DEATH BATTLE Predictions: Luigi VS. Tails

Posted on March 14, 2014 - 1:58pm by The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog


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Around 5 months (or in internet-time, 2-billion years) ago Terminator VS. Robocop was announced. After all that time that fight has finally been finished, and the next one is ready to go! The superstars to their series have already fought, but now the player 2 characters are going to battle. Call this a repeat of Mario VS. Sonic, a completely different match-up, or whatever you wish, but either way get ready because, IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!




Age: 26 (According to Japanese text in Smash Bros Melee, Mario is 26 and Luigi is his twin so it seems like a safe assumption)
Height: 5’5
Weight: 200 Pounds

Luigi is one of the seven star children, people born with amazing strength and potential, and is one of the Mushroom Kingdom's greatest protectors alongside his brother Mario. Luigi has a long history of being Mario’s sidekick and is often seen by most people (even in his own universe) as a sub-par hero not worthy of much attention. Due to this or possibly as a result of this Luigi’s general personality is very timid and has some self conscious/low esteem issues. While Luigi typically stays behind during Mario’s adventures, whenever he is called to action he shows the world what he is truly capable of and proves most people wrong. Luigi has been shown to be easily frightened by intimidating people such as Bowser or Boos, but when he steps up and fights to protect himself or others shows himself to be a very formidable opponent and a capable hero in his own right.




Age: 8
Height: 2’7
Weight: 44 Pounds


Tails is the best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. Born with a defect of having two tails, Tails was mercilessly mocked and bullied for much of his life. Once he met Sonic his life changed for the better and he slowly but surely gained more confidence and self-esteem through their adventures together. Tails is a very kind hearted if not somewhat timid fox with a knack for building and inventing a wide assortment of amazing machines and gadgets. For the vast majority of his adventures he mostly relied on Sonic to get the big work done while he stayed behind him and offered support, but as time went on Tails matured enough to be able to take care of himself. Tails intelligence is through the roof putting him on par with Dr. Eggman. He is often seen being able to understand just about any form of technology by tinkering with it for a while, regardless of how alien the device is. Oh, and he’s going to have goggles in the upcoming Sonic reboot because bandages, goggles, and muscles are super hardcore!



In case you were wondering...

This fight will exclude many of the Mario and Sonic series’ main line power-ups (I.E ones associated with Mario and Sonic), since most of them were already used in Mario VS Sonic and DEATH BATTLE deduced that they, for the most part, cancelled one another out. Instead Luigi and Tails will have arsenals and abilities that are largely unique to their respective characters. We determine this through their fighting games and naturally reoccurring abilities and weapons in their own games. Think of things like Luigi’s Poltergust 3000 from Luigi’s Mansion, his moves from Smash Bros., Tail’s Sonic Battle gadgets, ETC. Also, no vehicles are allowed, as is the norm for DEATH BATTLE.



Poltergust 3000


A powerful ghost catching vacuum that Luigi used in Luigi’s Mansion. While it’s original purpose was to suck up and capture ghosts, it can also be used to suck up other objects too, as long as they are not too big to fit in through the vacuum’s nozzle, which tends to be objects around the size of a basketball ball.The suction power of the vacuum is powerful enough to drag heavy objects to Luigi’s position,such as gold bars,  full grown men, and large explosive spiked bombs.

Things too big to fit down the nozzle can still be picked up by the vacuum's suction power, and expelled several meters in any direction by putting the vacuum’s suction power in reverse, such as the aforementioned spiked bombs. The inside of the vacuum a seems to be a “hyperspace” of sorts as well, and as a result there is no known limit to the amount of objects it can suck up without overflowing.

The Poltergust also has several “elemental abilities” and can expel fire, water or ice from the nozzle when Luigi sucks up and absorbs the essences of “elemental spirits” (special ghosts basically) into the machine. These elemental spirits generally only congregate around sources of intense fire, ice, and water making them difficult to fully utilize in battle. It’s unlikely Luigi would just happen to come across good sources of intense fire, water, or ice on a random battle field. Although he could theoretically use his own fireballs, and other such attacks to create the environments needed to attract elemental spirits. Finally the Poltergust has an attached flashlight on the end of nozzle, which can be used to see in dark places, or to stun, blind, and disorient opponents with quick bursts of light amped up by an inner strobe light mechanism.


In case you were wondering...

Luigi used an upgraded Poltergust called the Poltergust 5000 in Dark Moon, but its only notable upgrades were being slightly more efficient at catching ghosts, emitting a ‘Darklight’ to discover invisible objects and secrets, and being able to “surge” and have it’s sucking power temporarily increase to more easily drag an object to its position. The former 2 features are useless, but the later could be helpful, so DEATH BATTLE might composite the 2 devices together.


Ultra hammer

Luigi has used several different types of hammers throughout the Mario series, but his most powerful would arguably be the Ultra Hammer that was forged for him in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. This hammer was forged out of a rare material known as Hoohoo Blocks by the master blacksmiths the Hammerhead Bros, and was reinforced throughout the game by them into its current state. With Luigi’s strength he is easily capable of breaking most kinds of natural stone, robotic enemies, causing large tremors, and reducing enemies to splattered pavements on the ground with it.

He can also use the hammer defensively by destroying incoming projectiles, or by hit them back to the sender. It’s worth noting the physical attributes of the projectiles partially determines his ability to hit them back. During Luigi’s final “giant battle” with bowser in Dream Team, he also displayed the ability to use a spinning move, where he spun around rapidly with his hammer extended in a top like fashion. Originally he used this attack in his “dreamy Luigi” state, but we can assume he is capable of doing something similar in his normal form, especially since one of the Bros. moves from Super Star Saga show a similar motion.


