DEATH BATTLE! Predictions: Spider-Man vs. Batman

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The ODBFB is back to give some the community's thoughts on DB's next fight between the web-slinging symbol of Marvel Comics and the dark anti-hero icon of D.C Comics. IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!

Note to Fans: As you might notice while reading this, we have made a few changes from our previous prediction blog. We really want to make this effecient, and most of the changes to our format relate to making it shorter, more readable, and more relavent to the actual series. 

If you have any thing you would like to point out, please do so respectively, and if you do have a point, please try to make it well backed by real world facts that relate to the characters themselves and not moot points or interpretations. We work hard on these, and all we ask is a little respect. Thank you for understaning and I hope you have a nice read. :)


Welcome back g1s, the two contenders for the newest DEATH BATTLE have been announced and naturally we’re back with a prediction for the newest battle and what a battle it will be! We weren’t expecting there to be a fight that could match if not surpass the level of intensity behind the Cloud VS. Link debacle this soon, but it has come! The Human Spider VS. The Caped Crusader! The two most famous superheroes from the two most successful comic book companies in history. Time for us to look at the weapons, armor, and skills available to these two comic book  icons and predict who we believe will win the newest DEATH BATTLE!

As always we’ll reiterate the rules DEATH BATTLE follows before continuing.

The Scenario


-Combatants possess knowledge of each other only if it is canon to each fighter’s universe.

-The battle must end in a death. For fairness, any personality restraints from killing are removed.

-All other character traits, tactics, and attributes are not removed and are attempted to be represented faithfully.

- No outside help

So there's the official rules as they have been stated on the show. However, we have conducted a thorough anaylsis of the series and have drawn up two loose trends in which DEATH BATTLE usually makes an effort to follow. 

We drew these up in our analysis article of Cloud vs. Link and we hope to implement them into our own predictions so we can predict the outcome of the fight as close as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL RULES. Just standards that we have outlined in regards to predicting how the fight will turn out. So without further ado, here they are.

Unwritten Rules of DEATH BATTLE

- (Elaboration of the No outside help rule) Unless mentioned otherwise, all characters represented are done so individually and are not allowed any outside help from any other being that is capable of acting independently  and or capable of attacking on its own.

- While such attributes may be taken into account during the process of choosing a winner, no healing items can be used in the visual portrayal if too expansive. Such attributes for both characters are difficult to combine in one setting and can make the fight needlessly complicated.

While this has also been a consistent norm in the DEATH BATTLE series, the characters in question are represented using the weapons, skills, and equipment that “They feel most comfortable taking into battle” meaning, the items that are the most commonly recurring and or iconic to the character.

While certain crucial and key items and or abilities may not make it into the final cut of the fight’s visual portrayal, there is reason to believe that some more pivotal and unmentioned factors are considered in selecting a winner.

If such a factor of either character presents itself in our research, we will include it if we feel that it is important and fits within the established rules no matter how obscure the item or ability.

However, it should be duly noted that the outcome of this fight greatly rests on the idea of the “Weapons they are most comfortable with” and the written rule of how “Combatants possess knowledge of each other only if it is canon to each fighter’s universe.” Both Spider-Man’s and Batman’s arsenals are heavily based on prior knowledge of their opponents’, and more often than not, this has granted them victory over seemingly insurmountable odds.

But, as the rules suggest, prior knowledge is excluded from the fight as Spider-Man’s and Batman’s only appearance together has been effectively non-canon.

Spider-Man/Batman Crossover

So for this fight, only their most basic tools will be implemented for the sake of fairness. And unlike previous fights, their continuous canon makes them accountable for all of the effects their respective stories have had on them. Meaning, if they have lost an ability in the past, they will not be able to use it in DEATH BATTLE.

Now that we got that squared away, letls get ready folks, because it’s time for a superhero DEATH BATTLE!


Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Orphaned to his Aunt May and Uncle Ben at a young age, Peter Parker was a highly intelligent, but lonely and outcasted nerd throughout most of his life until one fateful day. He was bitten by a radioactive spider and given extraordinary abilities. At first he abused his newfound powers for his own benefit in the wrestling ring, but when his actions indirectly led to the death of his Uncle, Peter quickly learned the now famous lesson, “With great power comes great responsibility” and began to use his powers for crime-fighting all while wrestling with the troubles of being a busy student with an aunt to support. Spidey has gone toe to toe against many super-powered foes in the past. There are the obvious ones like Dr. Octopus and the Green Goblin, but Spider-Man has also defeated Juggernaut, Superboy, and Galactus’s servant the mighty Firelord. With abnormal strength, agility, senses, and a slur of other powers, Spiderman is widely considered one of Marvel’s most formidable superheroes.

