DEATH BATTLE Analysis: SCP-682 vs. The Slender Man

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Blargle largle Slender Man vs. SCP-682 in a DEATH BATTLE who wins? Go read the post you lazy  reader.



What happens when a nigh-immortal monster battles a nigh-godly supernatural being? Two power legends of the internet, though they fight completely differently. SCP-682 is a deadly evolving force of nature, while the Slender Man is a stalking legend that is fueled by man’s obsession with him. A superhumanly strong, fast, and durable creation faces a supernaturally powerful and intimidating essence. What happens when the two face off? Only one survives, that’s for sure..



SCP-682 is the name given to the alien, hyper-destructive reptile that is the main focus of most of the SCP Project: Secure, Contain, Protect. This facility is an international operation designed to destroy or eliminate supernatural or alien beings, and SCP-682 is the most troublesome and most interesting of all of them (The total number reaches into the two thousands). With unknown origins or a name, SCP-682 is notable for its hyper-regenerative properties, almost supernatural durability, and the terrible ability to adapt to attacks.

SCP-682 is to be destroyed immediately, but all forms of termination have failed. It has superhuman strength and speed, and if that were not enough it is highly intelligent for the reptile it appears to be. It has tried to escape from the 25.4 centimeter thick steel encasement it is trapped in, and has escaped six times. With a grand total of 31 kills at the least, defeating crystallization, and even escaping the wrath of SCP-343 (God Himself), SCP-682 is the Hard to Destroy Reptile of the SCP Foundation and one of the strongest.


SCP-682 mostly, when it comes to weaponry, utilizes its natural body. It has an extendable tail able to hit and reach helicopters, and enough brute force and accuracy to HIT one, the tail is a powerful weapon for any foe. They tail can move many dozens of meters in seconds to kill. It also has teeth and claws, its most used tools. They are strong enough to kill people nearly instantly, and he uses them to bite down on foes without mercy. Finally, his natural body has spines on the back that could be used for defensive combat should it come down to it.

However, it should also be noted that SCP-682’s adaption ability lets him grow and develop bodily weapons to whatever he needs to fight. He is a terribly powerful foe in melee combat.


SCP-682 is superhumanly strong, fast, and durable. His strength is enough that 25.4 centimeters of steel are needed to keep him at bay, fast enough to hit a helicopter with his tail, and incredible durable. He takes acid bathes on a normal basis, easily survives gun rounds up to high-calibur rifle shots that don’t really hurt him, and nothing in the SCP arsenal is capable of taking him down. That would logically include missiles, mortars, grenades, and other high-powered weaponry. They have yet to use nuclear weaponry, however, due to restrictions that basically say that if it doesn’t work the world is screwed. He also has no vital organs, and can survive off of just 13% of it’s original body mass. Oh, wait-that’s moving and talking with 13%. He can survive with just 1% of it’s original mass.

His body is capable of shapeshifting from energy from any sort of eaten food, organic or nonorganic and he still gains energy. He uses this for his incredible regeneration-regaining all body mass from 1% of its mass. His most terrifying and useful ability, however, is his adaptive evolution. He becomes resistant to attacks once used on him, such as adapting to SCP-409 and becoming resistant to the crystal. He becomes resistant to explosives, bullets, supernatural powers, and anything really. This also extends to his ability to make new abilities-if he wants to type really bad, he can teach himself how to type. If he needs a long tail, his tail is 10 meters long now. He’s terrifying to fight.





  • Will not ally with humans to his advantage
  • Not very useful basic weaponry
  • Little real combat experience




Created by Victor Surge on the Something Awful Forums, the Slender Man is a nigh-immortal being responsible for terrorizing the Slender Man Mythos. He was originally said to be a kidnapper of children and a skilled escaper. He burned down buildings and stole your children, and soon became a legendary figure if you were talking about horror. However, his story began to mutate. The vlog MarbleHornets emerged and showed the world that Slender Man didn’t just want your kids-he wanted your life. And he also was behind you.

Unfortunately, that’s true.

Anyways, the Slender Man began to have a different following of corrupted followers named Proxies. His number of victims expanded as well as his army of proxies, and while people tried to comprehend him. Now, his influence has spread to games where he stalks and kills to protect the 8 pages. Who is he? Why does he hunt? Where is he from? Nobody knows. Proxies *may* understand why he hunts, but otherwise he is nothing short of a living enigma. Whatever you do, don’t look…

Behind you…


Er, the Slender Man has yet to, in any blog/vlog/ARG/game, use an actual weapon that is not biological-or at least how biological the Slender Man can get. He uses no weapons.


To make up for his lack of weapons Slender Man has an absurd amount of abilities. He is an incredible telepath, forcing people to his side and giving them hallucinations. He can also completely mind control people, often giving them some free will but he can just control their body. He can also turn his powers into a stare that can wipe a mind of will and turn the soul to his side in seconds. This makes him extremely hard to hit with anything, as you cannot look at him or you will go insane-literally. You also don’t have to look him in his (non-existant) eyes for it to work.