Vanish/Power Flower

While this power-up was originally Mario’s, it more or less became Luigi’s in the Super Mario 64 DS remake, and let’s face it, something that makes a character invisible/intangible fits Luigi too well. That’s more or less what the Power Flower does to Luigi for a brief period of time (around 25 seconds by Lousy’s count). Luigi can also SOMEHOW harm opponents while using this power-up, yet opponents cannot harm him.




Super Glove

A pair of gloves that increases tails physical strength and gives him enough power to lift and place rocks slightly smaller the size of his own body.



A machine  that Tails  can deploy to envelop himself in a force field that helps protect him from opponents’ attacks.



A machine that Tails can deploy in Sonic Chronicles to heal himself or others.


Red Cannon

An energy cannon that shoots out a spherical ball of electricity towards an opponent. Tails’s can use this weapon in the air or on the ground and can shoot in any direction.


Magic Hand

A bizarre boxing glove like device attached to a high pressure spring, that can extend from Tail’s hand for a powerful hooking punch attack. It can also appear out of the ground, somehow, for a powerful uppercutting attack.


Big Hand

A large white hand Tail’s can somehow make appear under opponents to flick them into the air as a powerful melee attack.



Tails has a huge assortment of explosives to use in battle. His Regular Bombs act as his standard explosives and can destroy most robots, enemies and stone barriers with ease. His remote bombs hit with the same strength as normal bombs, but do not explode until being remotely detonated by Tails. They will explode automatically when they come in contact with an enemy, remote detonation or not. The napalm bomb detonates upon making contact with the ground, and creates a wave of fire that extends horizontally and destroys everything in its path. The Combo and Triple Bombs are amped up versions of regular bombs that have a larger explosion radius and 3 times the power of normal bombs. Finally Tails’s most powerful bomb, the Big Bomb, makes an explosion so massive that it instantly takes out  most minor opponents in the immediate area. It’s basically a screen clearer.


Chu2 Bomb

A ground based homing explosive inspired by one of Sega’s infamous games “Chu Chu Rocket”. This explosive is a mouse-shaped bomb invented by Tails, that runs along the ground while actively seeking out opponents, and explodes upon contact with them.


Dummy Rings

Small explosives designed to look similar to the small golden rings from the Sonic series. They detonate on impact with an enemy (or after a few seconds), and while fairly weak when first introduced in sonic heroes, were powerful enough to destroy most humanoid mechs in 1 hit during Sonic 06. Over the course of the series Tails has developed two different variants of ring bombs to use in battle. His most common variant being the singular Ring Bomb, which like the name suggests, is  a singular ring shaped bomb he can throw at opponents. His second variant is the Ring Bomb item box, a large capsule shaped bomb he can throw at opponents, or drop on them from above while flying, that explodes into 10 smaller ring bombs that litter the surrounding battlefield.

Additionally Tail’s accuracy and throw rates for these projectiles are excellent, with him being able to accurately hit targets from over 500 feet away and at a rate of fire of several bombs/boxes per second. Because of this these projectiles are very easy to abuse during a battle, and can quickly overwhelm most opponents in a matter of seconds.


Projectile ring

A special handheld Golden “Ring” that Tails uses as his default weapon in the game Tails Sky Patrol. It hovers next to his body without the need for being held, and can be “thrown” several feet away from him in all directions as a blunt object. It returns back to Tails’s position automatically after each toss like a yo-yo, and is powerful enough to break through solid stone tiles. The ring can also be thrown at incoming projectiles to intercept and counter them. The ring can also latch onto people and objects and swing them around Tail’s body and release them several dozen feet in any direction as a physical throwing attack. Finally Tails can also use the ring to latch onto pole like objects during flight, and swing around them to change direction quickly.


Flash Bang

A gray and orange grenade that Tails can drop on opponents from above, that explodes on contact. When an opponent is hit by this weapon  they become  inflicted with the status aliments “sluggish” and  “distracted.”, which lowers their evasion and accuracy. Something that, for some reason, Bioware called attack and defense in the original Sonic Chronicles game if you’re confused.


Jet Anklets

The Jet Anklets are a pair of metallic boosters that can be attached to the back of Tails' shoes. Once equipped, the Jet Anklets increases Tails' speed while flying, allowing him to cover greater distances. While he still can fly as long as he normally does, these give him enough of a boost to keep up with Sonic when the two are racing.


Rhythm Badge

The Rhythm Badge is a purple badge adorned with three purple and white feathers on the lower half. With this, his Tail Swipe is upgraded to a Rapid Tails Attack, making him able to spin into his enemies like a top. The badge presumably increases Tails innate balance and prevents him from becoming dizzy, as he does not suffer the effects of either during all that spinning.



A giant domed piece of body armor the Tails can duck under in the air or on the ground to become temporarily invincible. The downside is he loses the ability to move when using it. When he ducks under it in the air he falls straight down with enough speed to crush any opponents directly underneath of him.


Night Scope

An infrared pair of goggles that allow Tails to see in the dark with infrared technology.





In the various Mario and Luigi RPG’s Luigi is seen using a large range of different overalls, gloves, boots, or socks, that increase his abilities or give him special benefits such as power boosts and resistances to certain status ailments. Whether or not these are given to him or if he will just be walking into the fight in denim is unknown.



Tails similarly could equip different sets of equipment with various attributes in Sonic Chronicles (shoes and accessories mostly), though whether he will get any of them in this battle is unknown.


