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Editor's Note: This is a community member's blog and not an official Death Battle match-up.
Rules for a Death Battle:
-Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other unless done so in each fighter's universe.
-The battle ends with death. Personality restraints against killing are removed.
-All attributes, abilities, traits, strategies, and otherwise are represented fairly.
-Research for both fighters is done on equal basis. If one receives representation from non-canon sources, so must the other.

In today’s prediction we analyze one of the most talked about Marvel vs. DC match-ups ever: The battle of the ultimate archers, Hawkeye of the Avengers and Green Arrow of the Justice League! In a battle of comic’s two best bow slinging heroes, who has the edge? Who is the true “World’s Greatest Archer”? And who would win a DEATH BATTLE!? Let’s get started already!


Losing his parents early in life due to a car crash, Clint Barton grew up in an orphanage. But he soon ran away and did what any sane kid would do: he joined the circus. Under the tutelage of Swordsman and Trickshot, Clint began developing incredible skills in which he performed as “Hawkeye, the World’s Greatest Archer!” Nearing adulthood, Hawkeye soon discovered that both his mentors were crooks, which greatly changed his view of the world. Inspired by Ironman saving civilians from a broken down ride, Clint decided to become a hero himself. Donning his famous purple and blue costume and wielding his trusty bow, Hawkeye ventured out into the world, but did not have the smoothest of starts. After stopping a robbery, Clint was mistaken for a criminal and pursued. On the run, Clint ran into Black Widow who was a Soviet spy at the time. Convincing him to fight against Ironman, Hawkeye started out as a mere villain part of Tony Stark's rogues gallery. But soon he wised up and decided to join his former enemy. Going straight to the top, Hawkeye proved his worth to the Avengers and becameone of their regular members and at times one of their most useful assets. Sometimes operating as the giant Goliath or the dark assassin Ronin, Clint always ends up putting on his famous cowl. Today, Hawkeye is now known as the true “World’s Greatest Archer”.


Growing up in a circus does things to a kid. Learning from one of the world’s greatest archers and swordsman certainly did more. Learning from a young age that basically nothing was impossible, Clint carried this later into life, believing that nothing was too hard to overcome. While this lead to some impressive feats, it also created an almost egotistical personality. With incredible confidence in his ability, he acts carefree, rebellious, and even reckless at times. But even with these flaws, Hawkeye’s greatest attribute is his cool persona under pressure. Tactical, calm, and immeasurably precise, Hawkeye almost never loses his head in a fight, coming through in any situation. At the end of the day, Clint is a true hero, not afraid to sacrifice himself for the greater good, such as when he flew himself into a Kree invasion ship to stop the entire fleet, effectively saving the world. He was brought back eventually of course and he’s never stopped trying to do better since.


Obviously as an archer, Hawkeye is a long-range first kind of fighter. He picks his opponents apart by exploiting weaknesses or taking them out with overwhelming force using his trick arrow arsenal. His preferred method of long range is by trick arrow takedown, as he carries more of them then he does regular arrows. But more often than not, Clint is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Expertly trained and proficient with just about any weapon, he has managed to pull off impressive hand-to-hand battles, even taking on hordes of ninjas once which greatly impressed martial arts master Iron Fist. He tends to be a brawler, preferring force and strength over tactics when it comes to a brawl. Of course this hasn’t stopped him from coming up with unique and cunning strategies, at times leading entire superhuman teams into battle. He believes nothing is impossible, which helps him believe victory is always within reach.


World Class Marksman – Trained since youth by Trickshot, one of the world’s best marksman, Hawkeye is insanely accurate, almost never missing his target at any range. While his signature weapon is his bow and arrow, Hawkeye is also a master with smaller projectile weapons such as darts, throwing stars, bolas, axes, and even boomerangs. He can ricochet shots off walls and can fire long range shots without looking, nailing the perfect bulls-eye and looking like a bad-ass when he does it.

Martial Arts Expert – Trained by Captain America, often considered the world’s best martial artist, Hawkeye is extremely dangerous at close range, taking on hordes of opponents with ease. He brawls more then he duels, liking force over finesse, but never loses control of his cool or the fight.

