Dracula vs Ganondorf DEATH BATTLE Comic!

Posted on November 1, 2012 - 3:30pm by darkhyrulelord


After long last, the Halloween comic is finally here! Who will win? The Terror of Transylvania or the King of Evil?



First off, Happy Halloween everyone!  In order to celebrate this grand, spooky holiday I present to you the Dracula vs. Ganondorf DEATH BATTLE Comic!!!  

But before you view it, I have some things to mention:

  • Thank you SO MUCH for everyone that was a part of this!
  • Unfortunately the comic is incomplete in some spots due to time crunches despite my best efforts (sorry).  It was either to delay it or to put it out now but I decided to post it today since it's mostly done and it wouldn't have the same impact if I posted it after Halloween.  To fill in the gaps, I have placed in text.
  • I HIGHLY recommend you to view the Research Page before viewing the comic to get a sense as to what's going on and what the stats for each character is.
  • Most of the panels have been edited/resized for blog format.
  • Some of the panels are rather big due to some troubles I faced resizing that would unfortunately make them blurry (and because the resize function doesn't work on the blog itself for whatever reason). As a temporary solution, I can suggest you to hold Ctrl and then scroll to make the screen smaller.
  • Keep in mind that there WILL be continuity errors.  After all, this was given to many artists.  For those interested in seeing the original script, I placed it in the comments section.
  • Some panels are bonus ones, meaning that another artist did the same panel.
  • If there are any errors with names, etc.  LET ME KNOW ASAP!  If this gets frontpaged, then please tell this to the ScrewAttack team (I can't edit it if it gets frontpaged) or in the comments.  Thanks.
  • Credits are at the end.  If you enjoyed what any one of these people did in their artwork, then check out their stuff by clicking on their names!  It's the least I could do with all of the help they've given me.
  • This is unofficial and not done by Screwattack---it is done by fans.

BUT ENOUGH TALK!  It's time for a....


Page 1---by g1 Fushigisaur



BONUS!  Page 1 panels*---by g1 Dragoon-killa

*I have added speech balloons*


Page 2---by Richard Marcks

(The Creature was supposed to have the machine gun but let's just say that Drac borrowed it because this is so cool that this NEEDS to be posted. I probably should have described that more in detail to Rich but oh well...)


Page3---by g1 GuitarCreepShow


BONUS!! Page 3-panels ---by g1 Amadarien


Page 4*---by g1 EliteGamerX

*some things have been edited by me like text/minor effects*


Panel 1: Barlowe strikes the Wolfman as the Wolfman howls in agony.
Panel 2: Onox becomes a tornado with his spin attack.
Panel 3: The Wolfman gets gravely injured as blood splatters everywhere.
Panel 4: The Wolfman grows furious as he hurtles at Onox in a fire blaze.
Panel 5: It barely affects Onox as you hear a *dink* from the impact.
Panel 6: Onox smashes the Wolfman's skull in with his ball and chain.

Page 5---by g1 Jack Archer



Page 6--by g1 TOKYOzombie


Page 7 is unfortunately not created. : /


PAGE 7: 
Panel 1: Ganondorf's horse dies from Death as Carmilla decides to attack Ganondorf as Phantom Ganon attacks Death.
Panel 2: Carmilla attempts to seduce Ganondorf.
Panel 3: Ganondorf laughs as Carmilla grins.
Panel 4: Ganondorf stabs Carmilla into the gut as she screams from the holy damage.
Panel 5: Carmilla transforms into her ultimate demonic form on top of a skull.
Panel 6: Carmilla spews acid at Ganondorf as he dodges.
Panel 7: Ganondorf takes out his duel swords and jumps.
Panel 8: Ganondorf strikes the skull as it shatters and Carmilla jumps off it.
Panel 9: Carmilla attempts to bite Ganondorf but Ganondorf teleports and stabs at her again.
Panel 10: Carmilla attempts to flee but Ganondorf jumps behind her.
Panel 11: Ganondorf grappels on her and shocks her to death.
Panel 12: Carmilla plummets to ground. As Ganondorf says, "History shall indeed be written in blood."


Page 8---by g1 Artsay



Page 9---by g1 Chaos15


Page10 panels---by g1 Blues the Hedgehog

Panel 2: Ganondorf slashes at Dracula at the face in a desperate atttempt with his holy sword and Dracula screams in agony.


Panel 5: Dracula gets hit by one but deflects most into Dracula.
Panel 6: Dracula stumbles as he summons blood wolf hounds and bats.
Panel 7: Ganondorf gets hit by them but slices a them regardless.
(Dracula prepares to cast Giga Demonic Megiddo and says,"And now....for the GRAND FINALE!")

(the balls of light from his attack hit Dracula but he's still casting!!!)


Page 11---by g1 Artsay


Page 12 panels---by g1 Videogameonator


Panel 1: True Dracula summons columns of flame at Ganon, but they do little damage.
Panel 2: Ganon slashes with the Trident of Power, but True Dracula slashes back at it.

Panel 4: Ganon spawns fire bats as True Dracula spawns lots of fire balls.


Panel 6: Ganon strikes True Dracula with the Trident of Power and he gets sent to the dark realm.
Panel 7: True Dracula regains his senses as you see red eyes in the darkness.
Panel 8: Lots of moblins attempt to attack True Dracula as True Dracula pounds them into the ground.


Panel 11: True Dracula sits on the throne as Ganon attempts to slash with his light trident at him and misses.
Panel 12: True Dracula laughs as massive claws errupt from both sides of Ganon.
Page 13*---by g1 Alpha Unit

*I have added a some speech text*


BONUS! Page 13 panel 8---by g1 The Stickman


Page 14---by g1 Mokuu


Why Ganondorf won:
Both forces on both sides in the minions aspect are generally equally as powerful.  Dracula may have won over Veran, but he will not kill her due to love of women and would suck her blood to take out Onox, an overpowered creature--a strategic move. Ganondorf can defeat Carmilla--no sweat.  Everything else equals out due to specific weaknesses.
However, Death is no match for Phantom Ganon's electric/holy ball of energy and Ganondorf's holy attacks so Dracula is forced to take out Death to severely weaken Phantom Ganon.
Since both have ulimate forms that heal each other's human forms, this battle basically boils down to whoever has the most powerful ultimate form.  Looking at the stats, Ganon would defeat True Dracula in a heartbeat thanks to his holy tridents but I wanted to make it more interesting so I devised up a new ending that could occur, yet Ganon would still win.  Dracula's forces would have perhaps given him a slight edge if Death wasn't weak to holy/electric attacks but that isn't the case, therefore delaying the inevitable.  If that isn't enough to convince you, Ganondorf has survived a castle explostion unscathed.
I actually thought that Dracula would win when writing this with his combat strategy, but some
crucial details popped up that I mentioned above.



Special thanks to:

Fushigisaur, Richard Marcks, Dragoon-killa, Guitarcreepshow, Amadarien, Alpha Unit, ElitegamerX, Jack Archer, TOKYOzombie, Artsay, Chaos15, BluestheHedgehog, Videogameonator, The Stickman, Mokuu, g1 Tom the Iron Man, g1 Ferret,  ScrewAttack, and many others.


Also, I should mention that the idea of giving different pages to different artists was borrowed from g1 The Stickman for his Space Penguin #1.5 issue idea.  This comic was inspired by Ben and Chad's Death Battle, Konami's Castlevania, and Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. 

Thank you, and Happy Halloween!

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