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A personal idol of mine and I'm truly honored to be the one to break him down for you guys.

Now I also realized that some suggestions aren't getting done. Well that would be due to the fact that there isn't enough support for them. I do these by majority rules so the more support the better the chance of it getting done. Now I know what your thinking.

"But DARK I don't see any of the candidates you've done suggested on your wall so you must be doing them all by the ones you wanna do and you don't care at all what we say".


Most of them have been coming in by privet message and those ones have the luxury of majority rules. All of them have won by fair vote sorry if you need to see it to believe it but I ain't just gonna give you my account to see for yourself. So please I'm sorry if your favorites haven't been done but it's all majority rules.

But enough of that so now for the part you came to see LET'S HIT IT.

Leon S. Kennedy

Leon was set to become a local law enforcement officer in Raccoon City however no amount of training could have prepared him for the nightmare that awaited his arrival within the city limits.

Upon finding Claire Redfield within the burning city the two began to fight for their lives through the zombie infested streets and make their way to the police station.

Thrown into the insanity with little training, no preparation, knowledge or means of calling for help Leon was forced to relay on pure survival instinct. 

After finally making it to safety outside the city while having to deal with zombies, lickers and many other nightmarish creatures made by the T & G Viruses along the way he had gained experience very few could say they have. Witch made him very desirable to the U.S government and so he was recruited though somewhat against his will.

But he decided to cooperate at the thought of bringing down Umbrella the corporation responsible for what is now known as the Raccoon City incident.


Operation Javier

Four years later Leon has received extensive training from the U.S Government combined with the experience from Raccoon City he is an agent unlike any other.

However Leon would come across new monsters made by the very dangerous T-Veronica Virus. A new toxin just as lethal and infectious as the ones he had encountered in Raccoon City if not more so.

Leon was tasked with bringing down the the last of Umbrella's staff that had escaped Raccoon City now working for a mad man named Javier Hidalgo​ for unkown reasons.

The encounter with the T-Veronica Virus provided Leon with more experience with Umbrella's Bio organic weapons then ever before.


Presidential Security 

Six years has passed since the Raccoon City incident and Leon hasn't forgotten one second of it.

Leon has now joined the U.S secret service and is tasked with protecting the new President's family. However someone breached security right before Leon was suppose to take on his new job and kidnapped the President's daughter Ashley Gram. Thus Leon was sent to Spain and given a new job to find and bring Ashley home.

But now a new enemy stands in his way "The Los Iluminados" a cult group bent on engulfing the world in their power called "Los Plagus".

A parasite that warps the mind and causes it's hosts to attack any who are not a part of them. They also surface themselves when a host looses a limb or their head and are extremely dangerous in this sate. For they generate razor sharp blades and mandibles to strike with. Some after surfacing & the death of their host can detach from them and go off to attack on their own. 

After rescuing Ashley and defeating the Iluminados leaders as well as some of the most dangerous monsters seen yet Leon returned her to her father. His adventure in Spain was defiantly one for the history books and now he's gained even more experience with those things that go bump in the night.


Old Nightmares

In 2005 another outbreak has occurred in a local airport but not just any virus it's the very same one Leon encountered in Raccoon City the G-Virus.

The deadly as ever Virus Leon was sent in to aid the Special Response Team a military group to deal with threats similar to the Raccoon City incident. 

Although questioning his judgment the team allowed Leon to take charge as ordered and only taking two others with him. Even though he lost one Leon still accomplished his mission and got all survivors out further exceeding his reputation of getting the job done with little to no casualties.

Reliving this nightmare only made him stronger and further exceeded his experience with Biological threats.


Interrupted Vacation

In 2011 Leon's vacation was made short to be sent into Russia in order to identify the cause of another viral outbreak as well as a B.O.W attack. While the virus was never identified Leon was able to find when a strain is directly injected into a host it gives them superhuman strength and the ability to mentally control the B.O.Ws. It was a tough fight but Leon was able to dispatch all of them and get even more experience under his belt and was even able to return to his vacation as well as get an extension.


Deja Vu allover again 

Fifteen years after Raccoon City and Leon is still the best agent in the Secret Service. However old nightmares return to remind him survival is everything when a new and deadly virus called the C-Virus infects over 70,000 people including the President of the U.S.A in the the city of Tall oaks.

It's Raccoon City reborn as Leon sets out to find those responsible encountering new types of infected and B.O.Ws all over the place.

With all these incidents Leon has had to fight and survive in it's safe to say he's got more experience then even Chris Redfield.


Skill Set

Leon is an incredible marksman, capable of making head shots from over fifty yards and rarely missing his intended target as well as showing a proficiency with fully automatic weapons. In Resident Evil 6, Leon dual-wielded handguns effectively. He handled an M203 grenade launcher (attached to an M4) to great effect, bringing down a walkway on a mutated Curtis Miller. During his mission to the Eastern Slav Republic, Leon carried a customized AKMSU, with which he fought Lickers and Tyrants. Leon is capable of making efficient use of "heavy" weapons, having used rocket launchers in fights against larger creatures on multiple occasions as well as being able to effectively operate the main cannon turret on a small tank.

Practically a genies Leon has smarts and knows how to use them and thinking on his feet is defiantly one of is most valuable skills. Also in terms of both knife and hand to hand combat Leon is second to none.


Another time crunch guys but I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to leave your suggestions for future candidates and thoughts on this one as well. 

Also we must give credit to my father on this one because he's as much of a Resident Evil nut as I am in fact he's the one who introduced me to it and he also helped with the research.

So again I hope you all enjoyed this entry and don't forget to share with friends and subscribe.


Next time on DEATH BATTLE candidates 


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