DEATH BATTLE Predictions: Pokemon Gen 1 Starter Battle Royale

Posted on April 4, 2014 - 5:57pm by The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog


………………………………………….*Tumbleweed blows by*

In case you were wondering...

Many fans have been wondering about the details to how this fight will be approached. We’re essentially making all 3 contenders the most powerful they could be as wild Pokemon. Straight from the mouth of DEATH BATTLE creator Ben, I.E Wiz...

"These are wild Pokemon. That means no trainer, no TMs or HMs, no tutoring or bred moves, no EV or IV training, no Mega Evolutions, and no pre-battle preparation. This does not mean they cannot create strategies and understand how to use their moves effectively. The anime and manga have shown that plenty of wild Pokemon can come up with advanced strategies. Pokemon are not entirely animalistic. They are smart enough to understand speech and planning.

Also, Hidden Abilities can be considered as they are naturally occurring though must still be considered separate from normal abilities. These Pokemon are going to be Level 100 with all naturally learned moves. This means their in-game stats mean more than anything else, and we are taking these stats literally.”

Hope that clears up some of the confusion. Without further ado, it's time to predict which Pokemon will survive this three-way Mexican Standoff. You thought some other fights had us divided? You haven't seen ANYTHING yet! IT'S TIME FOR A POKEMON DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Description and Traits


Venusaur is a large Grass/Poison type Pokemon that uses the giant plant on it's back to gather nutrients and solar energy. Pokedex entries often reference Venusaur’s tendency to rest quietly in sunlight, suggesting that most are relatively peaceful in nature and probably wouldn’t be the first to pick a fight. The species has been known to lead “evolution ceremonies” in the anime, implying that it has leadership skills. It’s Pokepark entries also say that “Safety is it’s prime concern” hinting that it's a fairly cautious Pokemon.  



Despite resembling a dragon, Charizard is actually an aggressive Fire/Flying type Pokemon with a burning flame at the end of its tail. Pokedex entries on the Charizard species often reference the Pokemon’s habit to search out powerful opponents in a desire to become stronger. The species was also described as being a Pokemon that, “Naturally train with each other” to the point of being one of the most powerful wild species of Pokemon in the world. Pokedex entries also claim that Charizards generally show reluctance to fight Pokemon that they consider weaker than themselves.

This more or less points to the species as having a warrior-like mentality, preferring to fight stronger opponents rather than weaker ones. Additionally some members of the Charizard species are also shown to have a bit of a temper on them, although this varies from individual to individual.



Blastoise is a turtle and tank-like Water  Pokemon that uses the cannons on its back to launch powerful streams of water. Not much about the general personality of the Blastoise species can be inferred from its Pokedex entries, but it’s Pokepark Pad entries mention that it “guards” certain places and that it trains itself regularly. This could potentially be attributed to the fact that wild Blastoise in the anime are often seen as the leaders and protectors of large groups of Squirtle and Wartortle. Blastoise might build their strength through training in order to become better protectors of their species.




Art credited to Na Jong.


Tackle (Normal Type): Venusaur thrusts his body at the opponent, dealing physical damage.
Power: 50, Accuracy: 100%

Growl (Normal Type): Venusaur growls loudly, intimidating his opponent and lowering their Attack stat.
Power: --, Accuracy: 100%

Leech Seed (Grass Type): Venusaur launches parasitic seeds onto his opponent, which allows him to steal ⅛ of a Pokemon’s total HP for each turn it remains in use. Leech Seed will remain in use until the target Pokemon is called back, or uses Rapid Spin.
Power:--, Accuracy: 90%

Poison Powder (Poison Type): Venusaur shakes a wave of toxic pollen that inflicts the Poisoned status effect.
Power:--, Accuracy: 75%

Sleep Powder (Grass Type): Venusaur shakes a wave of powder that inflicts the Sleep status effect.
Power: --, Accuracy: 75%

Take Down (Normal Type): Venusaur recklessly tackles his opponent for impressive damage, but with a cost. Venusaur takes 25% of the total damage dealt to his opponent in the form of recoil damage.
Power: 90, Accuracy: 85%

Vine Whip (Grass Type): Venusaur strikes the opponent with his whip-like vines.
Power: 45, Accuracy: 100%

Razor Leaf (Grass Type): Venusaur launches razor sharp leafs at his opponent.
Power: 55, Accuracy: 95%

Sweet Scent (Normal Type): Venusaur emits a pleasant aroma that lowers an opponent’s evasion.
Power:--, Accuracy: 100%

Growth (Grass Type): Venusaur grows its body with sunlight, raising its Attack and Special Attack stats.
Power:--, Accuracy:--

Double Edge (Normal Type): Similar to Take Down, Venusaur recklessly thrusts his body at his opponent for a huge amount of damage but at the cost of receiving ⅓ of the total damage dealt in recoil.
Power: 120, Accuracy: 100%

Worry Seed (Grass Type): Venusaur plants the seeds of doubt into his opponent’s mind, changing its ability to Insomnia, which prevents an opponent from sleeping.
Power:--, Accuracy:--

Synthesis (Grass Type):  Venusaur heals himself by absorbing sunlight. In normal weather, Venusaur recovers ½ of his total HP. In Sunny weather, Venusaur recovers ⅔ of his total HP. In any other weather condition, Venusaur will recover ¼ of his total HP.
Power:--, Accuracy:--

Petal Dance (Grass Type): Venusaur scatters razor sharp petals for two to three turns and then becomes confused. If the move is stopped, Venusaur will immediately become confused.
Power:120, Accuracy: 100.

