show progressed, Danny became more confident, having an attitude similar to that of Spiderman in battle. Danny is very tenacious, risking even his own life for the good of others on multiple occasions and has outsmarted and trumped foes stronger and smarter than him even if his chances of winning were or are slim to none.

Skills (As Danny Fenton)

Danny’s battle experience comes from his experience as a ghost hunter. Being trained by his ghost hunter mother and father Danny is knowledgeable in how to fight beings from other dimensions,  and has shown to be very athletic like in Micro-Management, capable of clearing an entire obstacle course in 2 minutes and do front flips or back flips with little effort. He’s even been shown to be a very skilled tactician (sorry lousy) throughout his series, able to form plans in dire situations like in Pirate Radio where he devised a plan to infiltrate a ghost ship harboring all of Amity Park’s adults and saved everyone. He has even resisted possession on more than one occasion proving he has an indomitable will, and is also capable of using his ghost powers when he’s in his human form, but not the extent his ghost form has shown.

Weaknesses (As Danny Fenton)

Even though Danny is very athletic, he’s also human, and is just as vulnerable as any other human, especially if he is somehow unable to turn into his ghost form.

Standard Equipment

Fenton Thermos

Coming from a family of ghost hunters, Danny’s parents have created a wide variety of ghost weapons. While giving Danny the entire ghost hunting arsenal would be cool, I think its best I leave Danny with this, especially since he uses it in nearly every episode.

The Fenton Thermos is a ghost catching device that launches a blue beam from inside to, well, catch ghosts. It’s worth noting that while the Fenton Thermos has a limit to the amount of ghosts it can capture, it ignores how powerful a ghost is and traps them regardless, like Danny’s evil and more powerful future self or Freakshow when he had the reality gauntlet and the ability to control all of reality. I also want to bring up something a lot of you may not know. Butch Hartman (the creator of Danny Phantom) said in an interview that ghosts in the Danny Phantom universe aren’t the disembodied spirits of dead people, but they’re actually monsters/creatures from a mysterious dimension. Calling them ghosts is just easier (though there are actual ghosts in the Danny Phantom universe, Desiree for example). So whether or not the Fenton Thermos can suck up ghost-like creatures is debatable, especially since the thermos was created for a species that at the time Danny’s parents didn’t have proof of in their existence.   


After yelling the phrase “Going Ghost” Danny surrounds himself with 2 rings that alter his appearance and unlocks his ghost half, Danny Phantom. In ghost form Danny is capable of doing anything a ghost is capable of doing with the exception of a few… extra abilities.


Danny turns invisible, and cannot be seen by anything other than heat seeking devices. Danny is also capable of making other objects invisible with him through contact, and can make himself intangible and invisible at the same time.

When intangible he becomes untouchable to everything. Just like invisibility he can pass his intangibility to other objects, but can still be seen. It’s also worth noting that while Danny’s intangibility has been negated by other Intangible beings he has shown in multiple occasions to be able to go though other intangible beings as well.  


Also known as another badass term for possession, Danny is capable of possessing animals, inanimate objects, and ghosts that are more powerful than him like Vlad, an even more powerful half ghost.

Ghost Ray

Danny is capable of shooting blasts of ectoplasmic energy from his palms, which can be manipulated into other blast variants. He can shoot them out as disks, spheres, rings, and can even power it up into a “super ghost ray” that is capable of disintegrating entire ghosts like he did in Kindred Spirits against his faulty clone and destroy a mini golf course in the process or in Frightmare against Nocturnes sleep walkers.

He used one of his blast variants (Ghost spheres) to completely destroy a monster nutcracker, a giant nutcracker the size of a building, in The Fright before Christmas in one shot.These ectoplasmic energy blasts are capable of destroying stone and can cut through metal depending on how Danny harnesses their power.  He can also channel his ecto-energy into his fists that can be used to increase his physical attacks like he did to Tucker in Tucker Phantom.