Skills & Abilities





This ability was taught to Luigi by the Thunder God in the Thunder Palace in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, and mastered under the guidance of a side character named Merri. Luigi utilizes it by charging a small sphere of energy for a few seconds in the palm of his hands and then to erupting that energy into a bolt of electricity. Luigi has also demonstrated the ability to make this electric ball erupt in the form of a upwards traveling vertical lightning bolt. He can also release that lightning bolt downwards, after which it will create a circular explosion of electricity when it hits a solid object.

The electricity he creates in his hands can also stun people upon physical contact and can produce a static cling that allows him to hold them and move them along his position. However, Luigi also can’t do anything else when engaging this static cling power and the move itself is fairly non-lethal,making it’s effectiveness in battle negligible. Luigi can also use the thunderhand to give himself a “electrokinetic force” of sorts, and can force objects away from him at high speeds by releasing electrical energy directly in front of him in the form of a pulse of energy. Finally while Luigi himself can create/utilize electricity for attacks, nothing in the games shows that he himself is immune to it, as in electricity based attacks can still hurt him.


Green Fireball

A fire based projectile launched by Luigi as his neutral special moves in Smash Bros. It does minor damage and causes flinching. Luigi's green fireballs also travels in a straight line and are unaffected by gravity.


Green missile

Luigi's side special move in the Smash Bros. series. It’s a horizontal heabutt that can be charged for about three seconds and causes Luigi to be launched sideways like a rocket, with the distance and damage being based on how long the move is charged. The move also has a 1 out of 8 (12.5%) chance of "misfiring", and spontaneously erupting into a much more powerful headbutt that’s harder to control. If Luigi hit’s a solid surface with this attack (like a wall) he will very likely embed himself in that object and get himself unstuck.


Super Jump Punch

Luigi's up special attack in the Smash Bros. series. It’s a powerful fire infused upcutting that can deal high damage and potentially KO weary opponents in a single strike. It only works if Luigi is directly next to an opponent and hits them perfectly in a very small ”sweet spot” area. If the attack is even slightly off target it does virtually no damage at all. Additionally whenever Luigi pulls off this attack, his body flips upside down and he becomes unable to move until reaching the ground, making him vulnerable to counterattacks if his own strike doesn’t hit the sweet spot or misses.


Luigi cyclone

Luigi's down special attack in the Smash Bros. series. During this attack Luigi spins around wildly with his hands extended, rapidly hitting characters with his fists and sucking in nearby opponents.


Negative zone

Luigi's Final Smash in the Smash Bros series. In it Luigi dances around in a bizarre manner, and somehow produces a large, greenish sphere of negative energy that cause status effects to afflict all the opponents inside it.The sphere appeares almost instantaneously after Luigi starts dancing, although he himself can’t move until he dance is finished. Luigi himself is unaffected by the Negative Zone (except a minor decrease in speed) and the sphere will persists even if Luigi is knocked out. It eventually dissipates after a few seconds whether he is conscious or not. While this attack is potentially powerful, it’s also a bit unreliable, as the status affects caused by it are given out to opponents randomly and at random time intervals. This means it’s possible for an opponent to get hit by the attack but not feel the effects of any status afflictions out of pure luck, or for the attack to inflict status ailments that are objectively more useless than others.

The status effects caused by Negative Zone include: A reduced amount of attack power, a decreased amount of physical weight, an Increased chance of  tripping/falling over, having damage causing flowers to grow on opponents’ heads, dizziness, uncontrollable taunting, sleepiness (the duration depends on the amount of damage an opponent has taken), and finally decreased movement speed.



Both the Mario Bros are well known for their jumping skills, but Luigi in particular excels at it. In addition to the standard ”jump on the enemy” tactics both brothers use, he’s developed several specific jump based skills of his own. During the Super Jump Luigi crouches his body and stores up energy for an incredibly high jump that also damages any opponents he hits on the way up. How high he can go is unknown he flies off the screen in Super Paper Mario, but it is clear he can get at least 2-3 stories of height with the jump. Luigi can also use the flutter jump, an ability where he quickly scuttles his feet back and forth during the descent of a Jump, and is able to significantly slow his descent down and more precisely land in certain spots.


Ground pound

A midair slamming attack where Luigi will flip and smash his opponents with his backside. The attack is powerful enough to smash through solid stone, and gets progressively more powerful the farther up Luigi is when he initiates the attack.


Water walking

Luigi is apparently so light, that he can run on water for a few seconds when moving at full speed.




Tails swipe

The tails swipe is Tail’s signature move and is a melee attack that involves him performing a 360° spin, and lashing out with his twin tails to damage any enemies in front of him. He has several variants of the attack, all which are powerful enough to send similarly sized characters flying several feet away and defeat metallic robots in single hits.

These variants include a basic stand still version, a spinning top “rapid tails attack” version and a ultra powerful “super tails swipe” version, which involves him using his tails swipe on an enemy while running at them at full speed. The strength of the super tails swipe also create a beam of energy that continues travel forward after the initial attack and can slice through enemies. Additionally in issue 245 of the comic Tails spinning top tails swipe spun around fast enough to create a miniature tornado that enveloped him and could fling away any approaching opponents.



Tails can fly at supersonic speeds using his...Tails as a helicopter rotor. While in the air he can also change his momentum upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards at a moment’s notice with “trick actions”, which basically involve him quickly spinning his tails or changing body posture in a fancy way to impact the direction of his movement. Additionally while game mechanics often give him a strict limit to how long he can stay airborne, most periphery media show he can fly for longer periods of time without any issue.


Spin attack

A basic offensive move taught to Tails by Sonic, where he curls up into a ball in mid-air and spins in the are rapidly to turn himself into dangerous blunt object to bombard foes with.


