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The blog is below.


Ok first blog.


Now I've been reading alot of the recent "flame war" on this argument, and I feel like people are giving Goku the short end of the stick.


More specifically in these two categories, Durability and Stamina. People love to say that Goku doesn't have the durability to go up against Superman, or the stamina. And actually think Goku has piss-poor durability and Stamina, which is wrong.


This is not a blog about who would win, but to clear up some misconceptions. 


                            Intro Continued "Speculations"        


Now some people who read this blog will say "this is mostly all speculation" or something similar , well DBZ lacks a bit in feats. If we were only going by feats then Frieza would one of the most powerful fighters in the DBZ universe, even though he's one of the weakest.


For example Frieza blew up a planet, while Goku hasn't. Therefore Frieza is stronger then Goku.


No this is incorrect, as Goku powerlevel has risen above Frieza and this is where powerscaling comes into play.


Moving on. 


                                            The Durability


Now people are really on Superman's side for this catgeory. Kal has a reputation for being Invincible, literally giving him the "man of steel" reputation.


Well Goku fairs extremely high in this category as well. Let's start as early as Dragon Ball.


Completely unbundged by a Nuke like blast in Late Dragon Ball








Goku was hit point blank by a nuke sized blast, which can blow away cities, but can't even move Goku. Now I don't know the force of a nuke, but that takes some extreme resistance to not even move when hit that close. Now the size of that blast was enourmous. Tsunami's were formed, ships flung into the air, the city was completely blown apart and everything was destroyed. Goku withstood this at  powerlevel of 300+, and was completely fine afterwards. 


Goku durability similar to Vegeta - Planet busting Attacks










Vegeta fired a planet-busting Galick Gun, which was overpowered by Goku's bigger Kamehameha.

Now both Vegeta powerlevel in the Saiyan Saga was 18,000. 


Goku Powerlevel KaioKen X3 was 24,000 


Vegeta completely tanked this planet busting blast, and Goku even stated that if Vegeta didn't have that durability he would of been killed easily. Higher powerlevel means more durability, this has been constant throughout the ENTIRE series . 



Goku durability similar to Frieza - Planet exploding Attacks








Frieza powerlevel 100% 120 000 000


SSj Goku powerlevel 150 000 000


Now Frieza had a much lower powerlevel then Goku in Super Saiyan, and wouldn't hold a fickle to Super Saiyan 2 or 3, survived a planet exploding when he was beaten to death and chopped in half.


Anything above Super Saiyan can tank  a planet exploding with little difficulty. Even Frieza knew Goku can survive the planet exploding, and only taunted Goku when he couldn't survive in the vacuum of space. 


Now tell me, who has better durability



It really isn't hard.... But if you still aren't convinced. 



Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Kid Buu

Kid Buu can blow up a Earth with a casual blast. That is insane power.


SSj3 is tanking a Super Kamehameha from Kid Buu with no difficulty.


Now Kid Buu's  Super Kamehameha >>>>>>>>>> casual blast, + all attacks Goku has withstood from Frieza, Cell and Buu. This puts Goku durability at multi-planet busting durability.


Now if you still are saying "this is speculation," well this is DBZ, most of Dragonball Z follows the rule of power scaling, so people have to deal with it.


Oh and Super Saiyan 4 Goku fought Nova Shenron, who was hotter then the sun. Tanking his fire blasts, and heated punches.


                                              The Stamina


Stamina is another category everyone seems to think Goku falls short of. Before I begin, I need to say this. Superman can get tired if he's getting hit by extreme force (Ie. Doomsday punches), and he can get injured and isn't "invincible"

Now back on the topic of Goku's stamina. 


Really the only transformation that takes Goku alot of energy to output is Super Saiyan 3, but he receives an enourmous amount of power once transforming. Literally Super Saiyan is effortless, and Super Saiyan 2 can be done with ease. Goku was exhuasted when he fought Frieza in base form, and then turned Super Saiyan and was perfectly fine. 


Super Saiyan Stamina


Goku going entire days in Super Saiyan, including sleeping and mundane activites.


Another thing people  say for Goku to do any real damage he has to use massive amounts of energy. Well Goku fought perfect Cell at extreme velocity. After he fired a enourmously powerful Kamehameha that blew Perfect Cell apart. And even after could still fight and go rounds with Cell. 





Super Saiyan 2 Stamina


At Super Saiyan 2 he fought Majin Vegeta and they both were doing extreme amounts of damage to each other, and weren't even tired. This energy was so massive it released Majin Buu.











Super Saiyan 3 and 4 Stamina


People keep saying Superman would win because Goku would get tired at Super Saiyan 3. Well when Goku uses Super Saiyan 3, he fights at an extreme rate. 


Note Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta is overwhelmed by Kid Buu's power and speed.


And Goku only couldn't keep the transformation becuse he wasn't used to it. Well he then trained for 10 years, so I'm pretty sure he has gotten used to it, but that is just a theory. 


More importantly 

Ok, I for one has watched Dragon Ball GT. When has Goku ever had Stamina problems as Super Saiyan 4? Answer is NEVER. Super Saiyan 4 gives the user more power then a Super Saiyan 3, and none of the drawback. 


Goku fought Bebe and wasn't tired at all when they fought, and was actually fine afterwards. He later fought Super 17, and all the dragons.


Super Saiyan 4 Goku fought Nova Shenron, Ice Shenron, and then right after Syn Shenron amd never has once gotten tired after all of that fighting. 



                                     Before you leave


This is not an analysis on Goku vs Superman, this is a blog to try to clear up the misconceptions people have been saying about Goku's Durabiltiy and Stamina. 



So for people who say Goku has terrible Durability and Stamina.


Credit to YourNeighborhoodComicGeek for the argument, Craig for how to make a blog. UltimateSaiyan for the scans. 



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