Danny can also harness his ecto-energy into light that he can emit from his palms to blind his opponents like he did in Double Cross My Heart. He can even blast other intangible foes with these blasts like he did in Beauty Marked against another ghost.


Danny can produce a full dome of protective ecto- energy that can shield him from attacks strong enough to destroy buildings like Vlad’s own Ghost rays. His own shields have other variants like his ghost ray, such as the reflective shield which is capable of reflecting projectiles.

He can also produce ecto-shields that can repel enemies around him, sending out an aural projection strong enough to obliterate small ghosts.


Danny spends most of the entire series trying to master this ability. Though his first few attempts were… faulty, he’s shown to master it early on in Beauty Marked and uses it better in Torrent of Terror where he splits himself into 4 copies.

Ghostly Wail

This is arguably Danny’s most powerful attack. First used in The Ultimate Enemy, this attack allows Danny to scream ultra sonic waves of ectoplasmic energy capable of one shotting powerful ghosts like Danny’s future self, future versions of all of his main ghost enemies, and is capable of downing an entire building. Around the first few times Danny used this attack it drained him completely of his ghost powers and reverted him back into his human self, but he has grown powerful enough to resist this since we see him in Phantom Planet using the attack 3 times in a row and wasn’t even be fazed by it.


In Urban Jungle Danny gained the ability to control ice, though Danny technically had this ability from the beginning of the series. His ice powers give him the ability to freeze things on contact or through firing lasers from his hands or eyes and shoot shards of ice. Just like his ecto-energy, Danny can charge his ice into his fists which he does in Frightmare and punches right through Nocturne with an icy fist and freezes him from the inside. He can also merge his ice and ghost ray powers together to create a giant exploding green snowball that completely obliterated Undergrowth when he was the size of a building. He can also make a shield out of ice as an additive to his shield variants.

Danny’s ice powers are really powerful, capable of freezing all of Amity Park and even Undergrowth in one shot while he was in full size. His ability to control ice also makes him invulnerable to being frozen.

His first power in the series is a form of cryokinesis, which is his ghost sense that I mentioned before. His ghost sense allows Danny to… sense ghosts. It comes out of his mouth in a blue mist, and just like the Fenton Thermos it seems to work against ghost-like enemies or other half ghosts.


This was a little harder to find because he doesn’t use this lot throughout the series, but it is there. In the first episode Danny uses this power to charge the Fenton Thermos, and in Public Enemies he sends his own electric current through an electric line.

In Flirting with Disaster he uses his electric powers more wildly (and noticeably I might add) while being shocked himself. He’s also able to fuse himself with a video game with his own avatar in a video game… somehow.


He’s able to lift things by emanating an ectoplasmic line of ecto-energy that lifts whatever he’s trying to lift. He’s only done it in Boxed Up Fury but it’s done so effectively I included it. (Plus I needed another Kinesis in here.)

Power Augmentation

We see this power quite a lot throughout the series, mostly whenever Danny is stuck in some sort of trap or fighting a stronger opponent. He first used this against the Fright Knight in his Halloween special to disarm him of his sword, and can be shown off by either a green or white aura.

Body Manipulation

This power is mostly seen in Danny’s ghost tail that appears when he tries to fly. Danny is also capable of making holes in his body where an enemy would hit, which can help him escape enemy attacks.

 If he isn’t making a hole he can separate his body in half or stretch his body to make him longer and harder to hit.


Danny has a really high level of regeneration. We see him regenerate from small cuts and major damage all the time throughout the series but in one episode, Reality Trip (prepare to see this episode brought up a lot), Danny gets turned into goop by the reality warping Freakshow and gets rammed by a rollercoaster and just simply… forms back together. I guess you can add this as another form of body manipulation but the way Danny forms mashes back together proves that he has a high level of regeneration.  

