Denis Dyack is excited about developing a “most requested” IP

Posted on March 26, 2012 - 2:00pm by Sean Hinz

Denis Dyack is the head honcho over at Silicon Knights, creators of Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness, and Too Human who in a recent interview with GamesIndustry mentioned that they are revisiting an old IP of theirs. Specifically it is an IP that is “most requested” and looking through the list, we can narrow it down. Legacy of Kain is rumored to be in development at Crystal Dynamics so it probably isn't that, but shouldn’t be completely discounted as Silicon Knights has played a support role in developing games before.

Too Human on the other hand was a flop, despite having some interesting mechanics and space Vikings. So could that mean we are getting a sequel to Eternal Darkness? Maybe for the Wii U? It would make more sense as Eternal Darkness was a Nintendo exclusive and the Wii U is the only next generation hardware we are officially aware of launching in the next year or two. Let’s all just pray that no matter what happens we never have to play another game like X-Men: Destiny. That would be something we can all agree would be awesome.

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