Debunking Superman's feats and misconceptions

Posted on November 9, 2012 - 12:30pm by UltimateSaiyan


Superman cannot move planets at all, and can only go light speed when traveling at an accelerating rate. 

Don't believe me? Read below.

Before I begin I give 100% credit to the original creator of this debunking Superman blog post. This is his argument with some of my words, and all of his scans. 

Thank you Binder_Full_of_Women this was deeply appreciated. 

He made a thread about this, I'm merely moving it over to Screwattack with a couple things added. 



This blog post is created for the purpose of debunking the popular misconceptions about Superman. Of course comic book issues and scans of feats will be provided. Way to many people use out of context scans to back up their debates, so this blog will debunk alot of them. 

This blog focuses on Pre-Flashpoint Superman, as New-52 rarely has any feats(but I will address him), Pre-Crisis Superman is retconned and out of continuity(And frankly is way to overpowered). 

Pre-Flashpoint Superman is the most canon and well known Superman and just like Batman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Spiderman, he will be used in Deathbattle vs Goku. 

In case you're new to comics Post-Crisis Superman = Pre-Flashpoint Superman


                "Superman can move planets and moons"

Superman has never moved a planet or a moon without aid. He has failed to move moons with the same mass or even lower by himself. 


- Failed to stop a moon even with several Kryptonians helping him.


Taken from Superman: New World of Krypton 7



-Stuggling to pull the moon even with the aid of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and a whole Team of magic users. 

Taken from: JLA 58





-After being powered by Strange Visitor and a sundip he struggled moving Warworld which is only the size of Pluto (smaller than Earths moon). Brainiac even states Kal normally wouldn't have the strength to move that. 

Taken from: Superman v2 173 & Action Comics 782







-The most popular scan which looks like it is depicted as Superman moving 1/3 of the Earth. This however is completely out of context. 

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter failed to move the Earth it was actually Kyle who moved it with help. 

Taken from: JLA 75




                 "Superman can move at Light speed"


A very prevelant Superman myth. 

Well there is some truth in this, but it is completely overexaggerated. Superman can only go light speed when travelling at an accelerated rate. 

Travel speed when flying = FTL

Fighting speed = Not light speed


Taken from: The Adventures of Superman 620



-Superman travels through space not fighting but purely flying.  In the second scan it says "Space bends around him as this speed time slows down" This is describing the process of going light speed. No where in the scan did he go light speed, but approaches it through acceleration after flying for a set amount of time.


Don't take my word, ask NASA



Superman even remarks he can't go light speed. Superman can only reach light speed through flying in space at a set velocity. This is near useless in a fight as travel speed is redundant, and combat speed is the speed to determine punches, kicks, ect. 


Taken from: Superman v2 195



Superman even tells us that he only goes light speed when accelerating. Another instance of travel speed. 



This is a popular scan taken from Superman/Batman going FTL. However it is under no indication Superman is going light speed, and is able to have a full conversation with Darkseid the whole way. 




To prove Superman cannot fight at light speed like many people suggest here is a scan.

In actuality the electromagnetic shock wave from the bomb was light speed and it hit Superman. This is sufficient enough to show he was not moving at superluminal speeds, and can't react to it either.



Furthermore many people said Superman flew to the Saturn moons at many times the speed of light. However this is completely false, as Superman was in deep space at the time when he heard the news of Lex Luthor being president. 




Superman cannot react and fight at the speed he travels, this is constantly shown throughout the comics. 

Failing to catch minigun fire.




Pounded by Green Lantern



WonderWoman is even faster then him in combat speed


Superman can only travel at super-speed reaching a velocity of which he accelerates to light speed. His combat speed, reactions, fighting are not even close.


                           "New 52 Superman can lift the Earth"


Ok people debating for Superman. Stop trying to juggle around feats from completely different Superman and combined him into one. There is only one version of Goku, so we use the most canon Superman which is not this one.


Nevertheless people seem to want to bring up this scan 24/7


Taken from: Superman #13


If you are going to pull out this scan then be prepared to relinquish every feats and scan from Post-Crisis Superman. This would put Supermans speed, durability, and feats at bare minimum, making him an easy opponent for Goku. Post-Crisis Superman has never shown this amount of strength (as seen above)


Furthermore if people are going to use this scan then I counter with this.



Superman isn't even strong enough to break out of the grip of a random Godzilla likemonster, and even acknowledges it. The Earth lifting scan was an extremely high end and inconsistent feat which he has never shown capable of doing before and after.


                                                All-Star Superman


Again this is a completely different Superman and is an alternate universe. 



NON-CANON SUPERMAN PEOPLE. Please read comics. 


                                                 In Conclusion


Superman strength is not on par with what people say. People seem to love using out of context scans then trying to high-end Superman like it's not tomorrow. 

Superman cannot lift moons or planets, he can only go FTL when accelerating, and cannot fight at light speeds. 


Thank you and have a nice day. 

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