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Posted on April 24, 2014 - 2:50pm by Wamahato

Well hello there.

It’s been three full weeks since my last blog, you guys deserve better; I’ll try to make at least one every two weeks from now on. Anyway this will rather be a different blog from what I usually do, rather than a straight up blog this will be somewhat of a bet or a game if you will.

But why do an E3 blog this early? You may be asking yourself, I mean there’s like 7 weeks left to E3, well turns out I already have a very important series of blogs planned to run from May 11-16 so that’s going to take my time in May (along whatever else I come up with, or suggestions, why not) and by the time E3 rolls around I’ll be too busy worrying about midterm exams and hyping the FIFA World Cup (go Ecuador!) to care about it, so let’s do it now, this blog is likely to come in handy in the future, so I’ll recommend bookmarking this blog, or at least remembering, for lolz.

Anyway so once again, this is more or less a game so let me explain it how it works:

  • As the title suggests I’ll predict what will happen and what won’t happen, all around in E3. This are my bets.
  • Your work will be proving how many of this I get either right or wrong, so say, you choose an X number of my predictions and decide whether they will or won’t come to fruition then make your own predictions, if you were at least 50% right you win! What you win, well that’s up to you, nothing to crazy mind you, say, if you win I have to edit a pic, made a gif, a blog or a video of whatever you might like, and yes I can only lose at this game, although it is for fun, so everybody wins.

If you want to play, then again bookmark this page to remember, I’ll have a continuation to this blog shortly after E3, where well decide the prizes, sometime later the compensation will begin.

Ready? Let’s go.

First off, Microsoft, let me start with, I don’t really care for Xbox, I don’t have a 360 and I’ve never even played on the original Xbox, while I’m interested on the One just for Killer Instinct, I don’t really follow Microsoft games that much, so:

  1. Either the Xbox One will have a Kinectless version or it will have a price reduction.
  2. There will be RARE games announced, but nothing based on their IPs, or if there are games based on RARE properties, they won’t be developed by RARE, only Kinect games.
  3. A couple of months ago there was a leak on NeoGaf regarding the future Xbox One lineup, while not all of them will be announced at E3 (according to the source) I’m going to list some here, so: There will be no fewer than 4 Halo games coming to the Xbox One, the one announced last year, which will get a proper name and release date, along with other details; the remake of Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversary, which will be released later this year, Halo 5 (or whatever it ends up being) won’t be coming out this year, apart from that, BOTH Halo 3 and Halo 4 will get enhanced ports to the One, just like The Last of Us.
  4. There’s a Platinum Games exclusive coming to Xbox One, I bet it’ll be Vanquish 2 to which will fill up the void until the next Gears of War game comes out, also the super-secret Japanese exclusive game will be announced, HOWEVER, it’s not Platinum Games title, honestly I don’t have any idea on what could it be.
  5. The new Gears of War won’t be announced.
  6. Microsoft will brag about how cool Titanfall is.
  7. Microsoft conference will be the conference in which the word “experience” and “TV” will be pronounced the most.
  8. Microsoft will be funding another Capcom IP, I’ll say it’ll be Dino Crisis, and it’ll look awesome.
  9. Batman: Arkham Knight will be shown, with exclusive content coming to the One.
  10. The Phantom Pain will be featured in the conference, along with this year’s COD.
  11. Sunset Overdrive will look totally awesome, D4 will look really weird.
  12. Total of new titles announced: 5


Moving over to Nintendo.