Spin dash

A speed boosting ability taught to Tails by sonic. In it tails will spin rapidly on the ground in the form of a ball, and then instantly propel himself forward to his maximum speed. He can stay curled up as a ball while moving forward on the ground as long as he still has momentum, and gains extra endurance/offensive ramming abilities while doing so


Homing attack/Jump dash

A melee attack that Tails presumably learned from his best friend once again. It allows Tails to jump in a spin attack form towards opponents and home onto them for a powerful dashing attack. Tails can also dash in midair without attacking for a quick mid-air speed boost.


Thunder Shoot

A Powerful punting move where Tails grabs an object, infuses it with an electric aura, and kicks it at an opponent as a projectile attack. Opponents hit by this move are briefly stunned for a few seconds leaving them open to follow up attacks. Tails could presumably use this attack to punt his bombs at luigi.


Misc skills

Tails is a mechanical genius and is able to dismantle or sabotage most mechanical machines and robots in the span of seconds, and generally carries a wrench or screwdriver on his person to do so.He also often carries a variety of analyzation machines on his person, such as his <iles Electric Handheld and his Scan Machine from Sonic Chronicles. Both are capable of analyzing an opponent’s general powers/weak points and in the case of his scan machine can inflict the “vulnerable” status effect, which lowers physical defense.

Finally In Sonic The Fighters he was one of the few characters that had the “weapon grab” countering move, which let him steal the weapon of his opponent and use them against them. For example he could take Amy’s hammer off her person and hit her with it.






-Like his brother Luigi can destroy solid brick with his bare hands in most of the platforming games, and punch through it in 64 DS.

-He can lift Bowser and spin him around like a top the same way Mario can, if the player chooses to have him fights Bowser in Mario 64 DS.

-He toppled a 50 foot suit of armor by pulling two rugs from under its feet in Dark moon.

-If Luigi’s eletrokentic force is anything like Peach’s empress peach attack, it probably has a lot of force behind it and probably has enough power to kill a normal person several times over if an object/person is thrown with it.

-Has quite regularly smashed through steel robots with either his feet or his hammer in the Mario & Luigi games.



-In the Mario and Luigi series, one of the most common recurring abilities is for Mario to hit Luigi with his hammer and imbed him underground, so Luigi can move underground and underneath obstacles. The fact that Luigi can take a full on swing to the head from a stone hammer on a regular basis, really speaks to his resilience.

-Luigi can survive being shot out of cannons in Mario 64 DS, as well as during several of the bros attacks in the Mario and Luigi series.

-He survived the explosion and fall from bowser’s ship at the beginning of Mario and Luigi superstar Saga. In fact, surviving long falls is kind of in Luigi’s nature.

-Survived the explosion of his split personalities’ Bro-Bot mech in Super Paper Mario.

-In addition, he can effortlessly tank being crushed by a giant robo-Bowser arm, and being flung miles away from Peach’s castle.



-We didn’t find that many speed feats from Luigi, but his agility is definitely superhuman, as evidence in the sparks and dust trail left behind in Super Mario 3D World, and his ability to keep up with opponents capable of producing after-images.

-Given the Mario & Luigi RPG’s battle system, Luigi is adept at memorizing attack patterns and avoiding and sometimes counterattacking his foes, more clearly demonstrating he definitely has superhuman reflexes.



-Most of the Mario platforming games aren’t exactly “tactical” but the Luigi’s mansion games often require a fair amount of critical thinking to traverse the environment and defeat most of the games bosses, particularly Dark Moon. At the very least Luigi has shown to be responsive to his situation and surroundings and can adjust himself accordingly.  

-In the cartoon Luigi was also the more cautious and tactical of the two brothers.





-In sonic universe issue 17, Tail’s flew straight through the solid metal casing of a flying machine herald by the battle bird armadas flying machine’s, and left a big gaping hole in it.

-His tails swipe attacks are strong enough to defeat most of Eggman’s robots in single hits at standstill, meaning he can probably dent/destroy most kinds of conventional metal with them.

-Tails’s tails alone can already destroy metal enemies at standstill, which in itself would take a serious amount of power.

-His spin dash and spin attack are also just as proficient as Sonic’s, and can break through solid stone, and robotic armor with ease.

-In tails sky patrol, there are “weights” scattered around the areas labeled “10 t” which could possibly mean 10 tons. Tails can’t fully fly while carrying these weights, but he can drag them along the ground, which is still a significant strength feat in itself.



-In Sonic Heroes Knuckles pretty much uses Sonic and Tails as makeshift boxing gloves. Since Knuckles is arguably one of the strongest characters in the series and uses Sonic and Tails’ bodies to shatter solid stone walls and robotic enemies, Tails endurance must be fairly high as a result.

-When the tornado was shot down during the Sky Zone Act 1 of Sonic Adventure, Tails survived the ensuing fall/crash relatively unharmed.

-Was shot out of a giant cannon (along with sonic and knuckles) with enough force to destroy the outer walls of an entire building in Sonic Heroes. Only the building’s floor remained intact.

-Survived in the vortex of a tornado in Sonic Adventure.

-Technically If you are playing as him alone in Sonic 3 and Knuckles or Sonic Advance, he falls through the earth’s atmosphere just like sonic can in the ending. Whether this can be considered a canonical feat for him is up for debate though .

-Despite the above info there is plenty of evidence to suggest Tails has a below average endurance (or at least lower by Sonic standards), as he is often seen going down in the game cut scenes or cartoons without sustaining that much damage.



