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Showing the world that there are female Super Fighting Robots.

Inspired by Kirby Kid's blog about Danny Phantom, I've figured I should show off my chops as a researcher and do a character that could put up a lot of potential as Danny Phantom too. For the target, I've decided to take one request, and also a personal favorite of mine as well of the ​Nicktoon lineup, XJ9 AKA Jenny Wakeman from the Cartoon "My Life as a Teenage Robot".


Dr. Nora Wakeman was once a Skyway Patrol Scientist. During the first Intergalactic war she took part in building the ultimate weapon to protect mankind: Armaggedroid. His sole mission was to destroy all weapons, with the idea that destroying the invading alien weapons would render them defenseless. He was a success and was the key of winning said Intergalactic War but soon he went after their own weapons to continue his programming. In a desperate move, Armagedroid was tricked to go into the Earth's Core to hopefully never be seen again. Seeing how a simple program could turn dangerous, Dr. Wakeman decided to create a better protector of Earth.
After 8 previous attempts, she designs XJ9 to be that successor. 6.5 Foot and around 600 pounds, XJ9 was the perfect machine to do the job. But there was one problem: XJ9 had the mind of a teenager. This is to most likely make her develop her own sense of justice, but this causes the self proclaimed Jenny Wakeman to want to live a normal teenage life. When Brad and Tuck Carbunkle discovered Jenny, Nora decided to let her try to live that life and, while not physically, grow up to become the hero Tremorton needs. Since then, Jenny tries to balance her life as a super fighting robot and a regular teenage girl.


Jenny Wakeman is a robot, so it makes sense for her to be fully metal. According to a Wiki entry, her body is made of titanium alloy with a triple polycarbonate lamination to protect her from corrosive substances. The closest I've seen of this is in the episode "The Great Unwashed" which showed her having an acid bath to remove her outer colors.
When it comes to weaponry, all you have to look at is the episode "Raggedy Android" as the first scene was showing off a small sample plate. Laser limbs, drills, blades, hammers, swords, rockets, Giant fists, lobster claws, she's literally a walking Swiss Army Knife (with said Swiss Army Knife in her).
How much stuff she has in her is unbelievable. Its like her body is a TARDUS. Heck, in "Victim of Fashion", she is shown to have more metal in her than a roster of Megaman Robot Masters. To try to list them all is an impossible task. But I'll explain specifics in a later section.


Being a robot made for protecting the planet, she has to have the capability to do so. And she does with the following stuff:
  • Super Strength: Her theme song said she has the strength of a million and seventy men. The average man can lift 1.5 times their body weight (according to The average weight of a man is 189.8 pounds (according to So add that all up and she is capable of lifting about 128,942.7 Metric Tons. 1 metric ton is 2204.62 pounds. So in short, a lot. Almost as much as Goku.
  • Super Speed: Not sure of her ground speed (as the wiki said greater speed than the finest human athlete and superhuman reaction speed), but her flight speed is impressive. In the first episode she can be on the ground and in space in a matter of minutes. And she is able to travel from Tremorton (a US city) to Tokyo and back in a few minutes in the Episode "Labor Day". She has at least faster than the speed of sound.
  • Invulnerability: She's a robot with no pain receptors (Episode: This Time with Feeling) so she could take a licking and still keep on ticking. But she can still be damaged to the point of no longer being able to move.
  • Super Stamina: Robot, duh. But again, if she gets badly damaged she can no longer move. Also, she needs to be charged. Estimation with the episode "Crash Pad Crash" and "Labor Day" suggest she can keep going for 24 hours straight. But luckily she is not only electrical powered, but also has a back up solar power source.
  • Super Senses: Being a robot, she was designed to have better senses to protect people. Despite having no ears, her head could pick up sound waves from any angle (Episode "Ear No Evil"). The episode "See No Evil" introduced an upgrade to her vision, letting her see Ultraviolet, Infrared, X-Ray and various others. While the big eyes were removed, she did retained them in her old eyes.
  • Energy Beams: She can fire multiple energy beams from multiple parts of her body as well as multiple weapons within her body. Logically, this is connected to her own power source so the more she uses said attacks the more it drains her faster.
  • Shape shifting: There is no other term better to describe the various transformations Jenny Wakeman can use. From growing giant fists and hammer to deliver stronger blows, to various bladed weaponry, to even stretchy arms and extendo fingers. She can literally pull anything out of her body when needed. She is also able to receive upgrades from her mother or Sheldon and add them to her body relatively quickly (Episode "Designing Women").
  • Multilingualism: Built into her is multiple discs with multiple languages. She can speak any human language as long as she has the disc (Episode: Speak No Evil).
  • Strategist: While not the best strategist, she has shown to be able to think on her feat to overcome a situation. This can be seen in the episode "Designing Women" which shows her overcoming Vexus when she discovered her various weaknesses. This is also shown when she discovered Armagedroid's weakness about destroying weapons in the episode "Enclosure of Doom"


Jenny Wakeman has the mentality of a Teenager. So she can get easily frustrated easily. She also underestimate people if she feels they aren't a threat. Also, if anyone could analyze her blueprints, they can discover many weaknesses of her various weaponry.


She has pretty much saved her city from numerous threats including giant monsters, biker gangs from space, other evil robots and many super criminals. Her biggest accomplishment is in the Movie "Escape from Cluster Prime", which not only shows her saving the entire planet from a Robotic Invasion, but also freeing the other planet from the Tyranny of Queen Vexus.

Potential Opponents:

Jenny Wakeman is a tough cookie. Its possible that she can give Goku a run for his money. But more fitting opponents would be to face her fellow robots. Two that come to mind are my personal Death Battle Dream Match: Mega Man and Astro Boy. Why face Mega Man? Robots built to save the city and even more from evil robots. Sounds logical.
As for why face Astro Boy, the reason can be seen in Madhog thy Master's video "Her Name is Jenny Wakeman" as well as his review on MLAATR, which explains how her story is similar and better than Astro Boy.



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