DEATH BATTLE Predictions: Ganondorf vs. Dracula

Posted on September 17, 2012 - 5:12pm by The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog


The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog is back to give our thoughts on which Evil Lord will triumph over the other. Ganondorf from Zelda or Dracula from Castlevania.

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Welcome back g1’s. This DEATH BATTLE prediction blog marks two milestones for The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog. First of all this is the first time a g1 who is not a member of the ODBFB is guest starring as a fellow predictor in one of our blogs. Give it up for g1 ultraguy!!!



Second, this is the 1st DEATH BATTLE prediction blog we have done that is for a DB idea that is not currently confirmed to be happening. That idea as you can tell from the title is the bearer of the Triforce of Power from the Legend of Zelda series, Ganondorf, vs the ruler of evil from the Castlevania Series, Dracula.

The reason we are doing this is because g1 darkhyrulelord has a DEATH BATTLE comic of Ganondorf vs. Dracula planned for Halloween and he needs some help with it. So we are researching the weapons, armor and skills of both dark rulers to find out who would win, A DEATH BATTLE!

darkhyrulelord has yet to officially state that this comic will follow the same rules as DEATH BATTLE but we are assuming it is. So we will once again restate the official rules of DEATH BATTLE!


The Scenario



-Combatants possess knowledge of each other only if it is canon to each fighter’s universe.

-The battle must end in a death. For fairness, any personality restraints from killing are removed.

-All other character traits, tactics, and attributes are not removed and are attempted to be represented faithfully.

-Research used is determined equally unless specified.
E.G. If non-canon sources are used for one combatant the same is done for the other.


Known exceptions to the DEATH BATTLE rules this comic will have

darkhyrulelord has revealed that there will be some exceptions to the DEATH BATTLE rules. The only known example so far is this.

-Outside help is allowed in limitations

That’s right, darkhyrulelord is allowing a limited amount of minions for Ganondorf and Dracula. What are dark lords without minions after all?

Here are the limitations:

-2 big/powerful minions

-3 moderately powerful minions

-1 small army of weak minions

We will be deciding which minions to analyze by power, efficiency in battle, and how iconic they are to their respective series. Bear in mind though, we don’t have the last say on who does/does not go into a fight. If you feel a different character should have gone into battle say so. DEATH BATTLE did after all let the fans decide who fought in the Eggman VS. Wily battle.

Now that the scenario is set, witness the might of the lords of darkness. IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!





Ganondorf is the king of the gerudo, and the bearer of the triforce of power. As a child growing up in the harsh wasteland of the desert, ganondorf greatly coveted the lush green fields and easy lifestyle of the people of hyrule. As he grew older this coveting towards hyrule became more and more malevolent, eventually escalating to jealousy and then to outright lust for the kingdom.
These feelings came to a head years later, when Ganondorf manipulated Link and Zelda into opening the door of time,and gained access to the near godlike strength of the triforce of power. Using this strength for his selfish desires,Ganondorf began his relentless campaign for the kingdom of hyrule, and eventually the world. Despite several defeats at the hands of the young man Link, Ganondorf has never given up on this goal, and has reemerged countlessly over the course of history in hopes of accomplishing it.



Dracula is the eternal dark lord and legendary vampire of Transylvania said to be of Székelys descent. You know you’re a force to be reckoned with when Attila The Hun is believed to be a part of your ancestry. While his tale was originally penned by Bram Stoker, many different creative minds have made their own interpretations of Dracula ever since the original novel became public domain. For this DEATH BATTLE we figured his Castlevania incarnation would be most suitable seeing as how he is going up against a video game character.

Mathias Cronqvist (I.E Dracula) originally worked alongside Baron Leon Belmont as his trusty strategist and friend who happened to have a slightly shady family history of alchemy and the dark arts. After his wife and love of his life Elisabetha died of a sudden illness, Dracula became hateful towards god for taking her away so suddenly and desperately began using his knowledge of alchemy to find the secret to eternal life in order to defy god. Through cunning and trickery he eventually got the legendary vampire Walter Bernhard killed and absorbed his soul and the power that came with it. After that he asked his friend Leon to join him, but was refused as Leon was appalled by his lack of humanity and all the deception he performed to attain the power he now had. With nothing to gain from his current location, Dracula flew off to build a castle and his own army of demented worshippers and demonic servants elsewhere. The Belmont family has been fighting an eternal battle against him every 100 years since.