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

The tale of Batman has been told and retold many times with differing details, but the story generally goes like this: Bruce Wayne was the son of the wealthy Thomas and Martha Wayne who at a young age saw them murdered by mugger right in front of his eyes. This changed his life forever and set him off on a long, twisted road of extreme physical and mental training to become the Batman. Despite having no real super-powers, Batman is a force to be reckoned with. The man is a master of stealth and hundreds of martial arts, has peak physical strength, intelligence often compared to Sherlock Holmes and has taken down the twisted Joker, the mighty Superman, and even the god-like Darkseid with his sheer intelligence and versatility. He is the epitome of a gadget superhero and likely one of DC’s most versatile and reputable characters.



Spider-Man doesn’t come close to having the number of gadgets Batman does, but he has a few at his disposal, the most well-known one being his Web Shooters.These dual-wrist mechanisms are what is used to fire his webbing. The webbing itself is stored in cartridges that contain 300 p.s.i of pressure and when released from the mechanism and exposed to air, it dries into a durable material with a tensile strength of 120 lbs per square millimeter and generally lasts an hour before dissipating. It is estimated to fire as far as 60 feet, and can be used in many creative ways. Spider-Man has used his web to blind foes, create improvised objects such as bats and parachutes, restrain more criminals than can be counted, and of course swings across the cities at an estimated 75 to 100 MPH.

Web Shooter Mechanism 

Spider-Man's Utility Belt

However, only so much webbing can be held in one cartridge and in extended fights Spider-Man can quickly run out of it and lose one of his best assets. To fix this he either has has a Utility Belt that stores extra web cartridges or adds a Carousel Mechanism to the web shooters that automatically cycles to a new cartridge when one is emptied. But this isn’t a fix-all solution due to the fact that the carousel mechanism has jammed on occasion. Because this added mechanism isn’t as commonly used as Spidey’s belt and has jamming tendencies, we’re assuming the belt will be used instead.

The belt also has the benefit of being able to hold Special Web Cartridges that have different attributes such as: flame retardation, electricity resistance, and even special acidic web, though these modified cartridges are usually used by Peter only in preparation for specific fights, so it is possible they won’t be available to him in this DEATH BATTLE.

Spider Tracer

The last tool worth mention that Spider-Man has is the Spider-Tracer. The name speaks for itself, this small object was designed to be attached to escaping enemies and not only expands his spider sense, but gives him a way to lock onto whoever has the spider-tracer on them. With the right tools and technological know-how, enemies can and have made this backfire on Spidey by overloading his spider-sense with the tracer or ambushing him. If Batman gets tagged by a tracer he’ll have a tough time sneaking around. Then again if he notices he has a tracer on him, he could easily use that to ambush Spider-Man.

In case you were wondering...

Those familiar with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films will know that in it Spider-Man was able to shoot and produce web organically. There have been other incarnations of Spider-Man with this quirk and while some actually prefer his organic web shooters, most takes on Spider-Man give him mechanical ones and we’re assuming DEATH BATTLE will be giving him them as well.


Everything Batman uses is in his Utility Belt, which possesses many tools and weapons he wields in his fight against crime. The most iconic among them is his batarang, a roughly bat-shaped throwing weapon more akin to shurikens than boomerangs. They come in a variety of types ranging from explosive to slashing. And can be used for hand to hand fighting as well.

Proof that the Adam West Batman is by far the deadliest version the Dark Knight to date...

Bat Gadgets

The Grappling Gun is another iconic weapon used by Batman. With it, he is able to reach places he is normally unable to reach. He can also use them to swing to places, similar to the web head above. While the Grappling Gun had been typically used within logical limits prior to the events portrayed in Batman: Arkham City, it now seems to possess a ridiculously long and or immeasurable range. The best part is that it is re-useable as he is able to recover it by releasing the clamp and rewinding the cable. Batman has used the gun on occasion to fasten the explosive to the gun's line clamp to launch it away to explode at a hopefully safe distance.