Petal Blizzard (Grass Type): Venusaur summons a massive blizzard of razor sharp petals that strike everything around him.
Power: 90, Accuracy: 100

Solar Beam (Grass Type): Venusaur absorbs the sun’s rays for two turns, then unleashes a powerful beam at the target. Becomes a single turn attack in Sunny weather.
Power: 120, Accuracy: 100



Art credited to purplekecleon

Scratch (Normal Type): Charizard scratches his enemy with his claws.
Power: 40, Accuracy: 100%

Growl (Normal Type): Charizard grits his teeth and growls loudly, intimidating his opponent and lowering their attack stat.
Power:--, Accuracy: 100%

Ember (Fire Type): Charizard shoots a small flame for a little damage. Has a 10% chance of burning his opponent.
Power: 40, Accuracy: 100%

Smokescreen (Normal Type): Charizard belches out a large plume of smoke that surrounds and opponents and reduces accuracy.
Power:--. Accuracy: 100%

Dragon Rage (Dragon Type): A fiery blast of energy that always does forty points of damage regardless of decreases in Special Attack and increases in an opponent’s Special Defense.
Power: ??? Accuracy 100%

Scary Face (Normal Type): Charizard makes an intimidating face, freighting his opponents and lowering their Speed stat.
Power: --, Accuracy: 100%

Slash (Normal Type): Similar to scratch, but stronger and with a higher chance of landing critical hits.
Power: 70, Accuracy: 100%

Wing Attack (Flying Type): Charizard strikes the opponent with his wings.
Power: 60, Accuracy: 100%

Air Slash (Flying Type): Charizard uses his wings to create a powerful blade of air that slashes the target. Carries a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch.
Power: 75, Accuracy 95%

Dragon Claw (Dragon Type): Charizard slashes at the target with his huge, dragon-like, claws.
Power: 80, Accuracy: 100%

Shadow Claw (Ghost Type): Charizard slashes at his opponent with a ghostly claw that carries a higher chance of landing critical hits.
Power: 70, Accuracy: 100%

Fire Fang (Fire Type): Charizard bites down on his opponent while fire shoots from his fangs. It has a 10% chance of making his enemy flinch, and a 10% chance of inflicting a Burn.
Power: 65, Accuracy: 95%

Flame Burst (Fire Type): Charizard shoots a ball of fire that incinerates the target.
Power: 70, Accuracy 100%

Flamethrower (Fire Type): Charizard shoots a large and steady stream of fire with a 10% chance of inflicting Burn.
Power: 90, Accuracy: 100%

Fire Spin (Fire Type): Charizard traps his enemy in a ring of fire that continually deals damage for four to five turns.
Power: 35, Accuracy: 85%

Heatwave (Fire Type): Charizard exhales a massive wave of his fiery breath that scorches multiple targets and has a 10% chance of causing a Burn.
Power: 95, Accuracy: 95%

Inferno (Fire Type): Charizard unleashes all of his power in one huge blast of fire that automatically inflicts Burn.
Damage: 100, Accuracy: 50%

Flare Blitz (Fire Type): Charizard envelops himself in ball of fire and rushes at the opponent to cause massive damage. Charizard recieves ⅓ of the total damage dealt to the target in recoil damage. Has a 10% of leaving the target burned.
Damage: 120, Accuracy: 100



Art credited to Na Jong


Tackle (Normal Type): Blastoise thrusts his body at the opponent, dealing physical damage.
Power: 50, Accuracy: 100%

Tail Whip (Normal Type): Blastoise wags his tail in an adorable manor that causes his opponents to lower their Defense stat.
Power: --, Accuracy 100%

Bubble (Water Type): Blastoise unleashes a burst of bubbles from his mouth that damages multiple opponents. Has a 10% chance of lowering an opponent’s speed stat.
Power: 20, Accuracy: 100%

Withdraw (Water Type): Blastoise withdraws into his shell, boosting his Defense stat by one stage.
Power:--, Accuracy:--

Water Gun (Water Type): Blastoise blasts his opponents with highly pressurized water.
Power: 40, Accuracy: 100%

Bite (Dark Type): Blastoise bites down onto his opponent with his powerful maw and has a 30% chance of making the target flinch.
Power: 60, Accuracy 100%

Rapid Spin (Normal Type): Blastoise withdraws into his shell and rams his opponent with a high speed spin. Blastoise can use the attack to free himself of binding moves and other status based attacks (Such as Venusaur's Leech Seed).
Power: 20, Accuracy: 100%

Protect (Normal Type): Blastoise shields himself with a barrier that protects him from any possible form of attack. However, the more Blastoise uses it, the less likely it is to work again.