Ganondorf is a very talented swordsman and has used two types of blades during his many encounters with his arch nemesis Link. His most powerful blade is the Sword of the Sages, which was originally designed to destroy evil beings like Ganondorf, but was stolen and used by Ganondorf as a cruel form of irony. Ganondorf’s second set of blades consist of two Dual Swords that have no magical properties, but allow him to block multiple attacks and move more swiftly. He has only used these dual swords in Wind Waker, so if DEATH BATTLE were to apply the rules previously used in fights such as: Link VS. Cloud and Batman VS. Spiderman they might leave these dual swords out of his arsenal. However, Ganondorf is not a heavily customizable character like Link or Cloud nor the sort to gain huge advantages while preparing for fights like Spiderman or Batman. Because of this we believe he will be allowed these weapons.


Sword of the Sages

Dual Swords



Ganondorf has used a variety of different tridents while in his beast form Ganon, but none is more powerful or deadly than the Dark Trident he obtained in the the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords adventures. Said to contain the power of an ancient evil spirit, this trident grants Ganondorf a torrent of evil energy and gives him access to several magical spells.These spells include the ability to create streams of lightning, to leave behind a trail of fire when the trident is thrown, to create explosive orbs of energy and even the power to banish opponents to a parallel dimension known as the dark world. They can however escape should they defeat the enemies in the immediate area.


The Trident



Preferring to rely on dark magic, Dracula’s only two known weapons are a wand that can summon pillars of fire with varying degrees in size and a scythe he frequently tosses at opponents that is composed of the life-force of his loyal servant Death. The only other notable element of this scythe is it allows him to perform a variant of the Demonic Megiddo by slamming the scythe into the ground. While this version of the Demonic Megiddo is weaker than the other two it can still create a large and deadly shockwave that repeatedly damages any opponent caught within it. The only problem with this scythe is that Dracula must absorb the soul of Death and become True Dracula in order to wield it.


Dracula using his Wand
Death's Scythe


Skills and Abilities


Ganon typically fights with a combination of Dark Magic and conventional sword techniques. His magic powers include flight, the ability to create explosive balls of energy, possess an unconscious being, and the ability to summon a group of ghostly horsemen to attack his enemies. Ganon can also channel his dark magic into physical strikes, allowing him to produce punches powerful enough to cause shockwaves and send opponents flying dozens of feet away. Ganon is also seen using a black horse during some of his appereances.

Ganondorf on his horse

He has a variety of transformations with a huge pig like demon known as Ganon being his preferred monster form. While in this form his size, strength and magical abilities are greatly increased, and he gains access to a wide host of new abilities. These abilities include the ability to become temporarily formless, invisible, move through twili portals, summon bats made of fire, and finally the ability to suck the light out of an enclosed room.



Lastly Ganondorf has access to the Triforce of Power, a powerful relic that boosts his physical and magical abilities to near god like levels. This power also grants Ganondorf extra endurance, allowing him to survive impalement, point blank explosions, being set on fire and the wrath of Midna’s arachnoid form. The Triforce of Power also allows him to enter the form of Ganon at will.


The Triforce

Surprisingly Ganon appears to follow a code of honor when he fights, allowing his opponent to get up after being knocked down, and refraining from underhanded tactics during a duel.


What Dracula lacks on conventional weaponry he more than makes up for with his STAGGERING variety of magical abilities. He is capable of using powerful pyrokinetic spells, such as Hellfire, an attack that can be fired in a 3 directional scatter shot, multiple waves, and is usually followed up by Dracula’s teleportation ability in order to mix opponents up. His more powerful variation of this attack is Dark Inferno, a spell that fires anywhere from 1 to 6 meteor-like orbs of magma based texture from his cape. As a defense mechanism he will also have 3 of these objects circle him harming anyone that touches them. Besides pyrokinetic spells Dracula will also make use of several unspecified beam attacks, flames that either home in on opponents or move in erratic patterns, create large pillars of lightning, and raining down a series of green energy beams.