Grappling Gun 

He also has a spear version of the above weapon. While not as re-usable, it has a magazine of explosively-propelled darts attach to de-cel jumpline reels secured with braking and clipping mechanisms inside the grapnel gun sleeve. "Smart" acceleration motors within this version enables attachment to light aluminum, steel, or concrete masonry. And both versions use a state-of-the-art industrial retracting motor attached to the reel that is powerful enough to lift several hundred pounds.

Rounding up the remaining items, he has a Bat-lasso, Bat-cuffs, Bat-Tracer, Bat Line (or Line Launcher), tranquilizers, a first aid kit, explosive gel, capsules full of cryonic acid, a Bat Goo Gun, Night Vision Goggles, a flashlight, a Flamethrower, some kryptonite, Bat acetylene torch, a lock pick, marbles, micro cameras, smoke grenades, Bat Breather, a Master Bat-Key, Bat pellets, a taser, Flash-Bang Grenades, Thermite grenades, a collapsible sword in Batman: the Brave and the Bold cartoon, a saw, a Bat-Heater, listening devices, rope, and a bag. All designed for the most unpredictable of scenarios.

While we are not exactly sure how many of his gadgets he will actually be using, it does however stand to reason that Bats will be able to use at least one of his many toys.

In short, Bats is always prepared to deal with almost any sort of situation.

Skills and Abilities


After being bitten by a radioactive spider, instead of dying, Spider-Man received Spider Strength, the proportional strength of a spider, meaning he can lift things over 10 tons at MINIMUM (more developed states of him could go as far as 70 tons), making him pack quite a punch in comparison to normal guys.

Spider Strength

He also has superhuman agility making him able to run at well-beyond normal speeds (60-80 MPH) and do feats that even top what gymnasts are unable to do. His reflexes are estimated to be 15 times greater than normal human beings. Combine that with his ability to climb walls and he can be in places Batman can’t even reach.

Spider Sense 

But his greatest power is his Spider Sense, an extra-sensory ability that warns him of unknown dangers around him with tingles. His Spider-Sense is so sufficiently well-linked to his reflexes that a threat can trigger them even when Spider-Man is asleep or stunned. Not to the point like in The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but still enough to save his life. The spider sense is what attributes to Spider-Man’s heightened reflexes and makes him capable of knowing where an enemy will fire a bullet almost before they’ve even fired it. With the instruction of Shang Chi, Spider-Man was able to enhance this power even more by developing his own fighting style that mixes Kung-Fu with his unique abilities called, Way of the Spider’. This not only enhanced his spider-sense, but gave him an even greater range of strategies to operate on now that he had some formal training in the art of fighting.

This ability hasn’t always been available to Spider-Man though and has been disabled or weakened in the past like from the Green Goblin’s gas bombs. While Spider-Man still retains his incredible strength, speed, and physical traits, he has a much tougher time controlling it and predicting enemy moves without the Spider-Sense.

Other abilities include an enhanced physiology, which makes him capable of healing injuries faster and more extensively than ordinary humans, not to Wolverine Levels, but still good. This also includes an accelerated metabolism, which increases his tolerance to drugs, meaning a larger dose is needed to cause the usual effect, and he can recover from the effects rapidly. He is still vulnerable to disease and is susceptible towards ethyl chloride, which is a commonly used pesticide against insects and arachnids.

So if Batman has Bat Spider Repellent, Spider-Man can be affected by it.

To top it all off Peter Parker is frequently heralded as a gifted and intelligent individual enough so to gain the respect of Tony Stark. He has an IQ of 250 and the fact that he made his very own high powered web launchers is just a taste of his scientific knowledge. This intelligence is reflected by how cunning he is when fighting opponents who outclass even his abilities. The realm of his knowledge resides mostly in the areas of the physical and chemical sciences. While he has often used his intellect to build effective but more offensive tools, he is not as well educated in the realm of investigative science as much as Batman.

Peter Parker invents the Web Shooters

In more dangerous situations Spider-Man often makes use of the scenery around him to give himself an edge or will toy with his opponents and make quips to mentally throw them off.


Batman, being a human who trained himself to do everything, still has some amazing abilities despite having no real super powers. He has trained his body to Peak Human Abilities, which (thanks to his training) gives him the strength, speed and agility of top athletes. His max lifting feat has him lifting 1000 pounds. That’s a lot better than most record holders in weight lifting. His reflexes have also been described to be near superhuman and has mastered over 100 fighting styles ranging from Muay Thai to Varma Adi. Arguably even more impressive than his physical attributes is his mental intelligence. With mastery over detective work, multiple languages, escapology, tracking, and strategy Batman is in every sense of the word, a genius.