Water Pulse (Water Type): Blastoise throws a large pulse of water at his opponent that has a 20% chance of leaving his enemy dazed and confused.
Power: 60, Accuracy: 100%

Aqua Tail (Water Type): Blastoise envelops his tail in water and slams it against opponents with great force.
Power: 90, Accuracy: 90%

Skull Bash (Normal Type): Blastoise retracts his head into his shell, boosts his Defense stat, and then launches himself at his opponent to cause massive, recoilless, damage. Status effects like Sleep and Frozen can delay the attack, but cannot stop it indefinitely.
Power: 100, Accuracy: 100

Iron Defense (Steel Type): Blastoise toughens the outside of his body,significantly raising his Defense stat.
Power:--, Power: --

Flash Cannon (Steel Type): Blastoise focuses all of his light energy into a powerful beam that has a 10% of lowering the target’s Special Defense stat.
Power: 80, Accuracy: 100

Rain Dance (Water Type): Blastoise summons Rain weather that lasts five turns, increasing the power Water type moves by 50% and decreasing the power of Fire type moves by 50%.
Power:--, Accuracy:--

Hydro Pump (Water Type): Blastoise launches a colossal torrent of water that deals massive damage.
Power: 110, Accuracy: 80%




Overgrow: A normal ability that increases the power of Grass type attacks by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.

Chlorophyll: A hidden ability that doubles the speed stat in the presence of Sunny Weather.



Blaze: A normal ability that increases the power of Fire type moves by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.

Solar Power: Solar Power is a Hidden Ability where the Special Attack is increased by 1.5×, but lowers the user's HP by 1/8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.



Torrent: A normal ability that increases the power of Water type moves by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.

Rain Dish: This is a hidden ability that recovers 1/16 of the user's Maximum HP for each turn while it rains.


Base Stats (excludes natures, EVs, and Ivs)


HP: 80

Attack: 82

Defense: 83

Special Attack: 100

Special Defense: 100

Speed: 80


Base Stat Total: 525



HP: 78

Attack: 84

Defense: 78

Special Attack: 109

Special Defense: 85

Speed: 100


Base Stat Total: 534



HP: 79

Attack: 83


Special Attack: 85

Special Defense: 105

Speed: 78


Base Stat Total: 530


In case you were wondering…

Since we don’t know the Natures of the three Pokemon that will be used in this scenario, there’s no way to determine what their level 100 stats will actually be. Please note that the max stats for each Pokemon is impossible to obtain without the aid of EVs and IVs, and more than likely don’t represent the stat values that will be used in the fight.

For the sake of making our research easier to discuss, we will primarily discuss the base stats instead of the countless number of level 100 stats that COULD be used. We really don’t have any other information concerning how Ben and Chad will choose to go about resolving the stat issue, therefore, we’ve decided to leave the rest of the calculations to them and hope we didn’t miss something.



Strategy and Weaknesses


Venusaur is a mid-tier sweeper whose game-plan mostly revolves around incapacitating the opponent rather than striking them down outright. With the largest Status inflicting moveset, Venusaur can slowly wear down a Pokemon’s ability to fight with moves like Sweet Scent, Leech Seed, Poison Powder, and the dreaded Sleep Powder.

It also has the distinct advantage of possessing two HP boosting moves, Leech Seed and Synthesis, which can bring Venusaur back into a fight even after sustaining massive damage. Leech Seed is an excellent move Venusaur can use to remain a constant threat on the battlefield, slowly wearing down a Pokemon’s ability to fight while simultaneously boosting his own. He can also use Growth, which increases his Attack and Special Attack stats by a single stage. When in the presence of intense sunlight, Growth increases his Attack and Special Attack stats by two stages, assisting him in any situation where he needs to even the odds.

While Venusaur does have the lowest stat total of the three Kanto Starters, his point distribution is arguably the most even of the three. The only area of stats in which Venusaur comes last is Attack, which falls behind Blastoise by only a single point. So overall, there’s an argument to be made that Venusaur is the most balanced fighter of the three. However, there are few other specific areas in which Venusaur falls short.

In total, Venusaur has the smallest overall moveset with 53 moves to Blastoise’s 60 and Charizard’s 77, which gives him far less options to work with in battle. And with only three types at his disposal, Venusaur also has the least type varied moveset as well. And despite being a Grass/Poison Pokemon, Poison Powder is the only Poison move Venusaur can learn naturally, which means he only has one attack that gives him a second STAB bonus. Another strong feature Venusaur has trouble taking advantage of his his Special Attack. Despite being considerably high, his Special Attack stat only comes in handy when using two rather risky moves, the confusion inducing Petal Dance and the two-turn Solar Beam.

But Petal Dance and Solar Beam are far from being the only risky set of moves in Venusaur’s arsenal. The moves Take Down and Double Edge provide their own unique risk in the form of nasty recoil damage, and Sleep Powder and Poison Powder can be unreliable due their sub-par 75% accuracy. To help solve this accuracy problem, Venusaur can use Sweet Scent to lower his target’s evasiveness, making them easier to hit. Overall, Venusaur’s attacks almost always come with a certain level of risk that can be pretty hard to avoid.