While Dracula’s most coveted delicacy is blood, it is however, only one of the few things he can feast on. The souls/energy of those around him is also frequently on his menu. With his Soul Steal ability he can absorb the energy of his opponent either by grabbing them or with a pseudo-area of effect spell. Not only does the move damage his opponent, it heals him as well. And if he can’t get his opponents to chalk-up some energy his most loyal servants, such as Death have offered themselves to him upon their defeat in order for their master reach a more powerful state. Aside from Soul Steal, Dracula can go the more traditional route and siphon an enemy’s blood through Vampire Bites. The spell Dark Metamorphosis enhances his ability to steal life from enemies, though unlike Soul Steal these attacks require that the opponent in question has a blood supply to siphon from.

Soul Steal

Dracula is a very fast and agile combatant, which is reflected by his preference to teleport around the battlefield while hitting his enemies with a variety of magic. Whenever engaging in one on one fights he will transform his cape into Demonic Wings that give him both a new melee attack where he swipes said cape and incredibly fast flight. This combined with his ability to teleport and dissipate into mist/poisonous mist makes him nigh untouchable. However, Dracula is unable to attack while in his mist form.

But by far the deadliest of his magic spells are the Blood Hydro Storm and the ultimate dark spell Demonic Megiddo. Blood Hydro Storm has a very short casting time and instantly makes a large torrent of red blood said to, “move faster than bullets” rain down from the sky. Anything caught in this is guaranteed instant death, in fact because Dracula always makes sure he never gets caught in this rain many theorize he himself is vulnerable to it. We’ve already covered what the Death scythe version of Demonic Megiddo does, but there are 2 much more powerful versions as well. The first is a simple, but deadly, large black fire ball Dracula summons and fires from a demonic rune. The second Demonic Megiddo has a longer charge time, but a big payoff in which Dracula creates an all encompassing explosion that instantly kills virtually anything it touches and can remain intact for about as long as Dracula wants. Given enough time to charge this move almost guarantees his victory.


Blood Hydro Storm
Demonic Megiddo

Like Ganondorf Dracula also has more powerful beast forms he will morph into when battles become heated and has used many different forms throughout the history of Castlevania. Everything from a giant head to a...Cookie Monster. For this fight we’ve decided to use his most commonly used form that occurs when he fuses with death, True Dracula. Should Death, his most loyal servant fall in battle, Dracula can absorb his soul to assume the form of True Dracula. In addition to the scythe and variations of Demonic Megiddo we have already mentioned, True Dracula can also attack with stomps, knee strikes, raining down vertical columns in various patterns, raining fireballs, and crushing opponents with his giant claw shaped wings.


True Dracula

While his animal forms don’t give him the sheer level of power the other aforementioned transformations give, they’re still worth mentioning. Dracula is capable of morphing into a Wolf, which is used primarily for stealth attacks, but is still a deadly form capable of overpowering supernatural beasts such as werewolves and a large number of bats that he’ll use to overwhelm opponents.

In short, Dracula’s magic and power with the dark arts gives him a huge variety of powers and strategies to employ in a DEATH BATTLE.




Thanks to the Triforce of Power Ganondorf’s endurance is inhuman. He can take a lot of punishment in either human or demon form. Even when not in possession of the Triforce of Power his form of Ganon is roughly as tough as the armor of General Onox, in that standard weapons need the force of a spin attack in order to damage him. He is however weak to holy weapons and magic like the Master Sword and Light Arrow and, ironically, does not have any resistance to Dark Magic.


Because he absorbed so many different vampires and experimented with so many different forms of alchemy Dracula has become the Castlevania universe’s Dark Lord, a being that rules over all chaotic forces and has become a lot more difficult to kill because of it. In fact from a technical standpoint, he cannot be killed. Anytime he is defeated he simply gets resurrected every 100 years, but for this fight a traditional kill/defeat will count as Ganondorf’s victory. But despite his high endurance which includes resistance to Dark Element attacks, he has a weakness to Light and/or Holy Elements.






The darknuts are the most elite ground troops of ganon’s army and are well known for the near inpenitrable suits of armor they commonly wear into battle.The integrity of these suits is so great that it makes most frontal assualts on a darknut meaningless,but it also has two major weakness.The armor is incredibly heavy, and greatly cripples the speed of the darknut wearing it.It can also be removed by an enemy, if they cut through a distinct set of links, typically located on the darknauts back.However in the case a darknaut losses its armor,its speed will be greatly enhanced, allowing them to better evade and counter a enemy’s attacks. Darknuts typically use swords and shields during battles, but some have also been known to keep lightwieght rapiers as a secondary weapon(which are used if they lose their armor) or use long spears for ranged attacks. These minions fall into the category of the small army of weak minions.