Strength Feats

Now we go onto feats! Danny, before he had his ghost ray abilities, had to rely on his brute strength and strategic mind to fight off foes. In the first episode we see Danny kick over a giant monster at least 2 stories tall made of meat with ease. He’s lifted the giant ghost dragon and thrown it multiple times and effortlessly lifted a school bus full of children in Forever Phantom. In Eye for an Eye Danny kicked Vlad through about 4 floors of a building with little trouble and once again we see another feat from Reality Trip where Danny rips the reinforced titanium off of a living space shuttle.

Danny has never really shown an upper limit to what he can lift, and according to Butch Hartman in another interview, Danny being a half ghost means that gravity doesn’t affect him, so he can lift really heavy things. This explains Danny’s ability to walk on walls, but also sort of makes it impossible to determine where Danny’s upper limit lies, but a reasonable guess would be around 10 to 30 tons.

Speed/Reaction Feats

In Maternal instincts Danny goes through training and literally in the first few seconds of the trailer Tucker records Danny’s speed on a speed gun to be 112 mph. While I don’t have any problem saying Danny could fly at that speed naturally, he’s shown to be way faster. In Reality Trip Danny out flies a space shuttle brought to life by the gem of life. Impressive since space shuttles can reach speeds of over 17,500 mph!

This alone puts Danny at least mach 23 in terms of flight speed. For reaction speed I’d put him at exactly the same level, since he dodges cannonballs, catches arrows, and goes through traps with little trouble. Not to mention Danny maneuvered himself in front of the space shuttle he flew past, which would require hypersonic reactions to do. He was also able to catch Jasmine's punch in Secret Weapons when she was in the Fenton Skeleton (basically a mech suit made specifically to beat ghosts).

Durability/ Endurance Feats

Just like a space shuttle Danny can survive atmospheric re-entry normally and survive out in space (all the way out to Jupiter) and not be effected. He still however needs a helmet since he probably cannot do self sustenance. (This is debatable since we see Vlad out in space and he’s a half ghost too so Danny should be able to be out in space without a helmet.)

Other than that Danny has shown to take beating after beating and still keep fighting. In The Fright before Christmas Danny fights a giant nut cracker that crushes Danny into a car, building, the cement floor, and underneath his foot and Danny wasn’t even fazed by it afterwards.

Weaknesses (As Danny Phantom)

Danny, if overpowered, can revert back to his human form. He is also weak to ghost weapons in his ghost form, and his intangibility can be canceled out by another being that is intangible (though he can still go through other intangible beings.)


Image by dannyandoxeld

Danny is an incredibly skilled combatant. He has enough versatility and a strategic mind to beat foes way out of his league. His classification as a ghost gives him the ability to evade a lot of enemy attacks, and he can be very hard to hit as a result. But, can he hold his own in a one on one?


  • Has a lot of versatile attacks and different variants of them
  • Can regenerate
  • Has destroyed opponents the size of buildings in one shot
  • No longer gets weak from using his Ghostly Wail
  • Can turn invisible and intangible at the same time
  • Can hit and go through other intangible matter
  • Very athletic in both forms
  • Can split himself into 4 other copies


  • Weak in his human form
  • Intangibility can be canceled out
  • Is vulnerable to ghost weapons

Recommended fighter

Ben Tennyson

Image by MegaArtist923

Both Ben and Danny have a lot of similarities to each other. They both wear their symbol’s proudly upon their chest, got their powers by complete accident, and come on guys! It’s Nickelodeon Vs. Cartoon Network! Who doesn’t want to see that?

Next time on DEATH ANALYSIS..

Heh heh. Not every Death Analysis preview will be easy to figure out… well, at least not normally. It’ll fluctuate from easy to hard, and right now we’re on hard. Also, if you haven't watched Danny Phantom yet, do it! It's a really good show that sadly lasted around 52 episodes, so it shouldn't take a long time to watch the entire series. Well, that’s enough outta me.

Till next time, Kirby Kid signing off.

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