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EA releases another iOS game to rip-off consumers

12/6/11 12:20pm

I thought a Tetris subscription was about as bonehead a move as any publisher could make. EA will prove me wrong once again with the resurrection of Theme Park on iOS. This classic from Peter Molyneux's old studio Bullfrog Productions, has become a freemium title for iOS. While it hasn't made it to the states yet, Canadians are testing the waters and not liking what lurks beneath.

Like most casual mobile titles, developers tend to pace the progression out in a way that will encourage a less patient player to pay a little money and get to "the fun" faster. Theme Park not only does this, but they do it too well. The leveling process is reported as being slow, as is the process for unlocking attractions for your park. Some of the attractions even cost Tickets (a premium in-game currency), forcing the player to spend real money for virtual things. EA is excessively charging money for these virtual attractions.

How much is too much for a single attraction? Well, Games Blog ran the numbers and to get a Skull-Train Rollercoaster ASAP, it will cost $60. I should also add that this is one of the "cheaper ones" apparently. So what would the g1s prefer, a new triple-A game or a fake roller coaster? It's your $60 after all.



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