DEATH BATTLE! Fan Spotlight: Dante vs. Bayonetta

Posted on July 20, 2012 - 1:30pm by The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog


 Introducing our first ever DEATH BATTLE Fan Spotlight, featuring the best DB fan mail, DB related art, and the best DB blog of the past two weeks!

Writer: Samuraispartan7000


Researchers: LousyTactician, Akuma Th, psb123


 Welcome DEATH BATTLE fans to our first ever, DEATH BATTLE Fan Spotlight!!! *claps hands* *screams YAY!!!* *calms down*

Coming your way every Friday every two weeks, we feature some notable DB suggestions, give shout outs to some of the best DB related blogs, showcase some great DB related art, and take the time to gush out all of our fanboy love for our favorite show on ScrewAttack!

So sit back and relax, as we show some of the best fan related content to the best show on earth! IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!


For the first part of Fan Spotlight, we look back at all the PMs that we have gotten from fans of DEATH BATTLE and pick three the of the best entries that explain how they found the show, why they love it, and which fights they would like to see most.

This particular segment of The Spotlight is designed so that certain g1s can speak to a wider audience. It really gives them a chance to speak to the community and to explain why DEATH BATTLE should be a show that is here to stay on ScrewAttack till the end of time.

Keep in mind that we always keep a good stock of comments that we see as well thought out and well written. There was a certain time in which we had to choose the ones we wanted to feature so there were some mentions that did not get a view at all this week. So, again if you didn’t get mentioned, don’t worry. We might just be saving your submission for our next spotlight! So without further ado, here is the best fan mail we have to feature for this week.


“DEATH BATTLE is easily one of my favorite Screwattack shows. Personally, I would loooove to see Chrono vs. Zero.


Both wield a sword. Both are the strong, silent type. Both have access to a wide array of powers. Zero is a loner who goes his own way and usually manages to come out on top through strength and sheer determination. Chrono is the only other character besides Link who probably has a legitimate claim the to title "Hero of Time". And think of the epic battle they could wage. Chrono could certainly travel to the year 20XX. Imagine a ridiculous battle bouncing all over the space time continuum. Oh man.....I'm having fanboy issues just thinking about it.
As for why I love DEATH BATTLE? Well, fighting games are one of my favorite genres. Smash Bros certainly scratches that "Who would win?" itch. For Nintendo characters at least. But DEATH BATTLE has no limits. We can see any matchup ever. The hilarious voice over of Wiz and Boomstick only helps things. And the fights? AMAZING. The recent DEATH BATTLES have taken it to a whole new level, and the anticipation leading up to one is literally enough to make me froth with impatience.
Easily my favorite DEATH BATTLE is Zelda vs. Peach. In all fairness, I am a Nintendo fanboy, so I may be biased. But I love the Zelda series. It was a huge part of my childhood. So, naturally, I was dying to see this match. The writing was brilliant, and the match was just insanely fun to watch. I have to admit though, I was a bit shocked at the ending. I can remember standing in the living room of my apartment, tablet in hand screaming "WHAT JUST HAPPENED! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I will have my revenge Ben. Zelda will triumph.....
Screwattack definitely got me into DEATH BATTLE. I had already ended up here because of the Top 10s. What can I say? I love lists, and Craig and Nick pull off some of the most outrageously funny Top 10s I've ever seen. Once I saw my first DEATH BATTLE, I was hooked. And oddly, in a way, I almost miss the ads. Hearing Boomstick whore himself out so he could buy a Baby Cannon was priceless.
How do I support DEATH BATTLE? Easy. I watch every single one. I drive my gamer friends CRAZY urging them to check out the series. I debate my best friend endlessly over who will win as we approach the newest release. Always a good conversation.
With this blog, you guys have an awesome opportunity to reach out to the DEATH BATTLE fanbase. You can do...well...pretty much anything. We can dissect the most absurd details of any given matchup in way more depth than the show producers might have time for. We can create awesome fan art, suggest battles, have a lively discussion over why someone should or shouldn't have won. We can show our support for the show in an unprecedented way on a unified front. And we can worship the demigods that are Wiz and Boomstick. Personally, I would love to be part of a community that loves the show and is ready to go to absurd levels to help make it even better.
To end on, I'm more of a writer than artist (I can't even draw a stick figure) or video maker. But I love me some DEATH BATTLE. You ever need a writer for any aspect of the blog, just ask.”

Well, after reading that fine message I don’t think anyone would argue that you aren’t a good writer. And maybe in time who knows. Maybe we will take you up on your offer!