Armored Darknut
Armorless Darknut




Twinrova separated and combined

Originally serving as ganon’s surrogate mothers, Kotake and Koume have made a name for themselves by being ganon’s most trusted and tenacious servants.Both sisters are masters of elemental projectile spells, with Kotake specializing in ice spells and Koume specializing in fire.They have also displayed the ability to brainwash people with their magic,if given a substantial amount of time.When pushed to their limits, the sisters can fuse together into a single, more powerful witch known as Twinrova.When combined into the form, the power of the sisters’ elemental spells increases dramatically and they gain the ability to shift the elemental properties of a surrounding area.This ability works either by freezing the ground into solid blocks of ice or by summoning large pits of lava into the middle of the battlefield.Both elemental shifts limit enemy movement and leave them open to ice and fire spells respectively.This minion falls into the category of moderately powerful.


Phantom Ganon


Phantom Ganon is a entity of pure evil, designed by Ganondorf to follow all his orders unquestioningly and kill his enemies without a shred of mercy. His most common method of attack is a medium sized electrical projectile that explodes on contact and stuns enemies.Phantom Ganon also has a secondary projectile attack, where he will gather an orb of dark energy above his head, and release several streams of energy across the battlefield, which home in on nearby enemies.Phantom ganon is also a master of close quarters swordplay and several illusionary techniques.He will often create openings in an opponent's defense, by misdirecting them with fake copies of himself or his swords.He can also split himself into four beings legitimately, increasing his overall power and further disorienting his enemies.Phantom Ganon has been known to ride his own version of Ganon’s famed horse, and is also weak against light based magic and weapons. This minion falls into the category of Moderately powerful.





A descendant of the dark interloper tribe and a denizen of the twilight realm, Zant is a powerful sorcerer and the self-proclaimed king of his homeworld.Originally mistaking Ganondorf as a god, Zant was granted a portion of Ganon’s power after displaying blind devotion and worship to the dark lord. Zant typically fights with two dual blades he keeps hidden under his sleeves, and normally swings them in a very chaotic and unpredictable manner. Zant also has access to several spells and transformations. His most used magic spell is a offensive projectile attack, where he will fling dozens of balls of dark energy at an opponent. Zant can use the magic of the twilight realm to teleport himself and others over long distances. He can summon giant helmets out of the ground and hide in them as a form of defense. Finally he can increase his size by roughly 50x, but is unable to maintain the transformation when he is experiencing pain.This minion falls into the category of moderately powerful.



Known as the General of Darkness, Onox is the man responsible for kidnapping the oracle Din and throwing the seasons of the Kingdom Holodrum into chaos. Onox wears a heavy set of iron knuckle like armor and fights with a large ball and chain weapon.Due to his immense strength he can swing the weapon with ease, allowing for a good combination of range and power.Onox can also summon dozens of small tornados to engulf his enemies and can cause shockwaves when he jumps up and down.Onox also has the ability to transform into a large dragon monster known as the Dark Dragon.While in this form Onox will use his large claws to tear enemies to shreds and will engulf his enemies in large breaths of fire. It does leave him with a very blatant weakness, that weakness being the giant gem in the center of his head and large concussive forces like the force equal to a spin attack can still damage him even with his powerful armor. This Minion falls into the category of big/powerful.


Onox in Dragon Form




The Sorceress of Shadows responsible for kidnapping the oracle Nayru to go back in time and cause ages of sorrow by forcing construction of the black tower. Verans most notable ability is the power to possess another living being and unlike Ganondorf who has hinted limits of possesion, Veran can posses another being regardless of whether or not they are conscious. However in order to possess another being Veran must enter the victims body in a spirit like form which is possible to avoid. In addition it is possible to extract Veran from a being that she possess. While in possession of another Veran is still able to cast her own magic such as energy balls and summoning very weak monsters. When fighting on her own Veran is capable of transforming into a dark fairy that can fly, shoot energy balls that can either damage an opponent or temporarily transform them into an infant, and create up to four dark clones of an enemy that mirror their movements.