I guess that works too...

Bruce Wayne lifting weights

This large accumulation of skills has made Bruce an expert in dispatching crooks and villains in the most efficient ways possible while remaining relatively non-lethal. And whenever he faces a deadlier foe, his brains and stealth becomes his greatest strength.

While not a power, he does seem to be crazy prepared to deal with any situation. During DC’s Tower of Babel storyline, Ra's al Ghul (a long time enemy of Batman) used Batman’s information to take out the entire Justice League, which included Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Superman. If you give Batman enough time and knowledge, he will find a way to take down any opponent.



Spider-Man’s typical equipment really does not serve much of a purpose beyond concealing his identity. While it’s composition is not entirely known or consistently described, for all stated purposes, it is probably no more effective than a regular spandex halloween costume you can buy at Party City. Completely unaltered or unenhanced, nothing seems to suggest that it is flame retardant, reinforced, or bulletproof.

Symbiote Suit

Symbiote Suit

Iron Spidey Armor

While Spider-Man has possessed several different types of suits, such as his most famous Symbiote Suit, and his more obscure Iron Spidey Armor, Peter Parker has since, adopted his more typical outfit. And for the sake of the fight, it’s safe to assume he will be using his most iconic, but weakest suit. And maybe it’s to his advantage.

As stated earlier, Spider-Man is endowed with superhuman reflexes, agility, mobility, and senses that have allowed him to flawlessly dodge things as fast as bullets. In this sense, Spider-Man is much more reliant on his natural spider-like abilities than he is on his artificial equipment. His regular Spandex Suit is arguably most effective in allowing him to utilize his superhuman skills in most situations. And like we previously mentioned, Spider-Man has used his web shooting abilities to fulfill many of the roles his outfit would need to fill, such as his flame retardant web, a web based parachute, and sometimes a web based wings.

Web Wings

Even though we are sticking to our guns when we say Spider-Man is most likely going to be using the Spandex Suit, we will say that if Spider-Man is given access to his other forms of equipment and suits, he will indeed have a huge edge over The Dark Knight.


Bruce follows a dangerous line of work, frequently going up against dangerous crooks and villains with power that greatly out-matches his, so to increase his odds of survival he wears a lot of armor. The Batsuit is his most basic form of defense a bullet-proof, insulated, flame retardant piece of clothing composed of kevlar and titanium. The suit was made with the intention of providing as much protection as possible without hindering mobility. The gauntlets to the suit are reinforced to prevent injury to his hand from powerful strikes, contain led in the knuckles to increase striking power, and have razor-sharp blades in the shape of bat wings on each side capable of being fired. The actual forearm parts of the gloves are very sturdy, even durable enough to shatter Ra’s Al Ghul’s sword.

His cape contains all the protective properties of the Batsuit and is made of incredibly lightweight material that gives Batman gliding capabilities (Most members of the Screwattack community likely saw this in the Arkham games) and has even been used as a weapon before thanks to the razor edges at the cape’s tip. Like Spider-Man there are different variations to Batman’s suit, however most are either aesthetic changes or radically different from what he is commonly seen wearing and likely won’t be brought up in the fight.

In case you were wondering....

We are well aware of Batman’s iconic Batmobiles, and other vehicles. However, the question regarding the Batmobile shouldn’t be what kind of advantage it would give Batman, but should instead be a question of if he can actually use it.

We have yet to see a DEATH BATTLE were the vehicles and other modes of transportation for BOTH characters were represented in a fight.

Luke Skywalker has his iconic X-Wing  starfighter, yet he was not given the opportunity to use it while Harry Potter was given the ability to use his broomstick. Bomberman had access to a steed as it was power up in his respective game but Dig Dug by comparison did not even have an alternative form of travel to begin with. Even though both Cloud and Link had a motorcycle and a horse to use respectively, they were not accounted for in the previous fight.

In other words, the rules regarding vehicles and steeds are not very clean cut and judging from what we have seen, they have only provided such vehicles to characters who would otherwise stand very little chance against their more powerful opponent.

This makes the possibility of Batman’s Batmobile or even his Batjet a likely scenario, but after looking at past fights we are not really willing to stake are bets on them actually making it into the fight. They could easily make an intro appearance like Boba Fett’s and Samus Aran’s star ships in the beginning of the first episode of DEATH BATTLE, but other than that, we really don’t think they will be employed in the fight itself. So for the sake of this prediction, we are just going to say they are non-applicable under the terms of DEATH BATTLE.