Canadian Brony

Canadian Brony
“I may be a gamer, but I find myself reading up on video games rather than actually playing them. Weird isn't it? Anyway, When I was but a wee middle schooler, I came across this show on Youtube called "Death Battle". I took an immediate liking to it because it was what I always dreamed someone would make a show about! When it came time for Death Battle to move away from Youtube, I had no choice but to make a g1 account so I could list my suggestions!
It was moving to a site called "Screwattack". I knew the name since I watched AVGN. I was one of those g1s who just commented on stuff for a while, but as I got more into the site, I started blogging and expressing my ideas! This helped me meet many friendly people who I could have an intelligent conversation with. But none of that would've happened if it wasn't for DEATH BATTLE. This is why I treasure DEATH BATTLE so much. Without it, I wouldn't be here so I have a lot to owe to it. Currently, my favorite episode is Starscream VS Rainbow Dash because of the sheer absurdity of it! It still makes me giggle when I watch it! I'm an advantage member, so I guess you can say I've helped fund the show.
I have two match-ups that I'd really like to see. The first one being Bart Simpson VS Eric Cartman.
Bart Simpson


Eric Cartman
Think about it. Two of the most famous juvenile delinquents going up against each other! It would be madness! Both of them would do anything to win so it would be funny to see just how far they would go to come out on top.
The other match-up I'd like to see is Sweeny Todd VS Pinkamena.
Sweeny Todd


Before bronies and non-bronies try to rip me a new asshole, allow me to explain. Yes I am aware that Pinkamena is almost entirely fan-made and that she has nothing to do with the show. But isn't there enough info about her so she can possibly be featured in DEATH BATTLE? I think it would make for a very "different" Death Battle if they included a character made up from the fans. Why fight Sweeny? Because Hannibal would make the outcome too easy to guess. Who's better? The demon barber or the demon baker?”

Very interesting. I too was one among the flood of g1s who came to this sight FOR DB. Little did I know how much more was in store for me here on ScrewAttack. I also knew SA from the AVGN, but I never really got to know what the site was really all about.

This kind of thing proves that DEATH BATTLE has done more than answer long held questions about “Who would win in fight?” It also proves that it can lure in new blood to an awesome site in turn making it more awesome altogether.

You would have to thank DEATH BATTLE for getting me into this site as well. For without it, neither me, nor the Brony would be here. And your lives would just me empty and hollow shells without our warming presence to fill it.

Joking aside though, I just want to thank you Canadian Brony for coming out and talking about how much DEATH BATTLE has done to bring more awesome people like you on this site. So even if you dislike the show, at least give it credit for good recruiting!


“What are your ideas for a DEATH BATTLE? I've always been a fan of the idea of M. Bison fighting Ganondorf.
M. Bison       


Ganondorf has the power of an object crafted by deities while M. Bison has a mystical force that has almost no limit when fully unleashed. Both are very strategic in their plans, controlling large organizations and destroying possible threats without mercy. However, both are given to arrogance that leads to their defeat. Ganondorf has intense power and can transform into a giant pig demon, as well as the ability to create phantoms, turn invisible, create barriers, and open teleportation gates; all this in addition to his considerable sword abilities. The trade off is that he is very slow and somewhat predictable in battle. If something doesn't work, he just keeps on trying it. M. Bison's Psycho Power has no limits when used at full capacity but requires additional equipment to maintain it. He also limits his power as it slowly degrades his body over time. His psycho power gives him enhanced strength, speed, stamina, barriers to shield himself from harm, and the ability to teleport. In his final form all of this abilities are greatly enhanced to almost god-like levels, making him one of the strongest beings in the Street Fighter universe (second only to Oni Akuma). A strategist at heart, he often plans and adapts to the opponent that he is fighting. His power does not always protect him though, as Akuma was able to kill him with a Raging Demon attack. Should an opponent wear him down enough, Bison can be vulnerable after a time.
What is your DEATH BATTLE Story? Probably Starscream vs Rainbow Dash, whenever I mention this match-up to my friends, they ALL say that Rainbow Dash would win.
Why do you love DEATH BATTLE? I've always had a thing for sprite fights (like Proxicide's "MK vs SF" series or R1665's VG Exiles series). Seeing the work and animation that goes into DEATH BATTLE is a marvel at how dedicated Ben and Chad are to it.
What is your favorite DEATH BATTLE? Robotnik vs Wily. Seeing all those bots got at each other was a sight to behold as it was less of a battle than it was an all-out war. Who saw that ending coming anyway?
Did DEATH BATTLE get you into ScrewAttack? No I was here long before then. DEATH BATTLE is just another reason to stay. :)
How do you support the show? By watching it and plugging it to my friends, that's how.
What would like us to do with this blog? Take some of the load off of Ben and Chad in getting suggestions. I know it's probably shooting for the stars but a man can dream can't he?”

