DEATH BATTLE! Casting Call - Open Audition for "He-Man VS Lion-O"

Posted on April 17, 2013 - 7:00pm by DEATH BATTLE


This audition is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! We will be contacting our chosen voice actors within the week!


This audition is closed.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  We will be contacting our chosen voice actors within the week!


DEATH BATTLE Episode 26 will be He-Man VS Lion-O.  It has been coming along nicely alongside the rest of the next season... and now we're looking for voice actors!  That's right, these two 80's icons will be talking trash and puns during the duel! Their cheesy banter will play a pivotal role in the episode, and YOU can be one of their voices! Are you up for playing one of these classic warriors?

He-Man is the identical yet secret identity of the crown prince of Eternia. By summoning the power of Grayskull, he gains superhuman strength! Noble and just, he prefers to outsmart his foes rather than beat them senseless. Which he does pretty well, especially when wearing his favorite fuzz briefs.

A child grown to adulthood prematurely, Lion-O matured on the battlefield under the tutelage of the ThunderCats and technically has not yet hit puberty. He carries the all-powerful Eye of Thundera, wears a way-too-tight leotard, and possesses the prowess and cunning of jungle cats. Minus eight lives.



1. Select the character names below you wish to try out for to download audition lines and samples. (11 MB total) You can audition for both if you'd like!

He-Man   Lion-O

2. Record the audition lines as well as one "death scream." Feel free to add your own original lines if you'd like. While recording, keep in mind DEATH BATTLE is a very action-heavy show.

3. Email your files to and title your email following this format: "DEATH BATTLE - Your name" Not following the title format may cause your audition to be overlooked. You may include a resumé if possible.  Please submit your audition by Monday, April 22.


Only two people will be selected, so don't feel bad if you don't get your role. Have some fun with it! Plus, keep a look out for other open casting calls for future episodes!



- Please send your audio files in .mp3, .aif, or .wav formats.

- We cannot accept poor sound quality, so please use a decent equipment.

- Do not digitally distort or adjust your recording. For example, do not digitally replicate the reverberation in He-Man's voice.

- No previous experience is required to audition. However, you may include a resumé of comparable experience if you can, if only to show examples of your reliability. This is optional.

- Please note that  this is a voluntary position, and you will not be paid. You will be credited for your role, which will be viewed on ScrewAttack, YouTube, and Revision 3.  We may include a link to a webpage of your choice, like a YouTube channel.  Also, you will get warm and fuzzy feelings as a bonus and we will love you forever. :) 

- By submitting an audition, you agree to not publicize any non-public information we disclose to you about the upcoming episode. This includes characters, dialogue, choreography, and anything else involved in DEATH BATTLE! Episode 26.

-, DEATH BATTLE, and associates claim no responsibility for any liabilities, costs, or injuries you encounter as a result of this project. Though we'll certainly be surprised if you do somehow injure yourself with your microphone.

We are extremely excited to have the community directly involved in DEATH BATTLE again, and hope to see your auditions soon! Thanks folks!

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below and I'll respond as soon as I can!


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