DEATH BATTLE Predictions: Fulgore VS. Sektor

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It’s coming...Thumbnail artwork credited to Madiblitz (link).

Welcome one and all. It has been a little over 1 month’s time since our Mexican standoff, which means a new DEATH BATTLE is just around the corner. This one will be looking at the cybernetic assassins Fulgore and Sektor, and finally commence the infamous Mortal Kombat VS. Killer Instinct rivalry. Get ready because, IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!

In case you were wondering...

The Fulgore in Killer Instinct is not the same model as the one in Killer Instinct 2, and obviously that one is not the same as the Fulgore in the new Killer Instinct. The same applies to Sektor, who has existed in both Mortal Kombat’s original and alternate timelines with different abilities. For the sake of fairness and consistency we will essentially be analyzing composites of both characters.




Height: 6’5”

Weight: 560 lbs (550 in the reboot)

Fulgore was a prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech. Rumors abound as to where the prototype's human parts originated from, with a notable one stating they came from a human organ harvesting plant based in Moscow. In the comics it’s more or less stated Fulgore was created using the body of Eagle the brother of Killer Instinct combatant, Chief Thunder. Fulgore was created for the sole purpose of eliminating all possible threats to Ultratech before any of them could do serious harm.

How much of the creature is human is unknown, as it has never been specified, and all surface portions of the cyborg are composed of metal, wiring, and other cybernetics. What is known is once the prototype was finished its capabilities were tested in the Killer Instinct tournament.

While it was a force to be reckoned with, it was ultimately destroyed by the Tibetan warrior monk, Jago. Undaunted, Ultratech took the information gained from the experience to create a new, much more dangerous and formidable Fulgore, in the hopes to keep their plans afloat.

While this new Fulgore did well in the second tournament, it was once again destroyed by the hands of Jago. We know very little about how Killer Instinct 2013 will handle the new Fulgore’s storyline, but it seems safe to assume with it being roughly the same character the machine’s story will play out in a vaguely similar way.


Sektor (Codename: LK-9T9)

Height: 6’1

Weight: 300 lbs

Sektor was the son of the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei. When the Lin Kuei decided to automate their clan by turning their members into cyborgs, he was right alongside them much to the annoyance of Cyrax. Codenamed LK-9T9, he was the first of three prototype cybernetic ninjas. With these upgrades, they were granted better strength and speed compared to their organic forms (though you can hardly tell in Mortal Kombat 9).

Even before his transformation Sektor spent all his life training in the ways of the assassin. Unique to him was his early adaptation to modern weapons and gadgets showing the foresight to upgrade and improve his tools whenever possible. After being turned into a cyborg all traces of his former humanity eventually vanished, and unlike other cyborgs of his nature he never bothered, or even cared, to try and get said humanity back.

Over time, his programming was "corrupted" making his new objective to overthrow the Grand Master and take control of the clan himself. In reality, he always wanted to supplant his father and it stood within him even in his new robotic state. He eventually succeeded, but was overthrown by Sub-Zero after that. This lead to Sektor trying to create his own clan of cybernetic ninjas to destroy all who oppose him. And before all that, the Mortal Kombat developers humorously nicknamed him as ‘Ketchup’.




From a character design standpoint Fulgore was made to resemble a combination of the Terminator, Robocop, a knight, and Predator and his arsenal makes that as obvious as possible. Attached to his forearms are two Plasma Claws that can shoot up to three plasma-based projectiles at a time. He also has a plentiful number of other projectiles and weaponry embedded into almost every orifice on his body. Including Laser Eyes, a Chest Cannon, an Electrical Shocker, and other such weapons. We’ll discuss these in further detail in the Signature Moves and No Mercies section.