He most certainly can. Even though we have gotten off to a rocky start, as this blog hasn’t wasn’t even operational until about a week ago, we are trying our hardest to make up for lost time. And don’t worry, we are going to be getting some suggestions and contributing some as well. :)

So there you have it folks, that was this week’s DEATH BATTLE Fan Mail. Want to contribute? No problem. Feel free to say whatever you want as long as it pertains to the show and as long as it is a well written and respectable entry.

Here are some of the basic questions you can ask yourself when trying to find something to talk about in your entry to the Fan Mailbag:

  • What are your ideas for a DEATH BATTLE?
  • What is your DEATH BATTLE?
  • Why do you love DEATH BATTLE?
  • What is your favorite DEATH BATTLE?
  • Did DEATH BATTLE get you into ScrewAttack?
  • Did ScrewAttack get you into DEATH BATTLE?
  • How do you support the show?
  • What would like us to do with this blog?

You can spend as little or as much time on as many or as few of these kinds of questions that you would like. Keep in mind that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO restate these questions, or address them directly. They are just ideas for you to utilize. As far as formatting goes, there are no requirements. Just know that the better the writing, and the better the format, the more likely you will see it on the DEATH BATTLE Fan Mailbag!


With the Fan Mailbag all wined down, it's time for the DEATH BATTLE Art Showcase, where take some of the best art on the Internet that fits into the realm of pop cultural duel to the death in support of some of the most heavily requested fights. This week, we are going for a Bayonetta/ Dante theme and with plenty of fantastic fan art to look through, let’s not daddle. Here is our very first DEATH BATTLE Art Showcase. Enjoy!

Bayonetta vs. Dante
Bayonetta vs. Dante
Bayonetta vs. Kratos
Bayonetta vs. Nariko
Dante vs. Ghost Rider
Dante vs. Kratos
Dante vs. Dante
Bayonetta vs. Dante

And here is a picture that was featured on the cover of g1 Hybrid Rain's very own ScrewAttack Magazine! 

So there you have it folks. I hope you enjoyed our first showcase. But before we move on, we would like to mention something very important...


The whole point of this fan blog is to reflect some of the best qualities of the fan base. And what better way to demonstrate both your fandom and your artistic talent than submitting it to us to feature on this spotlight?

Like everything else submitted to us, we won’t feature it if we find it unimpressive or too inappropriate. How do you submit a piece of art to us you ask? Why using our PM of course! Just like the submissions for the DEATH BATTLE Fan Mail, all submissions for the the DEATH BATTLE Art Showcase should be sent via a link posted in our PMs.

If you don’t have a description of it featured on the source of your work, it wouldn’t hurt to explain it a little bit. As long as it is something that we can copy and paste onto a blog, it’s fair game.

No real specific requirements for a piece other than it obviously has to portray some kind of fight between two or more pop culture icons. How you create it and what you create are not subjected to any criteria other than what I just mentioned.

We really want to feature art from the g1 community, and it would really help expand the scope of DEATH BATTLE, bringing in a whole new aspect and look on things that have not really been paid much attention to before. So get out there my artistic g1s. We are counting on you!!!

So I hope I have made my point clear on that. I hope you enjoyed our showcase of Bayonetta and Dante related fan art for this week. Oh...And speaking of Bayonetta and Dante...

The ODBFB Writers' Choice of the Week

It’s time for the final part of the Spotlight where we hand pick one DEATH BATTLE related blog that we particularly enjoyed and feature it as the ODBFB Writers’ Choice of the week.

We do this because we feel like there are just too many DEATH BATTLE related blogs out there that do not quite get the reception they deserve, and this is our way demonstrating our appreciation to the people that make us fans look good. So whose blog made it for this week’s choice?

*Drum Roll*

And the title of the ODBFB Writers’ Choice of the Week goes to.... G1 ULTRAGUY!!! And his prediction blog about a fight between Bayonetta and Dante!


Death battle prediction: Dante vs Bayonetta

Knowing how much time and effort it took the entire team at the ODBFB to make Cloud vs. Link, and then seeing how much detail was put into this blog is nothing less than impressive. The points were valid, insightful, but most importantly unbiased. 

Reading this entire blog was a true honor seeing how much our fandom and our dedication to the series has helped encourage others to raise the bar of DEATH BATTLE blogs. We can’t thank you enough for taking the obvious amount of time and dedication you took to make this blog.

Reading this only made me even more proud of to be a DEATH BATTLE fan and more optimistic than ever about the future of both the show and its followers.

Thank you again Ultraguy. It was truly a great blog!

And with that said and done, we conclude our first DEATH BATTLE Fan Spotlight! We hope this is just the beginning of great and long blog series and that our actions will help the both show and it’s followers alike.

Thank you for reading and stay screwy!

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