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EasyDiablo3's Coverage of Alkaizer Hitting 100 Paragon!

9/10/12 6:30pm

Coverage of Alkizer, the first person to reach level 100 Paragon in Diablo 3.

Hey guys, not sure if anyone here was watching Alkaizer's Diablo 3 stream but just in case you missed it, we were there and filmed it for you guys. I had to split the video up into two parts because of a rendering issue, hope that isn't a problem.

(The final level up is in part 2 by the way, somewhere around 7:20)

I know the quality is bad, but that is how it was streamed. What do you guys think? Some people on the TwitchTv chat were saying that Alkaizer was not in fact the first person to get to 100. I could find no proof of this, but it certainly could be true. Some also say he was botting and exploiting from 1-96, then streamed his last 4 levels live, but haters will hate I guess.

As you can see from his videos, this person obviously doesn't need to exploit as his tactics are amazing. I do think he account shared though (not sure if this is against Blizzard's TOS). Does anyone know how I can contact him? I would love to do an interview with him.

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