Veran in Fairy Form

Veran also possesses three additional forms that she can switch between at will. They are a turtle, a spider, and a bee. The Turtle form can jump great distances in an attempt to crush the enemy and conceal it’s weak spot, the face. The Spider form is capable of shooting webs that do a lot of damage should an opponent be caught in them, but is vulnerable to being stunned should and explosion hit her face. Finally the Bee Form can fly and shoot both smaller bees and stingers which slow an opponent’s speed. This form while arguably the strongest is the most vulnerable as the whole body is a weak spot. This Minion falls into the category of big/powerful.


Veran in Turtle Form
Veran in Spider Form
Veran in Bee Form


In case you were wondering...

While it is true that veran and onox never met Ganon first hand in the oracle games, they did serve directly under the command of his trusted servant Twinrova. Not only that but they were an active part of Twinrova’s plan to resurrect Ganon during the oracle games.Considering that both characters have shown immense loyalty to Ganon already, and both have served under a minion already included in our analysis, it seems fairly reasonable to allow their inclusion.


Axe Knights



Do any castlevania fans remember that room before the fight with the Grim Reaper in the original Castlevania? The room with two Axe Knights throwing their weapons at different altitudes, at different times, with different patterns, leaving one of the most infamously erratic and difficult to predict enemy patterns in the history of video games? Dracula now has a small army of those things for this fight. These knights wear heavy armor and large shields making them one of the most durable normal enemies in the series and very resistant to piercing attacks.

Normally they throw their axes from a distance either in a horizontal motion at different elevations or an arcing motion, but other axe knights have fought in close quarters with long handled axes. The consistent weakness they’ve show is to both powerful strike attacks and electricity based attacks. As you could probably tell, these minions fall into the category of the small army of weak minions.





Being an immortal Dracula has power and strength even the envoy of death itself fears. This makes one of his most loyal servants the Grim Reaper. Like Dracula, Death is a master of magic and can perform a variety of spells. Much of his magic consists of either powerful energy beams, summoning floating/giant skulls, and claustrophobically overwhelming his opponents with his trademark rotating sickles. These sickles in question are just about any Castlevania fan’s worst nightmare and Death has them in spades. They can home in on enemies, come in a variety of different sizes, and are very effective as both diversions and support attacks. Having existed since time itself began Death also has a long history of reaping souls and is a master in scythe combat, effectively using his death scythe in both close quarters combat and as a spinning projectile. His Deadly Tempest spell makes a wave of fire that encompasses a large area, his control over the dead means he has a small number of spirits that assist him in fighting, his teleportation ability functions similar to Dracula’s, and also like Dracula he can take deadlier forms usually consisting of some type of giant skeleton.

All these abilities are improved when fighting alongside Dracula. Both Death and his master have fought alongside in the past and have found ways to aid one another in battle, such as the fire affinity Dracula adds to all of Death’s sickle attacks. Even in death...Death can still assist Dracula with previously discussed Death Scythe and all of the other abilities True Dracula is capable of. To top it off Death is immune to any physical attacks. He can still be harmed by holy attacks and dark based magic to a MUCH lesser extent, but like both Dracula and Ganondorf, Death is never truly killed, only ‘temporarily defeated’. Death easily falls into the big and powerful category.




Nah, just kidding that isn’t the sorcerer who is loyal to Dracula.

This is.


Shaft is the one responsible for Dracula’s Revival in Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. He uses elemental magics of Fire and Lightning in battle and channels them through orbs. With the orbs that surround him he can fire streams of flame, create strands and bolts of lightning, shoot the orbs as fireballs, he can even surround the orbs with magical energy to launch them at opponents. In addition to that Shaft can resurrect the dead like a necromancer and have them fight for him. Also, should he die, he can assume the form of Shaft’s Ghost who can fly around and summon the remains of the Wyvern and Behemoth to attack. This Minion falls into the category of moderately powerful.




Carmilla is the second highest ranked monster in Dracula’s forces, right behind Death. She is a female vampire who follows Dracula and worships him like a god not because she hates humans but because she believes that darkness is the true nature of mankind and that Dracula is the one to bring out that darkness. In battle she is capable of using a giant floating skull known as Vampira as a weapon that can drop poison from it’s eyes and shatter into pieces and reform in order to attack opponents. She can also merge with Vampira to assume a demonic winged-succubus like form. In this form she is capable of using poison fumes and giant lasers.