Sektor has a never ending supply of standard, homing, and aerial missiles all of which he keeps inside his chest. Most of these missiles are controlled by Sektor himself using a device attached to his arm. He also used 2 Pulse Blades, light saber-esque weapons, and a Laser Pistol in Mortal Kombat Gold. Beyond that, he has built in Flamethrowers, a 3rd Arm, and various gadgets we will again discuss in further depth in the Signature Moves and Fatalities section.




Fulgore’s mechanized body naturally gives it far better durability than any normal human, which includes the ability to tank different forms of plasma and electricity, similar to its own. There are several different quirks to the cyborg to enhance its durability, including a special blue aura that can form around its body to deflect incoming projectiles, and a cloaking that turns him invisible.



While he is never seen using these tools in gameplay for some reason, Sektor can very clearly fly using rockets built in his feet and can become completely invisible to perform sneak attacks. On top of that his new body allows him to teleport short distances around his foe and deliver fatal uppercuts. His armor also lets him survive multiple projectile attacks produced by characters like Cyrax, who has access to fairly destructive explosives. While he’s definitely not as powerful as Cyrax, his cybernetic body was made by the same folks, so Sektor’s durability could arguably be power-scaled to Cyrax’s, who is tough enough to survive being submerged in lava.


Skills & Abilities


Fulgore can charge itself up to further increase his abilities. This takes the form of meter, or a ‘Reactor Gauge’ mechanically in the new Killer Instinct. The more meter the cyborg has the faster it moves, and the more beefed up moves it can perform. Activating Instinct will put Fulgore into an overdrive mode of sorts that makes meter auto-fill. Said Instinct Mode lasts around 18 seconds. The downside to all this is Fulgore does not build meter naturally by attacking foes. Though, there are specific, riskier moves it can use in the midst of combos to build meter.

There is no known fighting style used by Fulgore, or whether it has any onboard knowledge of martial arts. We’d guess it does to some degree considering the opponents it’s fighting against, and considering the fact that its second model was specially designed to terminate Jago. Knowing Riptor weighs 700 lbs and Fulgore can uppercut him with ease in gameplay Fulgore’s strength is easily superhuman. Strategy-wise, Fulgore is cold, calculating, and completely merciless. He fights with all his power and won’t let up for a second. At least if you exclude his human side, which we’ll discuss in the weaknesses section.



It is confirmed that Sektor is a practitioner of Ninjitsu, Kenpo, and Sambo, meaning despite his loss of humanity, and general batshit insanity, his martial art skills have remained intact. While he clearly is very competent in close quarters combat, his many projectiles make him a distanced fighter first and foremost. His technological enhancements also let him lock onto targets, and tell when cyborgs of the same build as him have been reprogrammed. Sektor, even in his human form, regularly went into fits of rage when things did not go his way.


Signature Moves


Plasma Storm: Fulgore’s go-to projectile where it fires plasma energy from its claws. Up to 3 of these can be fired consecutively in the form of Triple Plasma Storm. The Killer Instinct trailer showcases how useful this can be, as 3 projectiles will logically beat out 1 in most situations (provided said 1 projectile isn’t significantly more powerful).

Plasma Port: A teleport move where Fulgore becomes invisible and appears either in front of or behind the opponent. It’s screen-relative in the new Killer Instinct.

Cyber Uppercut: A Shoryu-motion anti-air attack where Fulgore leaps into the air hitting its opponent with its claws in a spinning uppercut. Plasma Slice is basically Cyber Uppercut without the jump.

Cyber Dash: Fulgore dashes at the opponent stabbing at them with its claw. The move is chargeable in the new Killer Instinct, and will cause the claw to rapidly rotate. Super Cyber Dash is basically a super move version of this.

Electric Spark: The aforementioned short-ranged spark of electricity that is emitted from Fulgore’s eyes.