But despite Venusaur’s problematic moveset, his balanced stats, ability to heal over the course of a battle, and his collection of devastating Status moves can’t be ignored, and will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the fight to come.



Charizard is a heavy hitting suicide sweeper that’s devoted to a very offensive battle strategy. Of the three Kanto starters, Charizard is by far the fastest with a 100 point Speed stat, soaring past Venusaur’s 80 point Speed stat and Blastoise’s 78 point Speed stat. Charizard also surpasses the others in the area of Special Attack, with a total of 109 points to Venusaur’s 100 and Blastoise’s 85. Though he doesn’t take the rank by a landslide, Charizard also has the highest Attack stat with a total of 84 points, just one point ahead of Blastoise’s 83, and two points ahead Venusaur’s 82. And finally, among the three starters, Charizard has the highest overall stat total with 534 points.

In addition to his stat total, Charizard is also a very versatile Pokemon with the most type varied moveset. With Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Wing Attack, Air Slash, and Slash, Charizard has six moves that Blastoise and Venusaur don’t have any kind of resistance to, giving him the most options in combat. Charizard’s impressive coverage is carried even further by his typing, which gives him a STAB bonus for two moves that aren’t Fire typed. With his vastly superior speed, offensive stats, and greater versatility, Charizard has a tactical advantage that the other starters don’t have.

But….Despite all of these distinct advantages, there’s one major hurdle that Charizard has always had difficulty overcoming… His absolutely pathetic defensive game.

In terms of base defensive stats, Charizard is by far the weakest of the three, with the lowest HP, Defense, and Special Defense. Though his HP is only two points lower than than Venusaur’s, his Defense and Special Defense stats fall much farther behind. His Defense stat total is 78, which falls five points behind Venusaur’s 83, and twenty two points behind Blastoise’s 100. Charizard’s Special Defense stat total is 85, which comes fifteen points behind Venusaur’s 100 and twenty points behind Blastoise’s 105.

So there’s obviously a lot Charizard has to sacrifice in order to maintain his extremely aggressive game plan. Is sacrificing every notion of defense really worth Charizard's offensive power? We'll just have to see when this three way fight to the death begins.



With the highest Defense and Special Defense stats, Blastoise is the epitome of a tank. Armed with moves like Iron Defense and Withdraw, Blastoise can dramatically increase his already high Defense stat with a large number of stat boosting moves. Blastoise can advance this defensive game plan even further by utilizing the move Protect, which completely shields him from damage for one whole turn.

Even though he doesn’t have a particularly strong offensive game, he can boost his chances of landing a fatal blow with Rain Dance, which dramatically boosts the power of all his Water Type moves.

If the need should arise, Blastoise can also use Flash Cannon and Skull Bash to help even the odds against Pokemon he’d otherwise be quite vulnerable to and can use Rapid Spin to get out of binds and status moves like Leech Seed. Stat wise, Blastoise falls between the other two starters with the second highest stat total at 530 points, making him a pretty well rounded fighter. So aside from his defensive capabilities, what other distinct advantages can be attributed to Blastoise? The answer is not that much.

Just as Charizard exemplifies the absolute extreme of an offensive strategy, Blastoise exemplifies the absolute extreme of a defensive strategy. Most of his offensive struggles are compounded by the fact that he has the lowest Speed stat among them. Because of this, every time Blastoise takes the opportunity to tank instead of attack, he risks being an easy target that his much faster rivals can effortlessly throw punches at.

And no matter how high Blastoise raises his Defense Stat, he has no way of increasing his Special Defense, which makes him quite vulnerable to Special Attacks like Solar Beam and Petal Dance. Though he has greater versatility than Venusaur, his typing means that Water is the only type of attack he can receive a STAB bonus from. His low Special Attack is also a problem, since Aqua Tail is the only Water type move in which Blastoise can take advantage of his higher Attack stat.

But as mentioned before, this low Special Attack can be fixed by Rain Dance, which raises the power of his Water type specials by 50% and allows him to recover 1/16th of his HP in the event that he has the Rain Dish ability.

Even though Blastoise has several offensive woes he’s going to have to overcome, his brutally defensive move set and weather inducing Rain Dance are two key factors that could easily give him the edge he needs to claim victory.






  • Grass type moves are 2x effective against Blastoise.
  • Highest HP Stat.
  • Largest number of Status Based Moves.
  • Can use Synthesis and Leech Seed to recover lost HP.
  • Can render an opponent defenseless with Sleep Powder.
  • Can inflict Poison on targets.


  • Fire type and Flying type moves are 2x effective against Venusaur.
  • Highest Attack Stat.
  • Highest Special Attack Stat.
  • Highest Speed Stat.
  • Largest Special Attack Moveset.
  • Largest Attack Moveset.
  • Largest Overall Moveset.
  • Can inflict Burn on targets.


  • Water Type moves are 2x effective against Charizard.
  • Highest Defense Stat.
  • Highest Special Defense Stat.
  • Withdraw and other such moves can raise his defense even more to reduce damage.
  • Can raise the power of Water Type moves by 50%, lower the power of Fire Type moves by 50%, reduce the effectiveness of Synthesis and Solar Beam, and can recover 1/16th of its HP (Rain Dish) for five turns with Rain Dance.
  • Rapid Spin can remove Leech Seed or traps.