Carmilla is still able to hold her own in battle without vampira as demonstrated in Castlevania Judgment where she is highly acrobatic and can damage opponents with kicks and the chain spear which she keeps in that...thing on the left arm of whatever fraction of an outfit this is.

She can also detach that whatever it is from her “clothes” and transform it into a spiked coffin to crush opponents with. This Minion falls into the category of moderately powerful.



Doppelganger is exactly what he is. A cloning monster that can take the form of it’s opponent and gain all of their abilities. However, he does not gain their strength or efficiency with these abilities and must instead rely on his own. This Minion falls into the category of moderately powerful.





Originally believed to be the leader of a group dedicated to stopping the resurrection of Dracula, Barlowe is in fact one of Dracula’s most loyal servants and when Shanoa learned of his plans combat broke out. Like many of Dracula’s other servants Barlowe makes heavy use of magic, but his magic is much more elementally oriented. With his glyphs/tomes he can use fire, ice, and electricity based attacks all of which have their own uses. He can shoot heat seeking fireballs, freeze the ground and all enemies the ground touches, fire off bolts of lightning, and will coat himself in an electric barrier to charge and rush down opponents.

As mentioned he is a master of many glyphs capable of performing Globus a spell that fires two powerful spheres of pink energy to hit multiple times. It’s even believed he can use the Dominus glyph though he never has in combat. For a magician he is surprisingly powerful in his physical attacks. He can both deliver powerful physical blows that send even a powerful being like Shanoa flying and has shown to have the ability of Flight too. He very much qualifies as a big and powerful minion.







-Sword of the Sages possesses holy power

-Dark Trident can temporarily separate Dracula’s Army with dark world transportation

-Greater endurance thanks to the Triforce of Power

-Can enter the form of Ganon at will

-Darknuts can take more punishment and can gain greater agility than Axe Knights

-Zant can teleport enemies away



-Commonly uses Dark Magic which Dracula is resistant to


-Has never been shown to posses a conscious being


-Cannot Teleport in Regular Form


-Is not resistant to Dark Magic


-Zant must teleport himself with an enemy


-Soul Steal renders Veran’s possession ability useless


-Darknuts are highly vulnerable to Soul Steal


-Barlowe’s Elemental Magic can finish off Twinrova quickly


-Has no way to heal himself


-Cannot be revived by allies in the heat of battle


-Minions have a smaller arsenal of attacks than those of Dracula





-Is resistant to Dark Magic

-Better long-range attacks


-Has access to interdimensional portals just like Ganondorf


-More strategic due to his background as a war strategist

-Better team psynergy, particularly between Dracula and Death.

-Soul Steal renders Veran’s possession ability useless

-Can heal himself with the souls and blood of fallen enemies and allies


-Has better maneuverability thanks to teleportation


-Shaft’s revival powers can make his army bigger with Ganondorf’s own fallen minions


-Dark Megiddo is an almost guaranteed victory


-Mist form is a convenient dodging tool


-Twinrova is very weak to fire or ice depending on her form, Barlowe has both


-Minions have a wider range of attacks than those of Ganondorf’s




-Weak to holy power such as the Sword of the Sages


-Cannot enter form of True Dracula until Death Dies

-Has no way of Separating Ganon’s minions from him other than killing them


-Endurance is lower than what is granted by the Triforce of Power


-Axe Knights are slower and have weaker armor than Darknuts


-Blood Hydro Storm is useless considering Dracula would probably harm his own allies as much as his enemies.


-Doppelganger cannot match the strength of the enemy he takes the form of


-Cannot be revived by allies in the heat of battle


Final Verdicts:






Dracula may be a war strategist, but considering the stuff Ganon has done proves he's no slouch when it comes to strategies. A big weakness I see is that Dracula needs Death to die in order to absorb his power. That is something Ganon doesn't need to worry about because the Triforce of Power is something he always has. Their minions do seem evenly matched so I can see it eventually come down to Dracula and Ganondorf. And if Ganon does seal away Death into another place, Dracula would be weaken.