He can also make fire. He can burn down forests, buildings, and once evaporated a Hummer in half as if the half was bathed in a star. He does not need to be where the fire is to start it, it just kinda combusts.

His sole melee based ability is his ability to grow tendrils from his back, which he uses to impale people, rip them up, rip parts of them out, or just generally mess with people from a moderate distance away. They can cut right through a person, and can extend probably without limit though they go at least 7-10 meters based on Arrival. That’s 21-30 feet for you Imperial users, and that is by no means a limit.

And, while it’s not a terribly useful ability, Slender Man doesn’t like electronics. He distorts audio, video, and can delete video footage or mess with electronic data, especially stuff that is stored in video tapes or is being recorded. He can be caught on footage, it’s just very hard.

Slender Man does not allow certain people to view him, and can limit who sees him and who doesn’t. However, if he has selected someone for not-seeing, he seems to not be able to use his direct mental powers on them or hurt them with the tendrils. He can still burn them, though and his limits are nothing when he is visible.

The Sickness is a disease caused by Slender Man’s very presense, causing blackouts, coughing, vomiting, bleeding from the mouth, eyes, and nose, nausea, paranoia, headaches, and extreme exhaustion. While the disease has yet to kill anyone, it’s still something one would like to avoid in a fight.

The Slender Man’s most notable power, however, is slenderwalking. With this skill, he can teleport vast distances (trans-continental) in less the blink of an eye. He teleports to get close to you, to escape sight, to escape a lot of attacks, and generally can be spammed in many ways.

Finally, two abilities that don’t really matter but *may* influence a fight. He can impersonate children by calling out in a child’s voice or giggling like a child, and can impersonate himself to look like other people. This applies to knights, kings, queens, friends, and even lonely children. To this kind of foe this really doesn’t matter, but it’s still something he can do.



Slender Man's durability is difficult to understand. Slender Man has yet to, in any significant event, be hurt by anything. While holy weapons and his own symbol drive him away in some cases, they are unreliable at best and useless at worst. Slender Man is literally a fictional being brought into reality through willpower, so what do his followers think of his durability?

Runners and Fighters both see him as a stalker, with unknown abilities and limits. If they are experienced they may see him as a higher being or his assumed origin, though they may see him as simply a human depending on how he has affected their mental state.

Proxies, however, serve Slender Man like a god and likely think of him this way. A higher being immune to attack, or an omnipotent god that toys with the four dimensions could be the Slender Man in their eyes, which makes him more powerful by his very nature as a tulpa.

In the end, I have to abondon some thinking that Slender Man is vulnerable to attack. Victims and Proxies number similarly, if not an edge to the Proxies, and in that case Slender Man is decided by the will of his acknowledgers, who tend to see him as a higher being though he is obviously not omnipotent.



  • Operator Symbol may hurt him
  • Sometimes rebelled by holy water/crucifix
  • No weapons
  • Little direct defense
  • Little true combat experience

I say *may* hurt him because while these weapons have been proven to work, they have not been employed very often. The Operator Symbol only stopped Him when it was made of Slender-substance and otherwise doesn’t seem to do much besides draw attention by humans to the drawer. Holy Water and a Crucific did work at some point, but they similarly have yet to be deployed anywhere else. Besides, they just made him shriek and teleport away. They didn’t do much other damage.



The Slender Man:

+Much better range

+Mental powers could win the fight

+Teleportation makes hitting him a pain

+Tendrils could overwhelm SCP-682

+Can hold SCP-682 off with the Sickness

+Likely immune to SCP-682's attacks

-Little if any experience with beings of SCP-682’s caliber


+Stronger than Slender Man

+Probably can move faster without teleportation

+More versatile defenses

+Can adapt to Slender Man’s powers

-Much worse ranged capabilities at base

-Much more feral and aggressive

-Little experience with beings of Slender Man’s style

-No resistance to mental attacks



Boy, this is a tough one. On one hand, you have SCP-682’s much better physical attributes, and on the other Slender Man’s excellent mental powers and influence. SCP-682 could tear Slender Man limb from limb if he got that far, but Slender Man can hypnotize SCP-682 at almost any point.

One could, initially, give the advantage to SCP-682 for his physical advantages and ability to adapt. However, actually getting to Slender Man would be...difficult. Also difficult would be killing him, as Slender Man could be immune to physical attacks or weak to them-Slender Man has teleportation, and the fact that he can't look or he is taken would be a significant boon. While SCP-682 could theoretically kill him, Slender Man's mental powers are something that SCP-682 has yet to fight-something that could, for lack of a better word, kill him. Also, The Sickness should be able to force SCP-682 to hold off, with blackouts and vomiting. 

The Winner is: The Slender Man

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