Double Dragon Neon's 80's nostalgia trip will be available for download this September

Posted on July 18, 2012 - 5:00pm by Ryan Conway

The “Twin Dragons,” Billy and Jimmy Lee were once the king’s of the beat’em up, as they starred in some of the popular titles the genre had ever seen but as the 90’s rolled on, their stock began to decline. After Technos/SNK's failed attempt at re-branding the Double Dragon series as a fighter in 1995, the brothers quickly fell into obscurity, only to occasionally resurface for a handheld/mobile title, or ports of their arcade classics.

However, it was announced earlier this year that after 12 long  years, Billy and Jimmy will once again have the chance to kick ass and take names in a brand new home console game dubbed Double Dragon Neon!

From what we saw of the game at PAX East this year, Neon will be a glorious 2D, neon infused, sidescrolling beat’em up filled with mullets, cutoff jean vests, babes, mix-tapes, and loads of punches and spin-kicks!

It was cool seeing the game in action but we didn’t get a release date, hell, we didn’t even hear anything about the game since then and to be honest, I had forgotten about it. 

However, my memory was refreshed earlier today, as Majesco announced that the Wayford developed reboot, will be available for download on the PlayStation Network on September 11 for $10 and on Xbox Live Arcade September 12 for 800 MS points.

I can’t wait for this! I mean it’s a new Double Dragon! How can it not be awesome?

Oh and before you say anything about that last comment, the NES version of Double Dragon III does not exist. You saw nothing! 

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