So thinking down to one on one (which I bet good money that it will be), who would be the better of the two? They both get beaten by mystical objects wielded by the chosen one. But while Dracula is immune to the Dark Arts, Ganon not only has a holy weapon that is strong against him, but enhanced strength a Belmont can't hope to replicate. And as much of an advantage Dracula has in long range, if he gets close he is at a disadvantage. Ganon doesn't have to worry about that

Dracula needs to keep it long range to hope to deal with Ganon. But I just can't see him keeping it up forever. So my money is on Ganon.




This is probably the most awkward verdict I've ever had to reach and I'll admit right now I feel kind of bad siding with the character Dark Hyrule Lord sort of/kind of wanted to lose (he is called Dark Hyrule Lord after all), but while this battle is undoubtedly a close match to call, I think Dracula would be the victor.

I agree that the holy power Ganondorf's Sword of the Sages would be very effective on Dracula and many of his goons, but given the overwhelming number of long range attacks Dracula and his minions have and Dracula's superior maneuverability I question how big of a factor melee weapons will be in this match and how many hits Ganondorf could get in on Dracula. And even if he is to get hits in on him, Dracula has tanked strikes to the head from holy weapons specifically designed to kill him (Vampire Killer), much like how Ganondorf has survived full impalement from holy weapons before.

The Triforce of Power may give Ganon some good, likely superior endurance to Dracula's, but Dracula is no slouch himself, he can shrug off many attacks provided they aren't holy powered or a direct hit to the head. And unlike Ganondorf Dracula can absorb the energy/blood of both his opponents and his own allies in this fight improving his chances of surviving.

I also think Dracula has the better minions on the whole. Perhaps in a one vs. one fight Ganondorf would have the edge, but Dracula’s background as a war strategist/deceiver makes him more strategic when compared to the surprisingly fair fighting Ganondorf and more effective in leading an army. I also think his past with fighting alongside Death and the intense loyalty his soldiers have shown in the past gives him better team psynergy. To top it all off while his Blood Hydro Storm and Dark Megiddo would probably harm his own allies, I’m betting Dracula would willingly accept the sacrifice especially if it guaranteed his victory and considering there is nothing in Castlevania lore these two large area of effect moves have NOT 1-hit killed provided they connected, those moves might be all he needs.

Ganondorf is one of my favorite video game villains, but this isn't a battle of favorites, it's who we think would win in a fight. I certainly won’t protest if Dark Hyrule Lord bases his comic off the results of everyone else’s verdict (it's his comic and he is evil, I doubt he'd give a fuck about what I think anyway.), but if this were an actual DEATH BATTLE my money would be on Dracula.




I have to say we have an extremely close fight on our hands here. In analyzing these characters’ strengths and weaknesses, everything seems to go right back to where it starts with their very basic utilization of Dark Magic and both of their clear weaknesses to Holy and/or Light Magic. The interpretations of this weakness is the key to deciding this verdict.

Even though there is no explicit info that describes Ganondorf’s resistance to Dark Magic, I do believe however, that he can take it just as easily as pure physical force, in which he is very good at taking. Dracula on the other hand is completely immune to Dark Magic but seems much more vulnerable to brute force than Ganondorf as implied by his keep away tactics and advanced maneuverability on the battlefield.

In this, Ganondorf and Dracula rely on opposite forms of attack and use of tactics in order to carry the day. Ganondorf himself is built to endure, to take physical punishment and to deliver it much more than he is built to use magic, which he is still adept at using.

Dracula on the other hand is much more reliant on his spells as he does not wield many weapons and greatly depends on the advanced movement he possesses through teleportation in order to avoid attack.

Both possess armies with beings that wield similar abilities to each other, but I think Ganondorf’s army relies just a little bit more on evasive tactics and trickery like Phantom Ganon in order to fool their opponents into making fatal mistakes.

In the end, I think I am going to have to give my edge to Ganondorf. Not exactly because I think he is more powerful, but I think his feats speak more to his favor than Dracula’s. While his Sword of Sages and Triforce of Power definitely give him an obvious edge, by the end of the day I think Ganondorf is just like a darker version of one of the Belmonts. Like Ganondorf, the Belmonts are more like walking warrior tanks than they are conniving sorcerers, and each time their much more straightforward methods of attack have managed to bring down Dracula every time.

