DOA5 reveals a new character named Mila... A little bit early!

Posted on September 11, 2012 - 4:00pm by BCEntertainment358

UPDATE: Tecmo Koei officially released the new Mila vignette. Video is at the bottom of the post.

Originally set to be revealed later this week, someone leaked out exclusive gameplay of a new character for Dead or Alive 5, an MMA expert (who also has a job at a diner) named Mila.

Here's the video revealing that Mila knows series mainstay Tina Armstrong and she's a fan of her dad Bass, ending with Gameplay of Mila sparring with her. (Oh, and it has English Voices with French subtitles):

So what do ya think? Are ya'll g1s set to take on this MMA fighter that's too good for the UFC? Remember, DOA5 hits PS3 & 360 at the end of the month (September 25th for America and September 28th for Europe, to be precise), so there's still time to get to your local GameStop and get those Bunny costumes while they're still hot (no pun intended)!

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