Eyelaser: A pretty self-explanatory move where Fulgore fires 2 thin red lasers from its eyes from various different angle. Some variants of the move have a limited range, but most of time it covers at least several dozen meter’s worth of distance. Fulgore appears to be able to stay airborne somehow (probably as a game mechanic) in the old games despite having no propulsion system when using an aerial Super variation of the move. The new Killer Instinct shows some type of exhaust shooting out of its feet while jumping, and Fulgore is capable of a jet-powered dash, suggesting some sort of propulsion system keeps him airborne.

Reflect: Fulgore’s projectile deflection move where it covers itself in a blue aura.

Various shadow versions of the moves, such as the Cyber Port, are available to Fulgore too. In addition Fulgore has a new Super Move where it brings out the aforementioned oversized laser cannon embedded in its chest called the Devastation Beam. Said move mechanically is one of the most powerful Supers in the game, though Fulgore must be in Instinct mode to use it.



Chest Missile: A pretty self-explanatory move where Sektor fires a missile from his chest compartment. Missiles can be spammed 2 at a time at most with a Double Missile variant. There are homing type missiles, and another where Sektor fires the missile in the air to have it come down a few seconds later. Neither of these 2 latter types can be fired consecutively.

Flame Burner: Flames shoot out of both of Sektor’s arms to torch his opponent.

Blast Palm: Sektor performs 2 robotically powered palm strikes. A jet of flames is let out at the end of each strike as can be seen in his X-Ray move.

Throw: Sektor’s grapple move where a 3rd arm appears out of his right shoulder that’s used to grab his opponent.

Rocket Punch: Sektor moves into the ground, teleporting behind his opponent in order to hit them with an uppercut.

One Leg Stance: A special stance that lets Sektor kick in rapid succession.

Massive Missile: Sektor’s X-Ray Move where he fires forth a giant missile, teleports behind his opponent with an uppercut, and ends with a palm strike to the spine.


Fulgore’s No Mercies

Gun ‘em Down (Turret Morph according to KI Wiki): Fulgore takes off the top of its head to reveal a large firearm to gun down his opponent.

Eye Laser: A finisher where Fulgore uses its Eye Lasers to burn the opponent’s upper and lower torso.

Termination: A beam of light hits Fulgore’s opponent disintegrating them completely. Where this beam of light comes from is unknown. It’s questionable if it would be applicable because of this.

Machine Morph: Fulgore morphs its entire body into a bulkier combat machine and guns down his opponent with two machine guns attached to his arms.


Sektor’s Fatalities

Robo-Sek: After deploying 4 missiles Sektor fires a 5th one that blows apart its opponent. The remaining 4 missiles then target the remaining limbs that have been blown off. It’s a pretty good showcase of the homing missiles’ accuracy, and the effectiveness of his lock-on system.

Scarecrow:  Sektor fires a special mechanism at his opponent that separates their head and all their limbs from their torso, forming a human scarecrow.

Compactor: Sektor brings out a giant clamp from his chest compartment, crushing his foe with it.

Flamethrower: A fatality where Sektor torches his opponent with his built in flamethrower. While it’s hardly any different from his normal Flame Burner move, it does show that the flamethrower has good range seeing as how it’s able to reach all the way across an arena in Mortal Kombat Gold.

Missile Strike: A Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition exclusive fatality where Sektor kicks his opponent several times before obliterating them with a missile. There’s also one where he takes out his Pulse Blade and cuts apart his opponent, but we’ve yet to see a name given to it.




Fulgore prior to getting its ass kicked by Jago.

Canonically Fulgore has never actually managed to complete its goal of killing Jago. It gets respectably close to, but in the end always gets busted up. In addition, if the mechanics to the new Killer Instinct are to be included too Fulgore will be very reliant on being able to find scenarios where it can charge up to gain meter, increase its speed, and gain more powerful moves and attack options. Characters who are capable of taking or depleting meter (Spinal) could easily abuse this to limit the its options.

The machine’s other problem is that it seems Fulgore’s programming has gotten more sentient over time letting it think for itself to an extent. This can interfere with it killing as seen in its ending in the new Killer Instinct. Though given the DEATH BATTLE’s removal of killing restrictions we doubt Fulgore’s human side will interfere with this fight.