Weapons Expert – Hawkeye is good with just about any weapon. Whether it be staffs, guns, nunchakus, knives, crossbows, long bows, compound bows, balls, or anything in between, Hawkeye can use it well. He is also incredibly skilled with a blade, as he was trained since youth by one of the world’s greatest, Swordsman (yes that was his name). As his time as Ronin, Clint wielded two blades with deadly skill. Perhaps one of the best examples of his weapon mastery is when he wielded Captain America's shield as well as the man himself, something almost no one else can do.

Shrewd Strategist – With as much precision as his archery, Hawkeye is a keen strategist, a capable tactician, and able leader, willing to take on any problem and come up with a solution. With his adaptability, anything becomes a weapon. He once ripped off his fingernails and turned them into deadly projectiles. Gross, even nightmarish, but still effective.

Charismatic Leader – While often merely a member of super teams, Hawkeye has done his fair share of leading them. Such teams include the Defenders, the West Coast Avengers, and even the villains turned hero Thunderbolts. He was able to lead all teams with charisma and guile, despite some of them having more power than himself. But with a man of his experience and personality, no ever doubted him.

Bilingual – He can speak Italian along with English. Thought I should mention it.

Weapons Designer – While not a skilled designer per say, Clint is adequate with basic weaponry design, such as bows, arrows, crescent darts, and the like.

Expert Pilot – When he’s not riding on an awesome motorcycle, Hawkeye operates as the daring pilot of advanced jets and other supersonic planes for the Avengers.

Goliath Powers – For a time, Clint operated under the name Goliath when he used Hank Pym’s size-altering particles to change his size, able to grow up to 100 feet and have his strength increase proportionately. The only downfall was that beyond 25 feet he started needing his own strength to support his own mass, so the taller he went the less boost in strength he would receive.

Quick Shot – With his extensive training, his perception is master level, honing his reflexes to lightning speed. He is able to fire off multiple arrows in seconds, hone in on fast moving targets, and shoot projectiles out of the sky. With a quick draw like that, nobody should make a sudden move.

Peak Physical Condition – Trained to the limits of his body, Clint weighs in at 6 foot 3 inches and 230 pounds. He is a natural athlete, able to leap buildings and climb over large walls with no problem along with incredible acrobatic skill, able to dodge and weave through gunfire. He even has aerialist training from his time in the circus, allowing him to be comfortable in high flying situations or falling long distances.



Assorted Ranged Weaponry – Along with his bow and arrows, Clint carries a cache of long ranged weaponry, including knives, darts, bolas, and other projectiles. He travels light, however, so he doesn’t carry much, preferring to focus on mobility and carrying as many arrows as he can.

Blades/Battlefield Weapons – While not often, Hawkeye has wielded blades into combat, such as his time as the dark Ronin. He can also use anything he finds on the battle field but never carries anything intentionally into combat, preferring to stick with his bow, go figure.

Light Armored Suit – Offers protection against most conventional attacks but is not especially resistant against piercing or slashing attacks, designed more for mobility and flexibility then defense.

Custom Bow – Hawkeye’s bow is strength conditioned to be extra tough to pull. This increases both arrow power and range. The bow is strong enough that even above average humans are unable to pull the bowstring, such as his rival Crossfire.

Sky-Cycle – This impressive vehicle is a non-gravitational flying cycle that only requires thought processes to fly, allowing for Hawkeye to focus on his archery while flying at high speeds. Just don't look down.