  1. Nintendo WON’T have a conference, just a Nintendo Direct, just like last year.
  2. Metroid, Star Fox & F-Zero will be completely absent from the show.
  3. I’ll say that Nintendo 64 games will finally come to the WiiU virtual console, but not GameCube games yet.
  4. This may not necessary happen in the Direct or E3, but one Final Fantasy game will be remade for the 3DS (I’ll say it’s between V & VI) and will release this year, along with Dragon Quest XI.
  5. There will be problems with the streaming of the Direct.
  6. No more HD remakes.
  7. Both versions of Smash Bros. will have their release date announced, August for 3DS, November for WiiU. Smash Bros all around will be the biggest part of the show, with a new trailer showing newcomers, who? I say a Square Enix character.
  8. People will be mad about the new Zelda.
  9. People will be happy about the new Zelda.
  10. The new Zelda won’t have voice acting and won’t be coming out this year
  11. Hyrule Warriors release date will be announced, it’ll look marginally better than what was shown last year, it’ll also have a cooler name like its Japanese one, Zelda Unrivaled.
  12. Dragon Quest X? No.
  13. Third party games? Maybe a short trailer of watch_dogs & Project C.A.R.S. during its third party reel, the not next gen asscreed, COD & Sonic Boom will be the other notable titles apart from that nothing important, no major third party games will be announced for WiiU.
  14. Nintendo will actually give Sonic Boom some time.
  15. A new Bayonetta 2 trailer, will look awesome, coming later this year, people will complain it’s not multiplatform.
  16. A new third party exclusive will be announced and will make people rage more than what Bayonetta 2 did, the reaction will be one of the highlights of the show.
  17. Majora’s Mask 3D? No.
  18. I’ll more definitely be wrong with this one but, a new Fatal Frame game will be announced.
  19. Miyamoto’s new IP will be underwhelming.
  20. X will be show, now with proper name and release date, it’ll be the best looking game of the WiiU.
  21. Regarding Yarn Yoshi & Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, I don’t really know, they’re a wild card.
  22. Focus will be on WiiU not 3DS.
  23. No price cut for WiiU.
  24. Nintendo Land 2 will be announced.
  25. No Eternal Darkness.
  26. A new Mistwalker title will be shown.
  27. Retro’s next game will be absent.
  28. There will be memes made after this direct.
  29. New titles announced: 3

Finally Sony.

  1. Sony will brag about how good the PS4 is selling, yet they won’t acknowledge Vita.
  2. Uncharted 4 (or whatever) will finally be shown, it’ll look amazing, coming next year; also, it’s a prequel and Atlantis has something to do with the story.
  3. The Phantom Pain will be shown here as well, with the exclusive content being the main part.
  4. Kingdom Heart 3 & Final Fantasy XV will be shown, both will look amazing, FFXV will be given a release date, KH3 won't.
  5. Sony will also show The Witcher 3, The Division and Destiny.
  6. The new Tomb Raider will be announced in this conference, along with a new Namco and Capcom game.
  7. Persona 5 might be featured in the conference, it’ll be however the biggest title coming to PS3 this year.
  8. The Last Guardian? No.
  9. Agent? No.
  10. I’ll say the new Red Dead game will be announced here.
  11. Vita will be ignored.
  12. Sony will show some great indies, The Witness, Ryme will get beautiful new trailers, also, Unfinished Swan’s Dev’s new game will be shown.
  13. Gran Turismo is coming in some form to the PS4 and will be shown in the conference.
  14. The Order: 1886 will have a great trailer and some interesting gameplay, it’ll be one of the biggest PS4 games coming this year.
  15. Sony Santa Monica’s game will be shown, it’s not a God of War game though , if there’s a God of War came announced for PS4 it will be a compilation or enhanced port.
  16. Vita will be ignored.
  17. A new Little Big Planet game will be announced.
  18. Many brand new games announced.
  19. New titles announced: 8


Now, regarding everything else.

  1. There will be people cosplaying even though this is a trade event.
  2. It’s going to be really hot.
  3. Lots of people will try to enter the show.
  4. EA will be announcing a new FPS.
  5. The new Mirror’s Edge will get an awesome trailer, gameplay footage and a release date.
  6. Star Wars: Battlefront is going to blow everybody’s balls off.
  7. Konami’s show is going to suck, the only thing worth giving a crap about will be The Phantom Pain, however, the cool stuff will be shown by Sony and Microsoft conferences.
  8. A next gen Silent Hill will be announced.
  9. Konami still won’t acknowledge the Contra game teased in 2011.
  10. People will bitch about the new COD.
  11. Destiny will look amazing.
  12. Ubisoft conference will be awkward.
  13. The Division will look great, release date announced.
  14. The 2 Assassin’s Creed games are real, the majority of the attention will go to Unity.
  15. Ubisoft will actually announce Vita games.
  16. Number of Brand new titles announced, between the conferences, the Nintendo Direct, and whatever else: 12.


And that’s it, so as before, save this page, make your own predictions, and we’ll fair off at E3.


On an unrelated note, on my last blog I teased that the next subject I’ll talk about would be Resident Evil 1.5, however, I got ambitious and rather than just making a blog I’ll make a video about it, still, editing and writing is way more harder than what it seems, so it’ll take some time, I already have all the footage I need so consider this a sneak peak of things to come.

See you next time!

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