-Tails has generally been said to be “fast enough” to keep up with sonic, and has proven this to be true by running along side him in most continuities.He was also stated to be fast enough to keep pace with sonic in the sonic comic encyclopedia, meaning he can most likely get close to or match Sonic’s average running speed of 760 miles per hour.

-In sonic universe issue 17, Tails was too fast for any of the battle birds to hit him with traditional gunfire.

-Was fast enough to create a mini tornado just by spinning around in a circle in issue 245 of the comic.

-He and sonic were both able to move fast enough to seem like they were teleporting when they first met “metal robotnik” in the ova movie.



-Tails distracted an antagonist named speedy in the comics by talking to him, and setting up his robotic dog (t-pup) for a sneak attack

-Tails used some fairly good tactics and leadership skills to take down the mech in the pic above without brute force (this occurred in sonic universe issue 20).

-Tails adventure is basically just one giant Zelda game, and showed Tails has decent critical thinking skills when traversing the games obstacles and fighting some of its bosses.

-Tails seems to be fairly observant in most of his appearances.For example he realized that the eggman robot he and his friends fought in sonic heroes wasn’t really an eggman robot (it was metal sonic in disguise). He also apparently noticed Espio (a ninja who can turn invisible) was spying on him in sonic rivals 2.

-Tails is still a kid though, so he is sometimes he is prone to making mistakes or being naive due to pure inexperience. Like revealing the existence of a fake chaos emerald in Sonic Adventure 2.


Training and experience


Artwork credited to karuma9.

-Has gone on countless adventures with his brother mario, and has helped him defeat an insurmountable amount of enemies/villains, with all kinds of different fighting styles, gadgets, mindsets and backgrounds.

-Has proven on more than one occasion that despite his cowardly demeanor, he can still take on the series top villains mono a mono and win. Like Bowser in Dream Team, or King Boo in Luigi’s Mansion & Dark Moon.

-Has actually saved Mario himself several times, such as the Luigi’s Mansion games and Mario is Missing.

-Also saved the Waffle Kingdom off screen, during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, albeit not in quite as heroic a fashion as he describes to Mario.



-Defeated the witch Wendy Witchcar and her forces on his own in the game Tails sky patrol.

-Defeated the battle bird armada on his own in tails adventure.

-In the comics his role was expanded to being “the chosen one” prophesied to stop the villain Mammoth Mugul from destroying reality, He succeeded of course.

-Fought and defeated eggman in 1 on 1 combat towards the end of both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, albeit with a mech in the second fight.

-Tails has been regularly trained in both fighting and running by sonic during their free time in the main games and actively sought out combat lessons from knuckles in the comics.




Artwork credited to NatSilva.



  • Has a much higher endurance.
  • Physically stronger, and arguably has a greater destructive capacity.
  • Can temporarily turn intangible/invisible to avoid attacks and detection.
  • Poltergust can be used to suck up, blow away, and shoot back explosives Tails drops.
  • Hammer could hit back several projectiles such as projectiles Tails may imbue with an electric aura.
  • Even if his Hammer and Vacuum are taken from him he has shown to be able to react and dodge or even counter a wide range of attacks in the Mario & Luigi RPGs with raw jumping.
  • His electrokinetic force has a lot of power behind it, and might let him throw Tails at high speeds for throw damage.
  • Poltergust can bring stolen weapons back to his position.
  • More fighting experience.
  • While often a coward, once things get serious he is able to be completely fearless.
  • Has many wide hitting attacks.
  • Electric/lightning based attacks may catch Tails off guard given his fear of lightning.



  • Is unable to Fly. (Although with his high jump, flutter kick, and anti-air capabilities he is not completely helpless while in the air)
  • Slower than Tails.
  • Bombs and explosives may litter the battlefield faster than he can clean them up (though he could push them away with his vacuum or kick them like he does to the bombs in 3D World).
  • A lot of his attacks need a few seconds to charge or leave him vulnerable if he misses.
  • Flash bangs could permanantly lower his evasion and accuracy for the battle.
  • Weapons/equipment can be stolen or dismantled mid-battle, including the Poltergust.
  • Vanish flower has a time limit.
  • Negative zone, while potentially devastating, is unreliable due to its randomness.
  • Smart, but not necessarily as smart as Tails.



Art credited to Kevin Bolk, maker of the fantastic It Sucks Being Weegee webcomic.



  • Faster than Luigi.
  • He can fly at 760 mph and can instantaneously force his momentum in almost any direction, so it is very unlikely the poltergust would have the time or strength to suck him up.
  • Better distance game.
  • His speed and flight means that nothing is keeping him from getting out of Luigi’s reach and healing himself whenever he takes significant damage.
  • Big bombs have a large explosive range.
  • Has so many bombs/explosives, he may be able to litter the battlefield with them faster than luigi can clean them up.
  • Could remotely activate his bombs when Luigi tries to throw them back at him.
  • Could also intercept projectiles with his projectile ring and might also be able to deflect them in masses by making a mini tornado.
  • Being thrown at high speeds by Luigi’s eletrokentic force probably won’t hurt him much...since one of his main offensive techniques is technically throwing himself at people/objects at really high speeds.
  • Most of his major weakness are covered by inventions.
  • Can potentially lower Luigi’s accuracy and evasion to help even out their strength and endurance differences.
  • Could probably steal Luigi’s hammer or dismantle the poltergust mid battle.
  • Smarter and generally more tactical
  • Caries machines that can potential analyse his opponents and give him an idea of their powers/weaknesses.
  • Only 2 to 3 of the 8 status effects caused by negative zone could actually immobilize Tails long enough for Luigi to take advantage of it (the rhythm badge prevents disbalance and probably dizziness, and Tails’s high speed means the zone’s slowing effect isn’t as effective either. This leaves only sleepiness and uncontrollable taunting as status effects that have a immobilizing effect).
  • Tails can’t die



  • Will have a hard time delivering a finishing attack on Luigi due to his incredibly high endurance.
  • Luigi could suck up/destroy his medi bot and shield bot if he isn’t careful.
  • Lacks the endurance to deal with Luigi’s attacks if he takes enough damage in short periods of time.
  • Not as strong physically.
  • Could get disoriented by Luigi’s flashlight if he isn’t careful
  • His bigger machines are not in this match.
  • Is afraid of lightning
  • Despite being a genius, he’s still only 8 years old and clearly demonstrates naivete on more than one occasion.




