Dig Dug turns 30 today!

Posted on April 8, 2012 - 8:40am by Ryan Conway

Ever since it first hit the arcades on April 19, 1982 (although the Dig Dug name was first used commercially on April 8 thus technically making  its 30th birthday today), Namco's Dig Dug has cemented itself as one of the truly iconic titles in gaming history.  

The premise of traveling underground to blowup dragons and tomato people with a bicycle pump turned out to be a huge draw with gamers, as it quickly became a smash hit in arcades across the world and would rival gaming giants like Pac Man in popularity. Eventually it became equally successful on home consoles such as the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Dig Dug's popularity could have also been due to Atari's extensive ad campaign, which even included a theatrical trailer (dug up by gaming historian Patrick Scott Patterson) used to promote the game before its US launch.

You should give it watch. It'll make you go zonkers!:

So let us all celebrate with a hearty round of Dig Dug! Happy Birthday Mr.Hori. May your legend continue to grow among a new generation of gamers.

You can also celebrate Dig Dug's big Three-O by watching these hilariously awesome videos:

Robot Chicken's Dig Dug

Egoraptor's Awesome Dug 

The Armory: Dig Dug's Pump

Video Game Vault: Dig Dug

Game Theory: Dig Dug: Popping a Human Balloon

And of course, Death Battle: Bomberman Vs Dig Dug 

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