  • Is literally anywhere from 20 to 140 times stronger than Batman.
  • Is a scientific genius.
  • Is physically superior to Batman in speed.
  • Has reflexes that are many times greater than Batman’s even with Batman’s being at/slightly beyond peak human levels.
  • Webs can restrain enemies with superhuman strength.
  • Spider Sense is able to detect incoming danger.
  • Does use his surroundings more than Batman.
  • Is used to fighting characters who use many different fighting styles such as Taskmaster.


  • Does not like to kill (will be taken away for this fight).
  • Said scientific genius isn’t useful for fighting, only for creating.
  • Even though his superhuman abilities make his body much more capable of taking on heavier damage than Bruce Wayne’s, Peter Parker’s standard spidey outfit is practically useless in reducing damage from almost any kind of attack.
  • Is less disciplined than Batman.
  • Talks a lot.
  • Limited weaponry.
  • Weapons can be unreliable at bad times.
  • Outfit is built more to avoid hits than sustain them.



  • More experienced than the young hero.
  • His studies are more useful for finding opponents and their weaknesses.
  • Is better trained than Spiderman.
  • Is better armed than Spiderman.
  • Outfit provides more defense.
  • Able to fight without Utility Belt.
  • If used, vehicles such as the Batmobile could provide superior ground speed and fire power
  • Has a better musical than Spiderman


  • Does not like to kill (will be taken away for this fight).
  • Spider sense renders stealth virtually worthless.
  • Usually needs time/pre-existing knowledge of his deadlier opponents in order to win.
  • No tools capable of de-powering Spider-Man of his powers.
  • Even peak human physical abilities are trounced by Spider-Man’s physical abilities.
  • Needs most of his gadgets to compete with Spiderman.
  • Many gadgets more suited towards detective work.
  • Is an ordinary human against a super human.
  • Even most combat suited equipment is non-lethal.
Final Verdicts


"Batman’s many victories are usually done because he is prepared to face such opponents. He had a way to defeat every member of the Justice League just in case they became bad. He even carries around kryptonite for the off chance Superman becomes a villain. The problem is he won’t have that luxury against Spider-Man. Batman has never faced anyone with the combined abilities Spider-Man possesses.

The closest I found was a villain called the Web, who just had webs. Batman’s fighting ability, despite being a master in all forms of martial arts, isn’t wide enough for Spiderman, who has fought some of the greatest martial artists and street fighters in Marvel Comics. Batman’s experience as a hero isn’t that much greater than Spiderman, who became a costumed hero at a younger age. And technically, Spider-Man is stronger than most of the Rogue Gallery Batman normally faces.

This is a battle of adaptability, and no matter how great a hero or how prepared Batman is, he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Spider-Man. Give him a few encounters, and Batman will analyse everything Spiderman is capable of.

( )

But that first battle will be the last in this Death Battle."


"When analyzing a DEATH BATTLE sometimes it’s important to not just look at the abilities and feats performed by the two competing characters, but the rules that they are bound by in their match. In this case I believe, “Combatants possess knowledge of each other only if it is canon to each fighter’s universe”, is the biggest obstacle in Batman’s way to victory. The Dark Knight is undoubtedly a master of finding his opponent’s weakness, but that is provided he has time and preparation to do so. That won’t be the case with this fight because while Spider-Man and Batman have come together in the past and Batman did some analysis of Spider-Man in that crossover, even ignoring the questionable canonical state of the story there is nothing that suggests he gained knowledge of any of Spider-Man’s key weaknesses like Ethyl Chloride in it nor does he have any tools that can take advantage of these weaknesses.

Even hardcore Batman fans who have been commenting about this match-up have admitted in a fight without preparation or knowledge of Spidey, Batman would lose and I’m convinced this will be a fight where he has no preparation or knowledge. That combined with Spider-Man’s insanely superior physical prowess in virtually all categories and generally strategic nature convinces me Spider-Man will be the winner. Many people rooting for Batman have pointed out that he has defeated opponents such as Bane who greatly outclassed him in physical prowess, but Bane, who Batman barely defeated, can lift a little over 3 tons in his strongest state, Spider-Man can easily lift more than 3 times that in his weakest state, and is far more agile than Bane. To use this logic in a different manner, Spider-Man has fought and defeated not only gadget based villains, but ones with lethal weaponry, superhuman strength, and weapons specifically designed to abuse his weaknesses (Green Goblin).