Trick Arrows – There are over a hundred variants and while their functions vary greatly, they are generally built for nonlethal damage and incapacitating opponents. They will be listed below in the comparison, but to see the complete list of all his arrows, click here: http://marvel.wikia.com/Trick_Arrows/Gallery



Hawkeye is a dangerous foe at any range, with any weapon, and in any situation. Trained by the world’s best in both close range and long range combat, Hawkeye is a jack of all trades prepared for any attacker and can fight alongside superhumans without missing a beat. Cool under pressure, insanely accurate, and overall an incredibly skilled warrior, Hawkeye doesn’t have many flaws. But it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t list a FEW of them (AKA all of them)….Here’s the breakdown:


  • World class archer, more accurate and skilled than anyone in his world.
  • Trick shot master, able to fire off impossible shots and maneuvers.
  • Immense arsenal of trick arrows, preparing for any foe or situation.
  • Dangerous and brutal unarmed fighter, capable of beating hordes of ninjas.
  • Expert with all weapons, able to pick anything up and use it proficiently.
  • Can fashion anything into a weapon, even his own fingernails.
  • Almost unshakeable in combat, almost never losing his cool.
  • Shrewd perception gives great adaptability, able to come up with strategies on the fly.
  • Charismatic leader and inspirational fighter, believes nothing is impossible.
  • Has many arrows capable of mortal injury and nonlethal attacks alike.


  • While a shrewd tactician, his moves are predictable and straight forward.
  • Over confidence leads to reckless and sometimes egotistical behavior.
  • Uses regular arrows more than trick ones, leading to carrying less trick arrows than he should.
  • Not especially durable. Can easily be taken down with critical hits.
  • No defensive capabilities besides natural athleticism. 
  • Light armor focuses more on flexibility then defense, offers little protection.
  • Relies on skill and overwhelming force to beat opponents, lacks ingenuity and creativity.

Green Arrow

Idolizing Robin Hood from youth, Oliver was never without his bow. He was hesitant to use it however, as he was traumatized when accidently killed a small animal. This very hesitation aided the death of his parents when they were mauled by lions and he could not shoot his bow. Raised by his uncle and inheriting a massive billion dollar fortune, Ollie lived the easy life nonetheless. Then one fateful night on a boat cruise he fell overboard and was marooned on Starfish Island, with his only other possession a bow from his childhood. The bow had kept him afloat, and saved his life again when he mastered it in order to stay alive Surviving for years in a life or death battle, Ollie finally escaped the island when he encountered drug runners and stopped them with his newly acquired skill. Realizing a new self-reliance and direction in life, he decided to use his new skills to protect the innocent, much like his childhood hero Robin Hood. Basing his entire look off the Hood, the Emerald Archer was born, taking down foes with his world class archery and trick arrows. Fighting against every class of villain there is, Green Arrow has led several superhero teams and even fought alongside the Justice League. Wielding an arsenal of trick arrows and trained in martial arts, this is one merry man you shouldn't mess with.


Oliver has long been wealthy and once had a carefree and irresponsible lifestyle. But after his experience on the island, a new persona was born. Realizing the error of his ways, he dedicated himself to helping other people and believing in the progress of mankind. Fighting for environmental rights and progressive beliefs, Mr. Queen has reestablished himself as a savior of man, both figuratively and quite literally. Of course, his years of survival also buried within him intense and passionate emotions that quite often get the best of him. Because of these emotions he is sometimes selfish, or even blinded by his self-righteousness so badly he killed a man in cold blood for the sake of justice. He has very extreme points of emotion, at one time being fun-loving and overall positive while at others he completely shuts down, ripping up his costume and destroying his weaponry. He feels intense guilt whenever things go wrong but always manages to crawl back because of his desire to make the world a better place. He might be extreme at times, but Green Arrow is vigilant above all else.


A true archer, Arrow has trained his skill, speed, and accuracy to be the world's best. As such, he prefers long range above any other method. Utilizing an immense number of special trick arrows, Ollie keeps his enemies at bay and blasts them away with an assortment of tricks and attacks. He prefers nonlethal, going so far as to make sure almost all of his arrows can't kill. Of course, even an archer must fight unarmed sometimes. To remedy this, Ollie has received training from several martial arts masters, developing his own art of hand-to-hand combat. While he is certainly skilled, he still prefers long range and has even struggled at times despite his training, although these were special circumstances. Relying on instincts and adapting to the situation at hand, Ollie dives into the action and relies on his immense skill and unique weaponry to win the day.


