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Welcome back to DEATH BATTLE auditions! Thank you for the feedback and views on my previous one! This week Mortal Kombat's deadly green ninja shows what he has to bring to DEATH BATTLE! I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen an MK ninja in DEATH BATTLE yet! 


Reptile is one of the last remaining members of the Saurian race, a species that were humanoid reptilians.  He became the servant of, ironically the same man who's responsible for his race's demise, Shao Kahn.  Reptile is obssessed with returning his homeworld, Zaterra, to it's former glory. 

Reptile is more a follower than a leader, as he has served Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, and Nitara.  His quest to rebuild his former race has also driven him insane and devolved his body.


Superhuman abilities: Reptile has been shown to have speed, agility, and endurance far past normal levels of a human being.  In the opening cutscene of the most recent MK game, Reptile leaps a long distance off of a roof to the fighting grounds to face Johnny Cage.

Later on, before he faces Strkyer, he effortlessly climbs a building in seconds while avoiding gunfire. 

Reptile scalling the building

Acidic Saliva: One of Reptile's most memorable abilities is that he can spew a deadly acid on his opponents.  He can shoot from long ranges by removing his mask or puke out a lot if you're right next to him.  It can easily burn through steel so if it hits skin, it's gonna burn and hurt like hell.  And don't get me started on what happens if you're whole body is covered with it...

It is also a great defense mechanism, as it can defend him from gunfire. 

Invisibility: Similar to how chameleons camouflage and blend in with their surroundings, Reptile can turn invisible.  Using this power he can easily spy on someone or perform a sneak attack without anyone noticing.  If Reptile is hit, however, the invisibility will go away. 

Mk02 23.jpg

Force Ball: Reptile can release a large green ball of energy at his opponents.  If it hits, then it can launch his opponent high into the air allowing many opportunities for massive combos.  He can manipulate the speed and size of these balls.

Lizard Tongue: Reptile has an insanely long and powerful tongue that can knock foes over.  It's also powerful enough to rip someone's head off and give him a tasty treat!

Reptile can use his speed and agility to unleash several dash based attacks, such as the Power Slide, Elbow Dash, Dash Punch, Super Crawl, and Rolling Spikes.

Fighting Style

Reptile has two different fighting stances and styles. 

Hung Gar: Hung Gar (HAHA Get it!?) is based on the southern  shaolin styles of Chinese Kung Fu.  It is based on animal movements such as the tiger and the crane.  Another name for it is "Hung Kuen" which means "immense fist".  The user has different low stances, such as the horse stance, and strong hand attacks like the dragon claw. 

Reptile hunggar

Pao Chui: Pao Chui means "Explosive fist" and encourages poweful, focused strikes.  By being spontaneous, the user must put power and accuracy into their controlled attacks.

Reptile paochui


Kirehashi: Reptile's primary weapon is a sword called the Kirehashi.  It is an ancient Saurian weapon given to him by Nitara.  It is single-edged and one-handed, which connects well with his open-handed fighting style. 

Reptile with his Kirehashi.jpg

Costume: Many people do not consider Reptile's costume a weapon.  However, when you think about it, it is used strategically well.  His outfit in the first 3 MK games makes him appear human.  This can allow the enemy to think he is a regular human ninja and not know anything about his true form and abilities. 

MK3U-06 Reptile


In his bio in Mortal Kombat 4, it says this: He was banished to the Netherrealm for committing genocide against several species. Responsible for the death of millions, Reptile is a dangerous ally to the forces of evil.

"Several Species?" "Deaths of Millions?" Clearly Reptile has a lot of experience of killing under his belt.  In the original MK timeline, Reptile also defeated the robotic ninja Cyrax. 

Reptile Acid Spit.jpg

Reptile's body was also so powerful that it was the host for the Dragon King Onaga, who is so powerful that the combined efforts of Raiden, Shang Tsung, and Quan Chi couldn't take him down (Granted these were more of Onaga's accomplishments, but this WAS Reptile's body...)



Reptile may be powerful and fast, but he's not the brightest fighter.  His aggressiveness and animal instincts have led him to be defeated multiple times.  In the newest MK game, Reptile was defeated by Johnny Cage, Smoke, Sub Zero, and Stryker.  I can understand the last few, but JOHNNY CAGE? The guy who died 3 times in the original timeline!?

Reptile has also been growing more mentally unstable as the series progresses, which can make him lose focus on the fight, but also dangerously unpredictable. 

In Conclusion

Reptile has a large amount of lizard based abilities that make him a formidable opponent.  Combine powers like acid saliva, with a sword and two Chinese fighting styles and you have quite the killer.  The only downside is his insanity and his losing streak due to the "Good guys always win" cliche.  But with all that's said and done, Reptile is a fighter you never want to meet face to face (After all, his first face is a mask...)


Thank you for reading! If you want more blogs like this, check out my channel where I also review movies!  If you liked this, check out my top 5 picks of season 2 of DEATH BATTLE and my character auditon for Knuckles!

Tell me what you think of this and who you think Reptile should face in DEATH BATTLE in the comments below! (My pick is Lizardman from Soulcalibur!)



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