Even with the different rules. Even with the different personalities and tactics. Even with different abilities and movesets. The result in my eyes is pretty much the same as Sonic Vs Mario. This will be a lot less straightforward than the headstrong heroes as they both show unique strategies and skills that caters to their abilities and not simply the “player 1 charge forward” that their partners usually display.

But in comparison of the two, I see Tails beating Luigi. With his flight, he has better control of the air than Luigi. With his machines, he can use multiple options that could aid him while hindering Luigi. With his impressive knowledge, he can come up with things Luigi probably would not have expected. And lets not forget the speed factor is still with Tails.

Luigi can still win this if he can hinder Tails long enough for his strength and fighting abilities to kick in, but I say three out of four times Tails would win.



While I would at first think that Tails would have the upperhand with this one due to his ridiculous and vast arsenal and speed, the more I think about this fight, the more that I feel that Tails can be stopped in some form.  Yes, technically Tails is a super genius, yet he doesn’t have as much battle experience as Luigi does.  In other words, just because he’s incredibly smart with machines, doesn’t mean that it will give him greater advantage in battle terms.

Luigi’s vacuum and hammer will help him immensely in this battle to deal with those bombs and possibly send them back to their owner--which could be massively devastating to Tails due to his weaker endurance.  Yes, Tails might be able to find a way to disable the vacuum somehow, but that’s a pretty big if and requires him to probably get up close.  Plus Luigi has a hammer as well for control on the fight.  I also think that Luigi is smart and unpredictable enough to have a good enough strategy to take out Tails.  His lightning would help as well.  The main thing going here, I believe is experience--which Luigi probably has more of.




It's inevitable that a few (or rather a lot of) people have complained that this fight will in all likelihood be a repeat of Mario VS. Sonic. While there are definitely some valid arguments to be made that that's all this fight will be, and I personally would have preferred a different fight, I think DEATH BATTLE has altered the circumstances of the battle enough to justify Luigi battling Tails. With almost all the equipment used in this fight being exclusive to each character, the fight really is a different beast from Mario VS. Sonic. The problem is it isn't different enough.

There are a fair share of things I believe make Luigi stand a better chance against Tails than Mario did against Sonic, but the big disadvantage that made Mario lose his battle, speed, is still there. Despite this, I have no doubt that Luigi is much more durable, far stronger, and packing more destructive weapons and powers, than Tails. But if Tails' top speed is at supersonic levels, which seeing as how he can keep up with Sonic, I see no reason to believe it isn't, I don't think it will be enough for Luigi. This is more true considering Tails' arsenal isn't exactly leagues beneath Luigi's in terms of destructive capacity.

One big question we were asked is, which is more important, Luigi's brawn or Tails' speed? But really the question shouldn’t be, 'which is more important - brawn or speed?', so much as it should be, 'Where is the bigger gap in what each respective character is capable of - brawn or in speed'? And loathe as I am to say it, I think the more significant gap rests in speed, with Tails having the advantage in it. Luigi's vacuum and hammer could theoretically deal with any explosives within his vicinity, but other attacks such as the Magic Hand, which can erupt from the ground are attacks I don't think Luigi will immediately see coming, or be able to avoid alongside Tail's superior speed. What's worse, Luigi's big ace in the hole, the Negative Zone, will 3 out of 4 times not immobilize Tails long enough for him to deal any extensive damage.

I’m rooting for him, and I can see several abilities like the Vanish Flower giving Luigi several hits, but I do not foresee it becoming Weegee time in this DEATH BATTLE. Unless dream Luigi is for some reason included. A giant Luigi capable of jumping out of an atmosphere and chucking a star back down would obliterate Tails.



As always, Luigi is the underdog in this situation. He is outclassed in speed and intellect by several large gaps; however, much like his status in the games I feel people are underestimating him greatly. Luigi has dealt with many of the things Tails will be using in their fight and while he will have trouble grabbing hold of Tails for sure, once he does he is a massive powerhouse not to be taken lightly.

Tails has bombs; Luigi can evade them, suck them up or push them away with his vacuum. Tails somehow manages to take and dismantle his Poltergust? Luigi has plenty of experience smacking projectiles back with his hammer, the hammer is broken? Luigi is not a speedster but Tails bombs are very obviously bombs and Luigi is not just going to go over and poke them with a stick, he’s no genius, but he is far from stupid. Last resort he could always pick up and launch the bombs away with his electrokinesis, the force Luigi launches them back would hit somebody even as quick as tails.

Tails can fly, and he is pretty darn good at it to. It sure would be a shame if Luigi could jump 5-6 stories into the air-oh wait yes he can do that he is also jumping at a speed that hurts things that are directly above him.

Oh no! Tails is going in for the kill! Too bad Luigi doesn’t have quick reflexes, oh wait sorry he has four games that have a battle system entirely centered around dodging and counter attacking just about everything and anything that tries to hurt him.