Master Archer - Trained to the absolute limit of skill, Green Arrow is his world's best archer by a long shot (pun intended). His accuracy is sharp enough to nail a droplet of water from a tap and flexible enough to hit two gun barrels while somersaulting upside down off a building. He can wield any type of arrow as well as throw projectiles with similar skill and precision.

Inventive Genius - With billions of dollars and a creative mind, Ollie has crafted hundreds of arrowheads to serve numerous purposes. From bombs and flares to pens and parachutes, the Arrow has an extensive personalized arsenal. His trick arrows may seem ridiculous at times, but they do serve a purpose. They were so unexpectedly impressive that Batman himself stated he would never mock his trick arrows again. And nobody argues with the Batman.

Martial Artist - Training in several martial arts, Green Arrow is a master of Judo, Kickboxing, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. He even received training from Natas, the very man who trained Deathstroke With incredible instincts and peak physical condition, the Emerald Archer can take up to seven opponents at once, though has been known to struggle in unique situations.

Peak Physical Condition - Standing at 5 foot 11 inches and 195 pounds, the Green Arrow has trained his body to the human limit. As a natural athlete he is able to run at sprinter speeds, jump across buildings and scale anything he needs to. He has enough agility to dodge incoming fire and is also a talented acrobat for mobility and combat purposes.

Expert Fencer - While not usually his style, Green Arrow has shown extensive skill with a blade, deflecting arrows and even once out-dueling Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood.

Master Hunter - After years of being trapped on an island force to hunt to survive, Ollie got pretty good at stalking prey for food. Able to sneak up on a jaguar with ease, the Arrow can hunt any prey without detection.

Master Survivalist - Being trapped on Starfish Island for years, the Arrow developed the ability to survive in any environment and scavenge for food better than anyone. Along with these basic survival skills, Ollie developed a keen sense of awareness of his surroundings, able to perceive threats with a hidden instinct.

Quick Shot - As a show-off, Green Arrow has definitely measure his shooting speed. Clocked in at 29 arrows per minute, which is just under 1 arrow every two seconds, Ollie is an arrow firing machine. He is also insanely quick on the draw, able to strike faster than a gunman.


Custom Bow - By designing his own weaponry, Green Arrow has developed a personalized weapon warehouse. His bow is the first and foremost, strengthened to the point where only physically peaked humans can wield it.

Arrowcar/Arrowplane - In the old days, Green Arrow drove a Batman-like car and plane. But after rejecting his superhero self for a time, he destroyed them and hasn't rebuilt them since.

Assorted Ranged Weaponry - Along with his bow and arrow, Green Arrow carries an assortment of throwing weapons to strike his opponents, such as bolas, darts, throwing stars, and knives, though he carries very little due to the fact that his arrows are superior.

Trick Arrows - With over a hundred different types, Oliver has certainly been busy designing his trick arrows. While there are too many to list here, I shall list the ones that are unique to him, along with any interesting ones that could serve a purpose in this fight in the comparison section to save space. For a full list of Green Arrow's arrowheads, click this link: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Trick_Arrows



Besides rocking one of the best goatees of all time, Green Arrow is by far the best archer the DC Universe has to offer. He started out as a Batman rip off (he had a freaking Arrow Signal for crying out loud) but he has come into his own as one of the more well known heroes. While he may not prefer close range combat he has proven his worth numerous times, fighting against skilled opponents time and time again. With an inventive genius just a cut below Batman's, there is no surprise the Emerald Archer has a huge bag of tricks and an incredibly unpredictable and sometimes zany fighting style. But even these can't cover all the bases. Let's take a gander:


  • World class archer, able to hit any target at any range.
  • Quick shot, able to draw faster than your average bowman and shoot insanely quick bursts.
  • Inventive and creative, the Arrow's style is unpredictable and versatile.
  • Relies on instincts, which allows for superior adaptability in combat.
  • Immense arsenal of trick arrows, capable of almost anything.
  • Natural athlete and acrobat, Arrow is able to dodge bullets and scale buildings.
  • Martial arts master, able to take up to seven foes at once.
  • Hunting and survivalist abilities allow for unique perspective and strategies.
  • Able to fashion bows and arrows out of anything on the battlefield.


