The DEATHBATTLE pattern.

Posted on September 29, 2012 - 12:01am by DarkKnight


Deathbattles are made to appease fans. 

After a character from another series loses, the character from the same series seems to always win right after. No one can even deny that Link only won vs Cloud due to Zelda losing to Peach in the most terrible Deathbattles ever. 

This will result in Superman beating Goku for the sole reason of Batman losing episodes before. 

I can even bet my account on it. 


Now I couldn't care less if you agree with me, or think I'm being highly illogcial and "trolling." But the way I see it, these Deathbattles are already decided due to past winners and losers. 

When the person belonging to a company, deveoloper or series loses, episodes later another character from the same company, series ect makes his/her appearance and ALMOST ALWAYS WINS THE DEATHBATTLE. 

Don't agree with me, let's look at the examples? 

Boba fett(Starwars) loses to Samus

Then Luke Skywalker(Starwars) beats Harry Potter. 


Shadow (SEGA/Sonic series) loses to Vegeta

The Deathbattle RIGHT AFTER  Sonic (SEGA/Sonic series) beats Mario 

Appeasing the vast Sonic fans on Screwattack so they won't get angry from 2 losses. 


Chun-li(Street fighter) vs Mai Shiranui

Note how 2 street fighter people won already (Akuma, Zangief) well Deathbattle can't have that.

Chun Li loses even though proven to be the vastly superior fighter. 


Zelda(Legend of Zelda) vs Peach(Mario series) *probably the worst out of all the episodes

See how Mario loses, and Peach wins against Zelda after in the probably most poorly analyzed, biased and completely lucked out Deathbattle. 


And since everyone was still in a rage over seeing Peach beat Zelda (Yes Peach Beat Zelda....) 

Deathbattle needed to please the Legend of Zelda fans because of the shitstorm they created. 

So they made Cloud vs Link. And guess what? LINK WON!


Even though Cloud can chop through skyscrapers, dodge bullets and move at mach speeds he loses to a Medival boy with some magic(even though Cloud has armor). 



Cloud losing to Link was the stupidest moment in Deathbattle history, and the only reason he won because a Zelda character lost to Peach in some messed up Deathbattle. 



Pikachu vs Blanka(Street Fighter)

Even though Pikachu had more power, speed, varity of attacks, and was more resistant to electrical attacks then Blanka. Blanka still wins to make up for Chun-Li losing in that deathbattle.

Most of the Deathbattles winner are looked upon previous Deathbattles, and determined who needs to be made up for.



Because of Deathbattle wanting to please the fans, this is gonna be the result of the next Deathbattle.


Batman(DC) lost to Spiderman, and now Superman (DC) vs Goku. Superman is going to win for the sole reason that Batman (a very popular DC character) was beaten, and they need to appease the DC fans.


Where have we seen this before? 

Zelda loses Peach, 2 episodes later Link beats Cloud. Coincidence?


Batman loses to Spiderman, 2 episodes later Superman beats Goku. Coincidence?

To please the DC fans, Superman will beat Goku for the reason only, this "battle pattern" used to pleasure fans. 

Now I couldn't care less if you agree or disagree with me, this is on my mind and a major downer on the Deathbattles legitimacy. 


My reaction if you agree, disagree or ignore


I can bet my account that Superman will win vs Goku because of this bullsh*t. 

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