Tails is fast, smart, and a great plan maker. Do you know what the absolute bane of tacticians is? The wildcard, people who are unpredictable and have the ability to shake things up to a level that their opponent is unable to compensate for, and that is Luigi to a T, or L as the case may be.

Luigi’s moves and abilities share the tendency to be completely off the wall crazy and are very unpredictable, even to Luigi himself. With good timing and reflexes, (which Luigi has) the super jump punch is devastating, the Negative Zone while random will do SOMETHING to Tails that he will not expect to happen, no matter what or how minor a change it is, it WILL throw Tails of guard long enough for just one attack, and a man who can smash bricks and castles has the strength to cause some serious harm.

In order for Tails to win he needs to be in complete control of the fight at all times, he needs to plan things out and make Luigi do what he wants, but Luigi is far too unpredictable for this strategy to work in my opinion. Every time Luigi uses a move he Tails will pick up on it and try to counter it but Luigi’s wide array of bizarre and quirky moves will catch tails of guard again and again and the damage will pile up, after a while it will only take one good hit to finish the job and Luigi has plenty to choose from.

It’s not the popular opinion, and I am willing to admit that I am wrong if I am missing something, but as is.

Luigi wins.




I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how different it seems this fight will be from Mario vs. Sonic. I originally didn’t think too highly of this idea due to similar concept to another episode but it’s looking like DEATH BATTLE will surprise me.

As for who I think is going to win I would say this fight is, at least a little bit, closer than Mario vs. Sonic. With that episode Sonic’s speed was a gigantic contributor but I don’t see it being AS big of an advantage for Tails. Don’t get me wrong, being able to keep up with Sonic’s average of 765 mph is impressive and will likely give Tails some kind of edge. But there’s nothing suggesting Tails can keep up with Sonic at higher speeds like when the checkpoints in Sonic Unleashed clock the blue blur in at a maximum of 2500 mph.

I do still think Tails has the speed advantage over Luigi and he’s got a few other advantages as well. The Medi bot and Shield bot for example won’t have the restrictions of being turn based that they had in Sonic Chronicles meaning Tails can pull them out instantly and both at the same time. Quite handy since the moves can be used multiple times in Sonic Chronicles meaning even if Luigi gets rid of those two bots Tails will probably have a couple more where they came from.

Tails also a better range game with his bombs. The damaging bombs of which can really wear Luigi down and the Flash bang being able to decrease two very important stats for Luigi. Plus, if you’ve played Sonic 06 (which most of you probably haven’t) then you’d know that when Tails is airborne he has the quite the rapid throwing rate for those bombs. So Luigi probably won’t be able to get rid of them quickly enough as the others have heavily emphasized.

Tails also has his other gadgets that can deal some good damage, particularly the Energy Cannon and Magic Hand, and I’m of the opinion that Tails has good enough endurance to survive enough of Luigi’s attacks. This is reinforced by Sonic Battle where tails got into fights with some of the most powerful Sonic characters and was relatively ok afterwards. Even with fights against Sonic, Shadow (albeit not in top shape), Gamma, and a fully trained Emerl.

Luigi has his advantages too. He is stronger, making getting in close for Tails to use the weapon grab very dangerous. And his super jump does help to minimize Tails’ flight advantage.

But those are really the only advantages I see Luigi having and couple all of that with Tails having some good finishers like his Speed enhanced Super Tail Swipe, and my vote goes to Tails.



From what I’ve been reading, this fight has become more and more of a contest between precision and unpredictability than just another mere battle of speed and strength.

From the get go, I knew making direct comparisons to Mario vs. Sonic was a pretty big mistake, and in the end, it wasn’t just about speed and strength after all. However…

It’s vitally important to acknowledge the fact that at least some parts of this fight are riding on the speed and strength factors. No one should be afraid to point that out just because Mario vs. Sonic happened. As for Luigi’s “Unpredictability”, I say this…

Possessing attacks with unpredictable effects does not equal an unpredictable strategy.

Even the most “Unpredictable” characters have carefully laid out plans through which they execute their tactics. Just look at the Joker. He’s pretty much the symbol of chaos, yet, in all of his insane and seemingly nonsensical “Unpredictability” there’s ALWAYS a carefully constructed plot underneath all of his schemes that certain people like Batman are smart enough to unravel.

Again, my point is that a character that uses attacks with random effects doesn't necessarily have an “Unpredictable” battle strategy. Attacks with random effects just lead to a chaotic mess of a fighting style that’s no more to the user’s understanding than his opponent’s. No matter how “Unpredictable” the effects of one’s moves, there’s absolutely nothing keeping the character that uses them from falling into a specific pattern of attack that his opponent can easily read and learn to adapt to. And considering that Luigi might have to execute the same attack multiple times in order to get the desired result, it stands to reason that Luigi will be even more predictable than Tails.

Furthermore, its also worth noting the important fact that unpredictability is just as dependent on the opponent’s inability to read to the situation as it is on the user’s own strategy. Considering Tails’s intellect, I’m pretty sure adapting to Luigi’s style of battle won’t be too much of a problem, even with the crazy Negative Zone being brought into play.

As far as I know, Luigi can only use the Negative Zone by breaking the Smash Ball, and if you think Tails isn’t going to know something’s up when he finds Luigi desperately jumping around trying to hit some weird, bright, neon-colored, orb thing that’s flying around… Think again. I guess they could just give Luigi the ability innately the same way they gave Mario his Final Smash in Mario vs. Sonic, but even then the Negative Zone isn’t a guaranteed trump card.