  • Training in archery is self-taught, which is rarely superior to master training.
  • While able to fight well at close range, nonetheless he has struggled in the past.
  • Not a strategist. Relies on adaptability and versatile arsenal.
  • Relies on trick arrows too often. If he runs out, he's got very little left to fight with.
  • Most of his arsenal and strategy is non lethal.
  • Not very willing to use most dangerous weapons due to destructive nature.
  • Not very durable. Can easily be taken down with critical strikes.
  • No defensive abilities besides natural agility and mobility.


Trait Green Arrow Hawkeye Notes
Strategy   X Hawkeye is a much more capable strategist and tactician. Even though Ollie has superior instincts, Hawkeye's tutelage by Captain America outclasses him.
Weapons/Tools/Armor X X Neither can get a definitive edge because of their weapons and tools simply because both are so large and versatile. While Hawkeye's is more lethal, Arrow has more useful items. Hawkeye's Sky-Cycle allows for great mobility but Arrow's weapons can counter it easily. Hawkeye's armor is also a non-factor in this showdown.
Experience X X Again, neither has an edge here. Both have been serving as heroes for an incredibly long time, fighting all classes of opponents and even leading their own superhero teams. Both have fought humans, super villains, aliens, and even god like beings.
Close Combat   X Both may have training with martial arts masters, but Hawkeye is more comfortable with his fists then Arrow. He's brutal, relies on overwhelming force and doesn't hesitate to use any weapon he finds, as he's skilled with just about everything. Even with a sword, Arrow can't match Hawkeye's training.
Physicality/Mobility   X Hawkeye has 4 inches and 35 pounds on Green Arrow. Both are natural athletes and acrobats, but only Hawkeye has aerialist training. Both are agile enough to dodge gunfire, but pure physicality gives Hawkeye the advantage.
Archery X X Both are masters in precision, speed, and accuracy. Green Arrow's feats are just a tad more impressive than Hawkeye's, but we can only assume the limits of their skill. Hawkeye is probably also capable of hitting a droplet of water while Arrow is probably also capable of the no look shot. They are almost completely even, and the margin of difference is negligible.
Trick Arrows     Since they have so many in common, I decided to list them here so we can negate them from the decision making process. I will also list those that give an edge to each archer below those to give an idea of what both are capable of.
In Common X X These arrows are the ones they have in common and can be ignored since both can use them. Explosive, stun, flares, underwater, grappling, cables, nets, electric, incendiary, freezing, glue, boomerangs, sonic, suction, magnetic, wooden, diamond, buzz saws, razors, tangling ropes, clamps, locks, boxing gloves, impact, smoke, bolas, drills, foam, smog, ink, EMP, fireworks, rockets, tear gas, and acid.
Green Arrow's Weaker Arrows    
  • The Quantum arrow requires two archers to work so they don't explode in the quiver.
  • The glider and heli-spotter arrows (which offers omni-directional sight with mirrors) are useful but easy targets.
  • Green Arrow's flash grenade and fire extinguisher are similar to other tools, while the arrow trap is mostly ineffective against perceptive or agile opponents.
Hawkeye's Weaker Arrows    
  • Water, slippery grease, and barbed wire are often useful, but not against another archer.
  • The pulley, laser, rusting chemical, and magnetic intensifier serve their purpose but won't matter much.
  • Stink, sneezing smog, and heat seeking arrows are dangerous but can be beaten by tactics or avoidance.
  • The weight-nullifying vibration arrow is a unique arrow as it causes an object to lose its weight, but has never been used against an organic and doesn't last very long.
Green Arrow's Strong Arrows X  
  • Greek Fire is liquid flame shot from an arrow. Dangerous, but hard to control.
  • His Tri Clamp is a dangerous tool that can incapacitate Hawkeye far better than normal bolas or nets. Of course, they're only clamps.
  • Finally, his atomic warhead is incredibly dangerous, but he only uses it in desperate situations.
Hawkeye's Strong Arrows   X
  • Pym Particle arrows can work wonders on shrinking an opponent or destroying the battlefield by enlarging objects.
  • The Adamantium arrow is sharper than diamond and comes with electrocution. It does, however, travel at normal speeds and can be shot down.
  • The Vibranium arrow requires additional tethering, but can absorb any energy, travel at lightning speed, and even looks like a normal arrow.


