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Destiny to feature multiple species, planets, tiered loot and gaming with your friends

12/4/13 4:10pm

Bungie's latest "not-an-MMO" MMO, Destiny had a number of details revealed in the latest GameInformer. Guns will be available to all characters, but armor will be class specific. Players will have an option of choosing their "Focus", which is an upgrade tier for abilities and weapon bonuses, further differentiating their character.

You can switch between multiple Focuses depending on play style, but they will level independently. Destiny will also feature co-op missions, raids, and competitive multiplayer matchmaking; all which take place in a variety of locations on Earth, inside the Moon, or other planets like Mars and Venus. Loot is also tiered with Gold being the most exotic.

So basically this game will be a combination of Halo, Mass Effect, and Borderlands; battling it out in Uranus.

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