  • Weak against Charizard’s Fire and Flying Type attacks.
  • Lowest Attack Stat.
  • Lowest Stat Total.
  • Smallest Special Attack Moveset.
  • Least Type Varied Moveset.
  • Smallest Overall Moveset.
  • Synthesis and Solar Beam’s power can be dramatically reduced by Blastoise’s Rain Dance.
  • Some attacks suffer from lower accuracy, recoil damage, and confusion.


  • Weak against Blastoise’s Water type attacks.
  • Fire type moves can be weakened by Rain Dance.
  • Lowest HP Stat.
  • Lowest Defense Stat.
  • Lowest Special Defense Stat .
  • Smallest Status Moveset.


  • Weak against Venusaur’s Grass type attacks.
  • Lowest Speed Stat.
  • Lowest Special Attack Stat.
  • Smallest Attack Moveset.
  • Is more likely to be hit with status effects like Burn or Poison than any other contender.


Final Verdicts



Coming from the guy that ranked Charizard as the number one Dragon in Gaming AND the number one Pokemon, it should come as absolutely no surprise that Charizard is my favorite among these three. And because of this, I went into the research second guessing myself at nearly every possible turn because I was afraid of my own bias.

But having taken into account the stats and movesets from the games, the feats from the anime and manga, and what little parts of their behavior we can safely draw assumptions from, I’ve concluded that the argument for Charizard is simply the strongest one.

Objectively speaking, Charizard is physically the most powerful, with the highest Attack and Special Attack stats and the largest base stat total. So going purely off of game mechanics, the argument for Charizard is pretty damn solid from my perspective.

Even though Venusaur could have easily wrecked Blastoise with Sunny Day and the Chlorophyll ability, he really can’t become that much of a threat when he’s limited to his natural moveset, which makes pathetic use of his Poison typing and burdens him with one too many costly moves.

Blastoise still has a lot of potential in my opinion, and his performance is going to depend on how well he takes advantage of Rain Dance. However, even if he does use Rain Dance, his slow speed will force him to sustain four potential hits before he even has the chance to capitalize on it.

Even though he has pathetic defensive stats, Charizard more than makes up for it with his lightning speed and excellent coverage. Along with the Attack stat, the differences in each Pokemon’s HP is not all that great, with Charizard being only two points behind Venusaur’s HP stat, which is the highest. So at least in that regard, I’d say Charizard’s low stamina is highly overexaggerated.

In terms of the anime, there are already two different Charizards that have successfully taken down a Blastoise (Ash’s and Red’s). An important thing to remember in all of this is the fact that Ash’s Charizard is supposed to be a runt, physically inferior to most other members of his species. Then again, Ash’s Charizard isn’t always the best example to use for feats. In one instance he was defeated by a Blaziken despite his Flying type advantage. Even more embarrassing failure feats can be attributed to his particularly prideful and arrogant personality.

I fully understand that many of the greatest feats that Charizard possesses are attributable to the personal guidance of the trainers, and of course, the needs of the plot. There’s also no way to really understand the differences in each Pokemon’s level when using feats from the animes, and therefore it’s really kind of hard to map out the significance of such feats. And so, for these reasons, the animes and mangas are not as seriously considered as the game mechanics from which they were inspired. However, since we are using the animes and mangas as a source, the feats are still a factor nonetheless. And despite the unfair and disproportionately larger amount of attention he has gotten throughout the series, Charizard’s feats are still the greatest in my opinion.

In the beginning of this grand debate, we really tried to go at this from a purely game driven perspective, in which we concluded the end result of the fight would depend on who Charizard would attack first and with what attack. I personally argued that given Charizard’s age and experience, and tendency to fight the most challenging opponent possible, there would be a high chance that he would strike Blastoise first.

And while this might very well be the case, I now believe that trying to deduce the outcome of the fight in this manner is not the best solution to finding out who would win. There’s really no way to know how all three Pokemon would react in such a situation. Pokemon’s mechanics, like all game mechanics, are completely dependent on the choices made by the players and not the Pokemon themselves.  

And since we agreed there would be no move caps and no one hit kills in the actual fight, I really didn’t think a half-hearted attempt at making a turn based simulation of a Pokemon battle was really worth it. Otherwise we’d probably just go insane with questions like “Would he really use that attack?” and “Would he really attack him over him?” and etc. and etc.

The most ironclad and air-tight method of going about this is to make as few assumptions as possible, and give the victory to the fighter that outclasses his opponents in the most categories and by the largest degrees. Charizard outclasses Venusaur and Blastoise in three stat categories, has the highest stat total, the largest number of moves to choose from, and the most diverse moveset. What more is there to say?

I mean, I really tried to think about every possible scenario and condition the fight could use, but sure enough, Charizard still came out as the most likely victor every time. Think taking away EVs, IVs, Egg Moves, HMs, and TMs is unfair against Blastoise and Venusaur? Try putting them up against a Mega Evolution that takes neutral damage from Water and uses STAB Dragon type moves, or even better, an alternative Mega Evolution that automatically halves the damage of Water type attacks for five turns and can kill most Water and Rock type Pokemon with a single, one-turn, Solar Beam…

I keep bringing up the stats all the time, but honestly, given how close they are, I think the real deciding factor here is the versatility in movesets. Charizard’s Air Slash does a solid 70 points of damage, and when you add the STAB bonus to the fact that the move can cause the target to flinch, and you end up with a pretty good offensive counter move to Blastoise.