This is a tough fight. Both fighters are extremely evenly matched, both in skill and capability in a fight. I went back and forth at least 4 times during the research process, but I believe I’ve come to a logical conclusion. Here’s how it breaks down: At range, with both archers leveled at each other, neither has a significant advantage. Green Arrow is faster on the draw and in overall speed, but not by much. Precision, I believe, is also in Arrow’s corner. While Hawkeye has incredible feats of accuracy, Green Arrow once shot a drop of water and nailed two gun barrels while upside down in mid somersault. That is slightly more impressive than Hawkeye’s famous no-look shot. But the edge is very slight and not significant in such a tight battle. Hawkeye has also performed the gun barrel shot, shoots insanely fast, and almost never misses. In a contest of archery you just can’t get a clear winner.

But what about a close quarter duel? With his hunting abilities and stealth, Arrow could stalk Hawkeye without notice for a while, but ultimately with Hawkeye’s superior perception due to his years of both archery and swordsman training, he certainly won’t get the drop on him. Perhaps Arrow could get a surprise attack, but that’s not quite enough for a sure kill. Eventually this must lead to an unarmed contest. Both have been trained by martial arts masters, but one is clearly more capable. Arrow considers himself a martial arts master and has proven it against many foes. But at times he has been known to struggle fighting in close combat. Even if we ignored that, Hawkeye has 4 inches and 35 pounds on him and seems to thrive with his fists, relying on brutal force and precise training. He would win most if not all close range fights. However, Green Arrow tries to avoid a close range fight at all costs due to his advantage at long range and Hawkeye is more than willing to follow along, so a close range finisher is unlikely.

So what’s left? In the end I think this comes down to who would be able to get the kill shot before the other, which all depends on weaponry and strategy. Hawkeye is a keen strategist and would continuously try new ways to take down his foe, relying on overwhelming force to take him down. Oliver on the other hand adapts to the situation on the fly, preferring to to rely on instincts to survive. Their non arrow ranged weapons are insignificant, as well as each other's vehicles. Hawkeye's Sky-Cycle gives a solid advantage but is vulnerable to attack via explosive, EMP, or electric arrows. Neither carries any close range weapons commonly, so it must come down to the arrows. In terms of arrow versatility, both have a hundred plus variants. Arrow has slightly more, but less combat purpose arrows, so they break even again. As explained above, most of their weapons are similar and can't decide the match. Even the unique ones can be countered via skill or similar arrowheads. But each has at least 3 arrow types that can decide the fight. Green Arrow's Greek Fire and Tri Clamp arrows are dangerous if they hit, but are to control and can be avoid easily. Hawkeye has a similar problem with his Pym Particle and Adamantium arrows.

But both have one arrow that cannot be dodged or beaten by normal means. Green Arrow only used his once, but it counts big time. The infamous Atomic Warhead arrow is more than capable of blowing Clint sky high. The funny thing is, he's got just the thing to counter it. His Vibranium arrow has the unique feature of absorbing intense amounts of energy. It is said then even a small amount is capable of absorbing an atomic blast, so theoretically his arrowhead would be more than capable of not only moving quicker than the warhead, but piercing it, absorbing its explosion, and continuing on to get the kill shot. Even if Ollie fired first, the Vibranium arrow moves too quickly. Furthermore the Emerald Archer has no knowledge of this substance so he could not have know what it does. 

So here’s the final answer: Green Arrow is in my opinion and logically speaking, the better archer, if only slightly. But Hawkeye is undoubtedly the better equipped and skilled fighter. In such a tight contest, ultimately it comes down to who has the better weapons and the better opportunities for a kill shot. That goes to Mr. Clint Barton.

Both are the best archers in the world, but in the end it doesn’t comes down to skill. It comes down to a superior arsenal and better fighting ability. The winner is Hawkeye.



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