Just getting him close enough would already be a challenge since Tails really doesn’t have any reason to attempt close-range combat considering his distance advantage. If Luigi activated the Negative Zone just as Tails was in the middle of his Homing Attack, then maybe it would work, but again, there’s no way to know if it will even affect him.

To me, the random nature of Luigi’s attacks is not enough to overlook Tails’s far greater intellect, much more effective equipment and weaponry, and vastly superior base speed. Yes, Luigi could theoretically counter a few of Tails’s attacks and abilities, but in order to counter a specific attack, you have to be able to observe it first.

I doubt Luigi will be able to avoid Tails’s bombs the very first time they’re used against him. I also doubt Luigi will be able to hit Tails in mid-flight the first time he attempts the Super Jump Punch. And I HIGHLY doubt Luigi will be able to use the Negative Zone effectively the first time he chooses to use it. By the time Luigi finally figures out how to counter Tails’s attacks, it will already be too late.

To me the core problem is that Luigi’s so called “Strategy” is barely distinguishable from rolling a pair of dice. With that said, whose shoes would you feel more comfortable jumping into for this fight?

The fighter with a genius intellect, blinding speed, unconstrained maneuverability, explosive weaponry, long range projectiles, and life support equipment?


The fighter with superior strength and endurance that’s ultimately held back by inferior tools and a fighting style that’s more dependent on chance than actual tactics?  

Yeah, I’d rather slip into Tails’s shoes if I were you. My bets are on Tails.

P.S: I know that was a rather long spiel on unpredictability, but the whole notion of it has come up a lot in our research lately and I just wanted to make sure people understood my stance on the whole idea.



After looking over the arsenals and physical abilities of both characters I think I have to say that Tails is the most likely victor of this match.

Firstly Tails has some fairly obvious advantages over Luigi right off the bat, his chief of which being the fact he can move at mach one speeds(compared to Luigi’s more moderate superhuman running speeds), can fly and can heal himself. This more or less means he can control his distance between Luigi as he see fit, that he can easily avoid Luigi’s attacks and get around his defenses(behind him) to catch him off guard, and that he can more or less run/fly away from Luigi to heal himself without any interference any time he wants.Tails also has a major advantage in the smarts/tactics department, being more cautious than sonic, probably being able to take Luigi down with plans that don’t involve sheer pure force if needed and having the common sense to realize the danger of the immense physical strength Luigi proposes(which might encourage him to abuse his speed to keep his distance). Tails also clearly has an advantage in weaponry, having many long range attacks, having some fairly powerful wide hitting bombs, unpredictable melee contraptions,the thunder shoot ability, a weird throwing/grabbing ring thing and projectiles like the ring bombs that can be spammed to the point of being OP.

Secondly Tails himself actually covers most of his own weaknesses with gadgets, leaving it so he himself doesn’t have to many real weak spots for his opponents to take advantage of. His bombs, melee weapons, tails attacks and gloves help overcome his normally sub-par physical strength. His shield bot,helmet and medi bot help overcome his arguably sub-par endurance.

Finally Tails more or less has a hard counter to most of Luigi’s potential advantages. Luigi’s physical abilities can be compromised by Tails’s flash bangs and scanning machines, which reduce evasion,accuracy and defense(which is particularly bad for Luigi since he is well known for his clumsiness,couldn’t really keep up with Tails to begin with and really only had his endurance going for him in this fight).Next while Luigi could suck up Tails’s projectiles with the poltergust to get rid of them, Tails can spam them from so many angles due to his speed and in such large quantities that he wouldn’t be able to keep up. Luigi could also try to suck up Tails shield/media bot, but Tails would never be dumb enough to take them out near his position. Luigi could try to re-direct some of Luigi’s projectiles with his poltergust/hammer/Telekinesis, but Tails could re-direct them right back/destroy them in mid-air with the projectile ring and possibly deflect them with his rapid tails spin attack. Tails could also easily trip Luigi up if he starts using projectile redirection tactics,by throwing his remote detonation bombs at him and detonating them when Luigi is in the act of redirecting them..

Next Tails might be able to abuse the fact his projectile ring and dummy rings look virtually the same. Tails is a mechanical genius and could probably dismantle the Poltergust mid-fight. He might also be able to steal Luigi’s hammer.I personally think Tails’s natural observation abilities(he did notice the normally invisible espio after all) and potentially even his night scope goggles might be able to counter vanish Luigi to some extent(depending on how the technology is interpreted, and how Death Battle thinks Luigi is affected on an anatomical level during his transformation).  His rhythm badge helps counteract some of the effects of the negative zone attack and given his shields and Luigi’s potential for gaining status affects,  the move is even more unreliable because of it.Heck in hindsight Tails’s “helmet” piece of equipment (which we put in this blog at the last second) makes him invincible as long as he stands still and ducks under it, which more or less easily counters almost all of Luigi’s moves quickly and efficiently in a pinch altogether.

Overall I don’t see how Tails could lose this, as he has pretty much all his major bases covered. He’s got a multitude of advantages over Luigi, he’s covering his own weaknesses, and he’s countering almost all of Luigi’s potential advantages.In fact tfrom a gameplay perspcetive in the smash bros series Luigi generally fairs the worst agains fast characters with projectiles, because so many of his basic melle attacks have short range and because his mobility/approaching game is so odd(due to his slipping when walking and the random/charging/bizzare movements tendencies of his attacks), which more or less makes Tails a great counter to him because that’s almost exactly what he is in this fight. In the end I just don’t think there’s a whole lot I think the green thunder can do in this situation.


With that the battle to see which sidekick will twitch out, and which will reign victorious is ready to commence. Tune in March 21st where Luigi VS. Tails will come to an end.

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