And if the fight ultimately does boil down to a single one on one fight with any of the other two opponents, Charizard’s superior speed and the ability to use Dragon Rage will pretty much guarantee him a victory against any Pokemon that has less than 40 HP left.

I really don’t see this going any other way. Call me a mentally retarded, Charizard fanboy, noob... But that the end of the day, you can’t dispute objective facts. Charizard has superior Speed, superior Attack, superior Special Attack, a superior stat total, a larger moveset, a more diverse moveset, and two feats that clearly show that he can take down a Blastoise single handedly. These are the facts people. I rest my case.



One thing that I agree will have a significant impact on the outcome is strategy, and the easiest way to determine what kind of strategy each individual Pokemon would use is based off of their personality. Something that is hard to pin down for generic wild pokemon such as these 3. Thankfully the pokedex entries helps to give some insight on this. Sure I don’t trust the Pokedex when it comes to feats but I would call it reliable for standard personality traits of generic wild pokemon.

Based off of these Pokedex entries, Venusaur is cautious, Charizard is a challenge seeking warrior, and based off of how Blastoise is described, he seems to fit the bill of a wise leader based off of his protection and leadership of Squirtle and Wartortle clans.

I also feel that the stats will play a role in each Pokemon's strategy. Partially because a Pokemon's stats are influenced by it’s nature in the games. Due to being cautious, Venusaur would probably go for Charizard with status ailments first. I actually see this as a problem for Venusaur because while I think Charizard’s initial target would be Blastoise, once Charizard learns what Venusaur is trying to do, he’ll probably have the mindset of “I’d best get rid of this annoyance."

Charizard will likely seek the challenge of Blastoise first since he has the type advantage, but I can’t believe that Charizard would purposely let himself get crippled by Venusaur’s stst moves. I just don’t think Charizards desire for challenge will make him do something that will obviously cripple him.

Now if Venusaur’s initial status move hits then Charizard could be in trouble. But 75% accuracy isn’t all that reliable. Sure Leech Seed has 90% accuracy but I don’t think Leech Seed will be enough. Almost all of Charizard’s Fire-type attacks as well as his Air Slash have a type advantage against Venusaur and all of those moves are Special Attacks that receive STAB. Plus, Charizard’s Special Attack stat is 9 points higher than Venusaur’s Special Defense stat, so while I don’t think Charizard will one shot Venusaur, the plant Pokemon will probably go down rather quickly.

While this is going on Blastoise would probably be boosting his Defense stat with Iron Defense and Withdraw and fight back should Charizard leave Venusaur for a bit to go after him. This is especially a problem for Charizard, since most of his attacks that Blastoise doesn’t resist are physical, which even without the Defense boosts, Charizard’s Physical Attack Stat is 16 points lower than Blastoise’s Physical Defense.

That leaves Special Attacks, which given that this is Charizard’s highest stat, I think he’d use those more often anyway. The problem is that Air Slash is Charizard’s only special attack that isn’t a Fire type. As Blastoise resists Fire type attacks, he can nullify their effectiveness as well as boost his own Water-type attacks with Rain Dance, and Blastoise’s Special Defense is only 4 points lower than Charizard’s Special Attack. That really only leaves Air Slash as Charizard’s only effective attack as physical and fire attacks won’t do much damage to Blastoise.

Air Slash IS a good move with 100% accuracy and a chance to cause the target to flinch. But 70 attack power and having to rely on one move tends to work against a fighter and I just don’t see Charizard taking down Blastoise like this.

I know the fight won’t go exactly as I’ve said here but that’s the general principle of how I see this scenario playing out. My bets are on Blastoise.



When it comes to Pokemon, I’ve played only Pokemon Blue and the first two Pokemon Dungeon Games. Saw the anime until Johto and all of the ones where Dawn was still in it. So when it comes to being non-bias, I have no preferred Pokemon among these three (As Chikorita is my favorite). Looking at their moves, stats, and fighting styles, I have come up with my own decision.

For starters, Venusaur will be the first one out. Middle of the road with not many offensive attacks (and the ones that are risky) would mean he wouldn’t be in the final two. Thanks to his status effects, it will most likely have a lasting effect against everyone after it leaves, but it won’t have the punch to really put an opponent down, even against the highly defensive Blastoise.

Which leads to Charizard Vs Blastoise. In the Animes, we’ve seen a Charizard defeat a Blastoise, twice. But you can put that aside as a possible plot shielding device for it to be true. So considering just what they’re capable of, my conclusion about these two is quite similar to Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield.

All of Charizard’s moves and stats, combined with his warrior sounding background, makes me think of him like Mike Tyson, and as Game Theory puts it, “His goal is to kill you as quickly as possible, literally.” With the lowest HP, you can also say Charizard has the lowest Stamina of the three Pokemon. Combine that with the low Defense and you have a Glass Cannon.