In addition, I think Ganondorf’s adversary, Link is much more powerful than any of the Belmonts have ever been. Link’s items have granted him near God-like power in several instances, and his damn near invulnerable armoury of defensive items like the invincible Hylian Shield and his devastating Mirror Shield coupled with Nayru’s Love make him almost impossible for anyone to kill. Yet, even with all of these items, Ganondorf still manages to give Link a run for his money.

Granted, Link beats him every time in the canonical story, but I’ll be damned if it was ever easy to beat Ganondorf after several dozens of deaths. Not that Dracula has ever been easy to kill either, but from what I researched on Link in the Cloud vs. Link DEATH BATTLE against what I know about the Belmonts, and I just don’t think they have ever been anywhere near as powerful.

Hence, tougher enemies makes a stronger character and for this battle I am giving it to Ganondorf.




Oh boy do we have a doozy here. Both Ganondorf and Dracula are extremely powerful and while they can both be killed by something other than the weapons of their bane (Master Sword and Vampire Killer) they are still both formidable foes on the battlefield.

Ganondorf may not have a resistance to dark magic like Dracula does but that is easily made up for by the endurance granted to him by the Triforce of Power. Not to mention the Sword of the Sages possesses holy power, a deadly weapon to the forces of darkness that is not in the possession of Dracula or any of his minions.

I do admit though that Dracula seems to have deadlier minions especially with his soul steal having potential to kill Veran right off the bat if she possesses someone, and Barlowe’s possession of both Fire and Ice Magic will be deadly to Twinrova. The Darknuts are minor enemies and as such are vulnerable to soul steal so Dracula can heal and lower Ganon’s numbers. However, Ganondorf’s army is still a force to be feared, especially with Zant’s abilities to separate Dracula’s minions from their master.

In terms of the Dark Lords themselves Ganondorf may not always have the advantage of the Sword of the sages, especially if he transforms into Ganon. But even Dracula’s form of True Dracula has been beaten by warriors comparable to Ganondorf’s human form in, well, form.

Regardless of who wins. This will be an EXTREMELY close battle but in the end, I think the god like endurance granted by the Triforce of Power will give Ganondorf the win. But he WILL lose some minions along the way.




When fighting Ganon and his minions there are three major hurdles that you need to overcome.The first thing you would need to do is find a way around the god like endurance granted to Ganon by the Triforce of Power.The second thing you would need to do is find a way to prevent your own troops from being segregated by Zant’s teleportation abilities and Ganon’s ability to send people into the dark world. Lastly you need to be a part of that small group of un-tainted souls, that is not vulnerable to the light magic the Sword of the Sages emits.Unfortunately for Dracula I’m not convinced that he can do any of these things during the battle.When looking at the attacks that Ganondorf has endured over the course of the series it becomes blatantly obvious that he is almost unkillable without a holy weapon like the Master Sword or Light Arrows .


The best example of this is in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, where the character Midna attacked Ganondorf while transformed into a giant arachnid beast. Not only did Ganondorf shrug off all of her attacks in this form, but he emerged completely unscathed from the explosion that destroyed Hyrule Castle only seconds later.Considering this major feat of endurance, I have a hard time believing that Dracula could inflict any mortal damage to Ganondorf during the battle. Next you need to consider that most of Dracula’s minions don’t have any long range teleportation abilities,and would be unable to escape or re-join the battle if they are sent away by Ganon or Zant(or at least not fast enough to be helpful).


Finally in a cruel twist of irony Ganondorf actually possess a weapon that is perfectly suited for taking down evil characters like Dracula and his minions. While the specifics of the Sword of the Sages have not been completely confirmed, it has clearly been shown to be imbued with the power of light during the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Because weapons imbued with the power of light are more effective against evil characters, the sword of the sages could effectively act as Dracula’s kryptonite. Overall the battle will be close, but Dracula will eventually get outmaneuvered by Ganondorf’s minions and will be unable to overcome Ganondorf’s superior endurance.




So those are our thoughts on who would win in a DEATH BATTLE between Ganondorf and Dracula. Disagree with any of us or thought of something we didn’t? Think the minion ‘load-outs’ they got should be different? Please leave a comment explaining who you think would win. After all, darkhyrulelord will need all the help he can get. What is a dark lord without his servants after all? Nothing, but a miserable pile of evil! But enough talk, let us have these two dark lords have at one another!

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