Sektor shortly after getting his ass kicked by Smoke.

Aside from always losing to Sub-Zero, Sektor is still more than capable to losing to cybernetic characters of equal or greater capability, as evidence in his defeat by Cyrax’s hands. He has had a few noteworthy victories over characters such as Lin Kuei’s grandmaster, Smoke, and Hydro. But even in the case of Smoke and Hydro he had Cyrax’s help in either capturing or defeating said opponents. Against Smoke on his own, well...The result speaks for itself.




-Superior long-range game (Triple Plasma Storm > Double Missile)

-Several anti-air options such as his Cyber Uppercut and Aerial Eye Lasers to counteract Sektor’s flight.

-Reflector can deflect back Sektor’s projectiles.

-A fully charged Fulgore can very likely match Sektor’s jet propelled speed.

-With the Devastation Beam on hand (or rather on chest) Fulgore has the more destructive weaponry.

-Teleportation is more useful and less predictable (Fulgore can hit high, low, come in with a Super, or use any number of his openers upon teleporting to his opponent. Sektor’s teleport is restricted to popping out of the ground and uppercutting his opponent).

-Heavier so it is harder to push around.



-Invisibility is less useful for Fulgore since Sektor can always lock onto him and still successfully target him with homing missiles.

-Needs to charge up in order to gain access to better abilities.

-Less combat experience.




-Jet propulsion system gives Sektor better mobility.

-Has at least some experience actually accomplishing his goals.

-Pulse blades give him better melee range.

-Arguably greater skill in close quarters combat.

-Can lock onto Fulgore to counteract his invisibility.

-Even factoring in the experience of all 3 Fulgore models, Sektor has more combat experience.



-Loses the long range battle.

-More predictable teleport move.

-Virtually all of his accomplishments involved help, usually from Cyrax, to some extent.

-This brand of cyborgs tend to steal.




In my eyes this is a fairly evenly matched fight considering each contender has several counters to their opponent’s abilities. Mainly in regards to the invisibility and teleportation moves both possess. Heck, part of the basis to my argument for the winner involves said winner literally having 1 more projectile to spam than the other. But in a battle of long range fighting that 1 projectile can be all it takes.

Sektor has a large number of attack options, but quite a few can be counteracted by what Fulgore has. His homing and high missiles can easily be fired down by Fulgore’s eye lasers, his flight can be dealt with via Fulgore’s Cyber Uppercut and aforementioned Eye Lasers, and his Double Missile is beaten out by the Triple Plasma Storm. His distance game suffers all the more considering Fulgore should be able to deflect back projectiles with proper timing, and will inevitably activate Instinct Mode to catch Sektor off guard with its chest laser, something that could easily devastate him.

Several folks have brought up the possibility that Sektor’s human side would give him a strategic and creative edge, and I can understand why somebody would conclude that, especially after Terminator VS. Robocop. However, there is key difference between Robocop and Sektor. Robocop went through the effort of rediscovering his human side. Sektor not only has not, but has outright rejected it. And really, even if we factor in his human side, he’s portrayed as a batshit insane, power-hungry, assassin. He’s skilled, but I don’t believe he’ll show much creativity combat-wise.

Sektor was the first of his clan to become a cyborg, and I think to a large extent he has suffered for it. Cyrax and Smoke have proven themselves to be more than capable of defeating him, even prior to their cyborg enhancements, and quite frankly I think they have much more effective tools and equipment (Plasma net>>>Flamethrower). I see Sektor as that guy who’s always an early adopter of new technology, but ultimately gets the inferior model due to his hastiness.