Meanwhile Blastoise is pure defense. With Rain Dance and resistance to Fire types, even if he had status ailments he can literally take any beating Charizard can dish out. And when Charizard has exhausted all of his offense, he’ll be a sitting duck to Blastoise’s Water type attacks.

With Venusaur out first, this is a battle between pure offense and pure defense. And in the end, it is usually the more defensive fighter that prevails. So I am putting my money on Blastoise.



My fellow analyzers have well and truly laid out the facts for you all, and if you have read all of it then you most likely already have your opinion on the fight set in stone. So, I will simply state my own opinion and you may interpret it however you choose.

Charizard loves to fight, he loves to challenge himself, and Charizard hates people butting into his fights. Charizard will more than most likely start of attacking Blastoise, which leaves them both distracted as Venusaur is free to meddle in the fight by sending his various status and stat based moves which Charizard will more than most likely take quick notice of and become very angry at the guy getting in the way of him proving how awesome he is. Venusaur will be at a disadvantage but his bulk and strength will keep him fighting with Charizard for at least a little while leaving Blastoise to do any number of things, bolster his defenses, make it start raining so as to weaken both of his opponents, or just take pot shots at both of his opponents while they are distracted. With Charizard mad at Venusaur and Blastoise being weak to him they will most likely focus their attacks on him and while he will put up an amazing fight he will simply be outgunned.

Leaving Charizard and Blastoise to fight amongst themselves, while its raining Charizards fire attacks, combined with Blastoise natural defenses towards all attacks will leave Charizard with a slashed move-pool more than most likely angering him to no end. There is plenty of evidence to support that Charizards as a species are very temperamental and the battle slipping away from him will most likely do just that, and there are very few situations where getting mad truly helps your fighting ability, more often than not it makes you sloppy.

So basically we will have a pissed of Charizard launching all the attacks he can on Blastoise to the best of his ability but Blastoise's hugely buffed defense stats will hold up valiantly. Eventually Blastoise, as slow as he is WILL get some hits on Charizard, and with Charizards less the impressive defense and HP he just won’t be able to keep his momentum.

This fight could play out many different ways but with the information we have to go on this really does seem like the most likely turn of events.

The Pokémon will fight like they have never before, but in a 3 way standoff? Blastoise's ability to take hits and change the environment to buff himself and weaken his opponents is just the kind of edge he will need to take home the gold as the deadliest Kanto starter.



So I’m going to be honest.I don’t think this fight is going to be determined by how powerful each individual pokemon is, who has the most experience, who has the best moveset potential or who’s got the best mobility. When it comes down to it, almost all three of these Pokemon are equal to each other in terms of stats. All three of them are at level 100, so they all have plenty of experience, all three have at least 1 or 2 good moves they can rely on(which is just as good as having a dozen), and since stats are being taken literally in this fight we can assume accuracy/evasion stats are going to determine what attacks hit/miss (which again makes everyone more or less even). I also really don’t think feats from the anime or manga are going to be a big factor, since obviously these are average wild Pokemon, not various  individuals who have have specific training regimens. Using the anime/manga also gives an unfair bias to Charizard who always gets the most screentime, is always used by the main characters (Ensuring he’ll normally win big fights due to plot), and almost always has a good trainer to back him up in the fight (That last point being particularly important, because the skill of the trainer could very easily make a trained Charizard more prepared for a fight that a wild Charizard might lose).

Instead this fight is mostly going to be determined by the general personality traits of each Pokemon, how they themselves will react to each other emotion wise on the battlefield, and exactly how their movepools dictate the strategies/mindsets they have to employ during any given fight. Considering this, I have to say Vensasur would be the winner….and no it’s not because he’s the strongest.

Look at the fight step by step. Charizard is the fastest of the three pokemon so he’ll get the first strike. Charizards don’t like to fight foes weaker than themselves, so he’ll most likely ignore Venusaur (due to his type advantage) and charge straight for Blastoise (In fact the preview video already showed this exact scenario happening). This immediately would put Blastoise on the defensive, and divert his attention from Venusaur and towards Charizard in turn. This consequently gives Venusaur the perfect opportunity to use his more strategic status effect based, buff, de-buff fighting style to full effect. While the other two Pokemon are too busy fighting amongst themselves, Venusaur would most likely do something along the lines of using sweet scent to prepare for poison/sleep attacks, or Growth to increase his stats (Which again, is a scenario that appears to have happened in the preview already if you look closely). In fact Venusaur's moveset and general personality traits places self-preservation over outright aggressiveness, so I doubt he’ll even enter the fight until he’s fully prepared or one of the other two Pokemon brings the fight to him(which logically won't be until after they exchange at least a few blows with each other).

