A Dozen Reasons why PlayStation All-Stars isn't a Smash Bros. Rip Off

Posted on November 8, 2012 - 1:02pm by Drake McWhorter

Everyone knows about Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers game franchise, even if they are not fans of the games Nintendo puts out.  It was a novel idea at the time, “Hey!  Let’s take the established characters that our fans know and love and have them beat the crap out of each other!” Though it did not originally feature these Nintendo icons, it is safe to say that their inclusion played a huge part in the franchise’s success.

When Sony announced their take on what I am choosing to call the “arena fighter” genre, many gamers were quick to say that it was just a rip off of Smash Bros.  However, there have been multiple other games that follow this format including Power Stone, Jump Super Stars, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash up just to name a few.  It's clear that Nintendo doesn’t “own” this style of game.

So how exactly is All-Stars different from Smash Bros.?

  1. There are multiple moves for each direction-button combo giving more options to deal damage as opposed to the standard attacks that we have become accustomed to.
  2. While the stages in Smash Bros. strive to take you into each of the Nintendo worlds, each stage in All-Stars is well thought out and carefully crafted to blend two franchises together.
  3. In Brawl, Final Smashes were introduced and are an optional super move that relies on players obtaining a Smash Ball.  In All-Stars, each character's super moves are innate and are one of the most important factors of the gameplay.
  4. From what has been playable, you are only able to get kill points for defeating your opponents with your various super moves.
  5. Though it has its fair share of cartoonish and silly characters, All-Stars overall has a more serious tone.
  6. Items play a much smaller role in All-Stars
  7. All-Stars has no "clone characters".  Even the characters Cole and Evil Cole both have unique gameplay styles and moves that make them two separate and distinct characters.
  8. Having All-Stars on the Vita as well as the PS3 allows for players to play on the go. Not to mention, you get the Vita version free (digitally) if you buy the PS3 version.
  9. Some of the character's moves in All-Stars are support based as opposed to damage dealing, this greatly changes the style in which team combat is played.
  10. Smash Bros. has a lot of characters with projectile attacks, but god damn, All-Stars has guns all over the place.
  11. Sony promises DLC characters, costumes, and patches for All-Stars therefore, it has a much greater digital presence than Smash Bros. which ultimately is a finished product, balance issues and all.

I have personally played All-Stars and I am also a huge Smash Bros. fan.  In my opinion, it is a fresh take on the familiar formula.  It has a unique feel and charm, but this might not be up the alley of some Smash addicts.  Regardless, I say that if you are a fan of arena fighters then go do yourself a favor and pick it up when it hits store shelves November 20th – 23rd.

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