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Captain Olimar and his trusty army of Pikmin faces off against the Ant-Man and his supply of ants! Who wins, and who dies? Better yet, will we accidentally step on them before the battle ends?

"My daughter'd kill me if everyone found out my secret identity before she did."
The character "Ant-Man" was originally created by the genius scientist Hank Pym. During this time, Hank helped the Avengers at the time (Thor, Wasp, Iron Man,) to assemble for the very first time. 
Hank Pym would not don the Ant-Man persona forever; one fateful day, Scott Lang broke into Hank Pym's lab, stealing the Ant-Man uniform and shrinking gas canisters. Hank Pym eventually caught Lang while disguised as Yellow Jacket, and entrusted Lang with the suit and canisters.
For reoccurance sake, the Ant-Man in this DEATH BATTLE will be Scott Lang, as he was the Ant-Man far longer than Hank Pym, despite Pym being the original. 
From here on out, Lang was generally a second-rate hero, only becoming an official Avenger after helping defeat Kang the Conqueror. 
Lang went on to get into a short lived relationship with Jessica Jones, obviously stopping when Luke Cage stepped in.
In general, Ant-Man never saw much screen time. His only notable accomplishment aside from becoming Ant-Man and becoming an Avenger would be him replacing Reed Richards when the Future Foundation plan fails.
Ant-Man does not have a very large arsenal, but what he DOES have is very complex and essential to his victory.

Ant-Man Helmet

One of the most iconic helmets in fiction, the Ant-Man helmet was originall designed and created by Hank Pym. The helmet does a variety of niches, such as amplifying his voice and allowing him to communicate with ants. Depending on the surrounding, Ant-Man can broadcast waves for about a mile. 

Pym Particles

The Pym Particles were originally discovered and used by Hank Pym, who concluded that the particles could increase or decrease objects or living beings. The particles are contained in gas canisters within the helmet, which can be used at anytime. The astounding fact about Pym Particles is undoubtedly the fact that mass is not affected by the transformation, meaning that a punch from Ant-Man will hurt just as much as one from a regular-sized Scott Lang. 
Unfortunately, these do not come without a price. 
Using the Particles consistently can potentially permanently shrink the user, and, as demonstrated by Hank Pym, can place a very large mental strain on the user. 

Ant-Man does have some offensive capabilities. Aside from the usual punch and kick, Lang also has access to, of course, ants.


As his helmet allows him to communicate with ants, Ant-Man can command them to do his bidding. Ant-Man can even command flying ants to let him hitch a ride. Basically, if Ant-Man needs to take down someone, he has a multitude of ways to entertainingly do so.
And in case you skipped biology class, here's some info on ants.
  • Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight
  • Ants can defend or attack prey by biting, stinging, and spraying formic acid. 
  • Different species of ants have different traits. For example, Bullet Ants have the most painful bite, but it's not usually fatal. Jack Jumper Ants' poison, on the other hand, has proven to be fatal.
  • Ants are masters of teamwork and work in general. 




Captain Olimar
"My name is Captain Olimar. While traveling through space, my ship was struck by a meteor... I must have blacked out, and I awoke on the surface of a weird planet. With so many parts lost, the skeletal hull of my beloved Dolphin is a painful sight. The engine is gone... I'm stranded."
Captain Olimar is a Hocotate Freight employee; the only employee to captain a customized company ship. 
Originally, Captain Olimar was on an interstellar vacation, when a meteor crashed into Olimar's ship, the S.S. Dolphin. The impact tossed Olimar onto "PNF-404" as it would later be known. This planet is the only known planet with the Pikmin inhabitants. Miraculously, Olimar managed to command the Pikmin with his whistle. Olimar's leadership skills earned the Pikmin's trust, and together they found the S.S. Dolphin's parts, which was then reconstructed, leading to Olimar's departure. 
When Olimar returned to Hocotate, the President of Hocotate notified Olimar of their current financial standings, which were, to put it nicely, horrible. 
Olimar and fellow employee Louie were sent off to the planet of Pikmin to discover more treasure to pay off their debt. 
During this expedition, Olimar discovered two new races of Pikmin, and managed to pay off Hocotate's debt.
Later, Olimar and Louie would return to PNF-404 to discover even more  treasure to attempt to buy back the S.S. Dolphin. Olimar crashed, however, and was captured by the Plasm Wraith, rescued by the Koppaians who happened to be exploring the planet at the same time.
Captain Olimar, like Ant-Man, doesn't have a particularly large arsenal, but what he does have is essential to his character.