Conversely the fight between Blastoise vs Charizard can only play out in about 3 ways, all which end with Venusaur being put on the advantage. Scenario 1: They both get good hits on each other and are weakened, but Venusaur interrupts them mid battle with a status effecting attack or a double hitting attack, KOing or disabling one of the two, most likely Blastoise (Which also looks like it may have happened already in the preview). This leaves Venusaur with the opportunity to finish off his weakened foes with his higher HP and possibly his higher stats due to Growth (Which one more time, looks like it’s happening in the preview, as Venusaur seems to be winning the beam struggle with charizard over an unconscious/possibly dead blastoise). Scenario 2: Charizard somehow beats Blastoise before Venusaur intervenes, but is left significantly weakened due to Blastoise having super effective moves against him. Venusaur could very easily kill him at this point even with the type disadvantage or make him vulnerable with status moves. Finally Blastoise beats Charizard due to his type advantage before Venusaur intervenes, but losses to Venusaur because he’s weakened and has a type disadvantage.

Additionally on top of all this, Rain Dance is very likely to be used at some point in this battle, which while lowering the efficiency of some of Venusaur's moves, halves the strength of Fire attacks, meaning Venusaur doesn't need to worry about them doing super effective damage on him (And conversely Blastoise’s Water attacks will only do normal damage even with the Rain Dance boost because of his typing). Next, while Venusaur's move pool is arguably limited compared to the other two, and filled with double edged swords (Like attacks that cause recoil damage),saying he has no options is greatly exaggerating. In truth he really only needs the attacks Petal Blizzard (which is just as powerful as most of the other Pokemon’s major attacks, is incredibly efficient in a fight like this because it hits two opponents as once and has high accuracy), and Solar Beam(Which is a great finisher and extremely powerful after Growth) to be an effective fighter.The move petal dance, while causing confusion for Venusaur,also has a lot of power, hits multiple opponents, and hits multiple times too, so logically using the move even once after growth would probably Ko both opponents if they've already sustained damage. Finally, he can heal, which is a great asset in a fight like this, and could help turn the tide given he won’t take much damage to begin with.

Overall I just see this fight going to Venasaur, not necessarily because he’s the strongest, but because I see the fight playing out in a way that gives him most of the advantages. Also, while I’ll admit I’m speculating some things in the video, a lot of the events I’m predicting at least seem to have played out in it already, which makes me all the more confident that I’m fairly spot on with this theory.



As a whole I think this fight has largely come down to less of what we think these 3 fighters can do, and more of what we think they will do. Blastoise is the slowest of the 3, so this is less true on his part. He'll be spending his time reacting to the strategies his other 2 opponents throw out. We're all pretty much in agreement that Charizard will be making the first move, and that it's most likely he'll go after Blastoise, due to him desiring a challenge and Blastoise being his biggest threat. And it's here where I think we begin to disagree.

I see where Ultra is coming from, and can certainly see an argument for Venusaur abusing Charizard and Blastoise going at one another first. However, no matter how much of the 'warrior way' is embedded into Charizard's blood, I cannot believe he would completely ignore Venusaur, and I certainly can't see Blastoise doing so considering Venusaur is his biggest threat. Bear in mind that while Blastoise is likely to be Charizard's first target, it doesn't mean he'll have completely forgotten about Venusaur.

There’s a chance Venusaur will use some stat boosting moves to help boost his chances of victory in this situation, but there are few moves available to him that do this, and even those only boosts his Attack and Special Attack, leaving his other stats lacking by the standards of either Blastoise or Charizard (aside from HP), and the effectiveness of the strategy is questionable. I think a much more likely strategy Venusaur would choose would be to either try to inflict status effects onto Charizard, or hit him with an attack, Charizard being the most serious threat to him. Given the high failure rate of most status ailments, the minute this happens Charizard will take notice, and attempt to take down Venusaur quickly, so his battle with Blastoise can remain uninterrupted.

In the meantime, Blastoise would have plenty of time to use Rain Dance, something that would severely cripple Charizard's Fire attacks, and Venusaur's Solar Beam and Synthesis. I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if he decided to use Rain Dance right off the bat given how big a buff it gives him and how much it nerfs both his opponents. Blastoise is the most likely of the 3 to be inflicted with a status ailment like burn or poison, but Rain Dish easily cancels this out. Beyond that, he has everything required to deal with Charizard.

The only argument I’ve seen brought up that suggests otherwise is the  possibility of Charizard flying to immense heights to either avoid the confrontation between the other 2 opponents, or attack from a distance neither opponent can reach. While I doubt either Blastoise or Venusaur have attacks that can reach 4,500 feet in the air, I highly doubt Charizard would use this strategy due to his warrior nature. If he's going to fight, it will up being close and personal. Even if he did use this strategy there's nothing that suggests he has an attack with great enough range to attack Blastoise and Venusaur from a distance they themselves cannot reach with their own attacks.

And with all due respect to Samurai, I do not think the fact that Charizard has the largest number of stat points is very significant considering how negligible the difference in stat points is. He literally has only 4 more stat points in total. Blastoise may be the slowest of the 3, but he's the most durable, something I consider far more valuable in a 3-way battle royale than raw power, and more importantly has the ability to alter the terrain around him to his benefit and his opponent's detriment. The same cannot be said for the other 2. So ultimately I side with Blastoise.


Researching this fight was quite the giant undertaking, but we're all happy to finally have it ready. Which of the Poke-mans is going to come out on top? Find out April 11th! Until next time we'll see everyone later.

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