I absolutely love Batman and all the great comics, movies, TV shows, and games that have been based around him, but I predict this matches’ winner will be Spider-Man...Batman still has the better musical though."



"Batman is a symbol of human ingenuity and humanity’s ability to overcome insurmountable odds by the use of intellect, strategy, and the will to survive. However, despite his unsurpassed feats, Batman is just as human as we are without the time and means necessary to accomplish his seemingly unattainable achievements.

Spider-Man on the other hand is more than a normal human as he is capable of overpowering most of his average foes even without his technology. Peter Parker arguably has an intellect that is equal to, if not higher than Bruce Wayne’s (Peter Parker: IQ of 250, Bruce Wayne: IQ of well-over 200), and add to his genius a vastly superior level of strength, stamina, and agility, and you have a situation in which Batman is simply unequipped to deal with.

While Batman may have more gadgets, Spider-Man has proven that his natural versatility is just as effective as all of his machines. In this, Batman is also incredibly more limited than Spider-Man as the number of his tools reach no more than what his utility belt is capable of holding. Spider-Man has boundless strength and boundless stamina by comparison as he is dependent only on the loose limits of his own abilities.

The whole driving force of Batman is his investigative skills and his ability to observe a situation and find a solution to any problem he faces. Why else is he called the “World’s Greatest Detective”? But DEATH BATTLE is not a fight to decide who wields the more perceptive and effective mind ( A fight Spider-Man could potentially also win). It is a fight to determine who is physically stronger and who is better equipped in the art of killing an opponent in an instantaneous moment of combat. And considering the fact that Batman’s entire philosophy and entire set of weapons are designed to NOT kill people, I would say that this puts Batman at a huge disadvantage.

In the end, if you give Batman enough time and the right tools, he can become an absolutely indomitable, God slaying force. But take those away, and he is just another human being. An extraordinary one, but still human.

And to further prove this point, consider the fact that Spider-Man has taken down opponents just as smart and just as technologically well equipped as Batman. Both the Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin had access to the weapons their corporations provided them, just like Batman. But unlike Batman, they possessed superhuman strength along with all of their very advanced and very lethal gadgets.

Not only has Spider-Man defeated those particular adversaries but he has done so with only his most basic and most commonplace abilities and equipment. Come to think of it, most of Spider-Man’s adversaries are like this. Norman Osborn (Green Goblin), Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus), and Curtis Connors (The Lizard) were all equal in intelligence but superior in strength and technology, yet every single one of them fell to the web-head’s combined might of strategy and raw power. If Spider-Man could handle those guys with his basic arsenal, Batman should be little worry to him.

Batman might be the pinnacle of human perfection, and he might be the perfect model of human preparedness, but his own philosophy and his own humanly limits are what ultimately bring him down in a fight of this circumstance. But when all is said in done, Spider-Man is just too strong for the Dark Knight, and outside of criminal investigative skills, there is probably nothing that Batman can do intellectually that Spider-Man cannot.

Sorry Batman, but my money is on the web head."



"Batman’s greatest advantage in the feats he achieves is his ability to gain knowledge of how to defeat his opponents. Unfortunately for him, this usually involves extensive research outside of battle like using the Supercomputer in the Batcave or gathering info from victims or some other junk like that. Batman cannot effectively analyze and opponents weakness during the midst of battle.

Lousy mentioned that Batman and Spiderman have interacted before so depending on whether or not these interactions are canon to each fighters respective universe that could give Batman an edge if he somehow gathered information on Spiderman's weaknesses. However to my knowledge there is no official confirmation or strong hints that suggest batman does possess such knowledge.

Combine all that with Spiderman having superior strength and agility and his Spidey-Sense and my bet is on Spiderman being the victor."


Sadly, that rule applies to everything other than DEATH BATTLE!

So there is our verdict, but as always our speculation never has the final say in how a DEATH BATTLE will end, we simply deconstruct these characters as best we can to find a conclusion. And even though we have our money on Spider-Man in this match, we’re pretty sure we know which of the two would win a chess match.

...Screw it here’s another funny picture of Batman riding a shark while wielding a chainsaw.

Oh wait, now he is killing the shark...


Oh pop culture, you never cease to amaze us....

Requested by Canadian Brony.

There is a lot of hype behind this match, heck we might surpass the Cloud VS. Link video’s 3500+ comments faster than expected, so get ready because...



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