Rocket Fist

The Rocket Fist allows Olimar to punch significantly stronger than before, with more range as well. The Fist is capable of downing even Dwarf Red Bulborbs with ease.
However, according to Olimar himself, the use of the Rocket Fist hurts his shoulders. 

Metal Suit Z

Captain Olimar gains the Metal Suit Z on his adventures. The use of the suit greatly reduces damage taken from enemies. 

Rush Boots

The Rush Boots increase Olimar's running speed greatly. Wear those pink bear shoes with pride!


Captain Olimar has a whistle. Now usually, you'd wonder why a whistle would even be mentioned.
The whistle is an integral part of commanding the Pikmin; essentially calling them to battle when they get bored or distracted, or even lost in the area. Speaking of Pikmin...
Olimar's trusty aids, the Pikmin come in various shapes and sizes with very different traits and abilities. All Pikmin grow from the ground, so Olimar must pluck them out himself to increase his army.

Red Pikmin

The first time of Pikmin. Red Pikmin are 1.5 times stronger than the average pikmin, and have fire traits, in addition to fire immunity.

Yellow Pikmin

The second type of Pikmin. Yellow Pikmin are lighter than most, and have a longer throwing distance. The Yellow Pikmin have electricity traits, and are immune to electricity as well.

Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin are the third type of Pikmin, and are generally the most average in terms of strength and weight. They have a natural affinity for water, and have adapted to it accordingly.

White Pikmin

The White Pikmin were introduced in Pikmin 2, and are the lightest and weakest Pikmin available. However, they are immune to poison and can thus transmit poison to enemies.

Purple Pikmin

The Purple Pikmin were also introduced in Pikmin 2. The Purple Pikmin are the slowest and heaviest of the Pikmin, making up for their lack in speed with their incredible strength.

Flying Pikmin

A new type of Pikmin introduced in Pikmin 3, the Flying Pikmin are constantly in flight. They are weaker than most Pikmin, but make up for it by being a valuable asset in taking down airborne foes. Flying Pikmin do not work well with others, as their constant flight makes them harder to work with.

Rock Pikmin

Introduced alongside Flying Pikmin, the Rock Pikmin are the most durable type of Pikmin, immune to blunt force. When thrown, the Rock Pikmin bounce off of their opponents, rather than latching onto them.
Facts and Details
  • Ants range in size from 0.75 to 53 milimeters.
  • Logically, we can conclude that Ant-Man shrinks to about the same size of an ant, so approximately 55 milimeters, as he stands over them.
  • Pikmin are generally 2.9 cm to an inch tall, and can carry 20 times their own weight, just like ants.
  • Olimar is 4 cm tall. 
Ant-Man Pros
-Ant army is more diverse and outnumbers the Pikmin army
-Physically outclasses Olimar in terms of strength
-Can grow to rival Olimar's size (For fairness, I'm assuming this is as large as Ant-Man will be allowed to grow.)
-Can fly with the aid of ants
Ant-Man Cons
-Relies too much on Ants for protection
-Ant army is significantly smaller in height and weight
-Ants more vulnerable to Pikmin's abilities than the Pikmin are to the Ants
Captain Olimar Pros
-Pikmin have much more useful abilities than the Ants
-Olimar is faster and more durable than Ant-Man
-Can use Pikmin for more effective CQC
-Arguably more experienced than Ant-Man
Captain Olimar Cons
-Pikmin Army is outnumbered by the Ants
-Olimar not as trained in CQC as Ant-Man
-Olimar is vulnerable to being swarmed by Ants, whereas Ant-Man does not face a similar threat with the Pikmin.
-Cannot summon Pikmin; has to pluck them individually, which takes time when compared to Ant-Man's insta-summoning.
Now this was a tough match to call.
Olimar's army outclasses the ants in terms of abilities and overall destructive force, but the ants are far more numerous and various.
Olimar is faster than Ant-Man, but is outclassed greatly in strength. In fact, Ant-Man could probably one-shot Olimar if he doesn't use the Metal Suit Z.
Really, for every advantage one side has, the other has a counter.
In the end, I have to place my bet on Captain Olimar after a close genocide.
The Pikmin rival the Ant's teamwork, but even though the Ants have greater numbers, the Pikmin are undoubtedly greater units. 
Olimar has just enough to survive Ant-Man's attacks to call in Pikmin, which will then afflict Lang with elecricity, fire, or poison. Heck, Olimar might even get a lucky shot and knock off Lang's head with a well placed Rock Pikmin or Purple Pikmin.
If there's one thing we can all agree on, its at least that there will be a LOT of fatalities.
Fastblade's Pick;



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