EA says they need new ideas to survive

Posted on October 5, 2012 - 6:00pm by ThatPunkAdam

When it comes to creating new franchises, Electronic Arts has been one known for relying too much on existing series, and according to EA executive Patrick Soderland, If the company doesn't put out a new IP soon they could be on life support. Soderland spoke on the matter in an interview with MCV...

"There's nothing we've announced, but we are absolutely working all the time on new IPs. To me, the day we stop doing new IP is the day we put ourselves on life support and then we're going to slowly die... It's not only needed for the industry and for the consumers, but it's also needed for the creatives. They need something different to think about. They have a lot of creativity built into them that they need to get it out... The day we stop thinking about new things that are not Need for Speed is the day I'll probably leave the game industry" 
Frank Gibeau, who is the boss at EA Labels, said back in June that the company currently has 3-5 new IPs in development that are aimed towards next generation consoles. As of now details for these games remain unknown, but EA did state that they're going to be investing a total of $80 million into the next generation of gaming.
So g1s what do you think? Should EA be more focused on creating new, original IPs? or should they start working on another installment of Need for Speed? Let me know in the comments below!    

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