The two major advantages I think Sektor could have is superior close quarters skill, and his flight. The jet propulsion available to Sektor should help him stay in the game, but I doubt it will be impossible for Fulgore to target Sektor while in flight due to his aforementioned anti-air options. I’d go as far as arguing the jet propelled dash Fulgore gains when fully charged can match Sektor’s flight in raw speed (though Sektor would remain more maneuverable).

Sektor’s close-quarters skill advantage meanwhile is very debatable. The only reason I think it’s a possible advantage is simply because how much martial arts knowledge Fulgore possesses is unknown. But supposing the original Fulgore had no hand-to-hand information uploaded onto its data banks for some stupid reason, I can’t imagine the later iterations of the cyborg, which were specifically designed to assassinate a Tibetan ninja monk, to be that lacking in martial arts prowess. Granted, Fulgore has failed to defeat Jago, but the same can be said about Sektor when it comes to Sub-Zero, or any number of the other ninjas who have kicked his ass in a 1-on-1 fight.

A lot of people like to bring up the fact that unlike Fulgore, Sektor has been victorious in some instances, but this was almost always with help, usually from Cyrax. In pure 1-on-1 combat Sektor’s about as low on the totem pole as Fulgore. Besides, it’s clear from his playstyle Sektor is a distance fighter first and foremost, making me more than willing to believe it will play the bigger role in this fight than hand-to hand. And that does not spell good news for Sektor when Fulgore outmatches him in that category. As is, I think I can safely side with Fulgore.



Lousy pretty much summed up the reason I believe Fulgore would beat Sektor. What I would like to add is that Fulgore is a lot bigger in terms of height and weight, so logically he would be stronger. Sektor may have the speed advantage but it doesn’t seem to be that big of a factor in this fight, especially if Fulgore gets to fully charge. And Fulgore has one thing that all KI fighters have: Combo Breakers. While the new mechanics make it unusable if used wrong, it is a factor that could negate Sektor’s supposed close range superiority.

In the end, Fulgore is just the more impressive machine.



What makes this fight hard to call for me is what I have learned over my time researching fights for this show and blog, and trying to figure out what factors to apply and to what level they should be implemented.  In this specific instance I’m not sure how to go about the experience factor in this fight and just how much it will really affect things. Even if you combine all three Fulgores into one being, he, at most has three years under his robotic belt of fighting things, but at the exact same time Fulgore has never accomplished anything of note. Whereas Orchid was able to beat Ivy through having a much better win record than her opponent it seemed logical to believe that Orchid had a strong advantage in her fight. So considering all of Fulgore’s models have done pretty much nothing in their official story other then get destroyed, I find it hard to believe Fulgore would have what it takes to win the fight.

We have no idea how old Sektor is, but he has to at least be somewhere in his late 20’s to early 30’s at youngest, and while it’s true he is somewhat insane and most of his biggest victories were part of a group, he clearly was one of the higher ranking members of the Lin Kuei and has very clearly devoted his entire life to the clan and has spent his entire life fighting, and regardless of how many times he gets beat up Sub-Zero, we also know that Sub-Zero is a true force to be reckoned with and while Jago is a fierce warrior in his own right, it was Orchid who saved the day in the KI story, not him.

So, honestly, I’m somewhat at a loss on who I think really has the upper hand in this fight. But if I am to wrack my brain and really think about it, Fulgore and Sektor have many similar abilities and powers that practically cancel each other out, their projectiles, teleportation, invisibility, so if we remove them from the equation. We are left with a the third in line of cyborg warriors who keep getting busted apart and need to be replaced, and a trained assassin who has managed to accomplish at least a little in his life and despite being almost a complete loser compared to other fighters in the Mortal Kombat series, Sektor managed to survive all the way up to Armageddon, which was a fight that everybody in the series except Shao Kahn died in.

It’s close, and I’m not entirely sure if my theory holds water but… my vote is going with Sektor.


Well, that’s that. Thanks to everyone for reading. Keep posted because this cybernetic battle will be commencing shortly. Until that time comes we bid everyone adieu.

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