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Dedicated fans developing Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

8/26/12 10:11pm

It turns out there’s room in this vast universe for more than two Mario Galaxy games, as a group of aspiring level designers is currently developing a fan game entitled Super Mario Galaxy 2.5.

It appears to be a work in progress at this point, as the development team is currently looking for more designers to join its merry band. That and the game looks a bit rough around the edges at some points.

Here’s the reveal trailer the group put out yesterday:

Like I said, it’s a bit rough around the edges in some places, but it looks pretty cool for a data hack. I especially like the nods to Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and Mario 3D Land. Oh and the promise of Co-Op is rather intriguing as well (we kneed more Weegie!), so good luck to them and hopefully Nintendo won’t shut the project down.  

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