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Posted on July 3, 2014 - 6:03am by Chad

I'm incredibly excited to announce that ScrewAttack has teamed up with developer Swagabyte Games to publish their innovative and mind-bending platformer Disorder!  Disorder is an exploration of the mind of a troubled youth whose life has been full of abuse, sorrow, and heart breaking events. You follow a character through his descent into madness, all the while being unsure what weaves the very fabric of the world around him. The yarn being spun is shaped by your own beliefs and leaves each player walking away a bit differently.

Disorder has already received multiple awards despite being in early development. Including "Best 2D Systems Design," "Best Story / Cinematic" and "Best in Show" at the Savannah College of Art & Design 2012 and later took the "Grand Prize" at the Captivate Conference Student Multimedia Competition.

This side scrolling platform style pays homage to early 16 bit games, with amazing pixel art graphics and traditional game controls that we all grew up with. The twist comes in the revolutionary game control that allows the player to manipulate his environment and gameplay by managing the main character's schizophrenia.  What was UP is now DOWN, LEFT now Right, switching from light to dark will reveal messages, clues, and hidden platforms that are not visible otherwise. Even the narrative and outlook are shifted based upon the mindset you are in.  All these tools become aggressively harder as the main character slips deeper and deeper into his mind, not knowing what is real and what is a part of his Disorder.

If you can't wait to get your hands on Disorder after that trailer, we're happy to announce that Disorder will be at the ScrewAttack Games booth for RTX July 4th - 6th in Austin Texas and then of course at SGC July 11th - 13th in Dallas TX. Expect more updates on Disorder in the coming months!

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