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Hello everyone we're back with our next candidate witch I've been getting a lot of hell for because of Kid's weapons Lizz and Patty technically being characters on they're own there for Kid should not be allowed in Death Battle.

Well TOO FUCKING BAD! My blog and my readers have spoken. You wanted Death The Kid and that's what I'm gonna give you. don't like it? deal with it.

So now with that short rant out of the way Let's hit it!

Death The Kid

Kid is a Grim Reaper and the son of Lord Death the legendary Grim Reaper. Kid takes his position as a Grim Reaper and as his father's successor very seriously. Kid has already surpassed his father when he was at Kid's age.

While Kid has a severe OCD when it comes to symmetry (The balance between Left & Right) he is able to push it aside when the need arises. However it dose help when his opponent is asymmetrical in some way, shape or form. But if they are perfectly symmetrical Kid has a hard time bringing himself to destroy them.

Like his father before him Kid is to be the protector of our world as the next legendary Grim Reaper. He also realizes that some day he will have to push his love of symmetry to the side for good one day in order to defend all who live on earth.


Skill Set

Being a Grim Reaper Kid has been educated by his father Lord Death until he decided to join the DWMA. With his education he is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in all the world's cultures and mythology.

He is no fool in anyway to speak of and is perfectly versed in the way the world works as well as a fair judge of character and his opponents this allows him to decide the proper way to deal with them.

Kid is also trained in a very special martial art known only to Grim Reapers. This deadly form of combat is unpredictable and can be very lethal if his opponent it is not versed in any form of hand to hand combat.




Kid wealds 2 twin pistols Lizz & Patty the Thompson sisters he met on the streets of Brooklyn. However these two girls are not you average pistols. (Besides the fact they're also human) They do not fire bullets instead they fire compressed bursts of Kid's Soul Wave-Length.

For any other Weapon Meister Lizz & Patty would be too much to handle or they wouldn't have much to work with. Kid's soul and soul wave-length are abnormally huge and powerful even for a Grim Reaper.


Powers & Abilities

As a Grim Reaper Kid's body is far superior to that of a human's he can sustain massive amounts of damage and is incredible strong & fast super human can't even begin to cover it. Being a Weapon Meister he is also able to draw power form his soul to strengthen himself and his weapons.

It is also normally impossible for a Meister to sync wave-lengths with more than one weapon. However as a testament to his power Kid has been able to synchronize with both Lizz & Patty and in doing so increased his power immensely. 


Death Cannon

Kid's trade mark technique this happens when Kid, Lizz & Patty reach stable soul  resonance.

Lizz & Patty then take the form of twin arm cannons that when fired release a powerful blast  of Kid's soul wave-length that can easily kill anything with a direct hit if Kid reaches full power and doesn't hold back his wave-length. Like in his fight with Black Star and Soul.


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So until then see you guys later.


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