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1. He is a freaking dolphin. The argument should end already.

2. Land is no obstacle for this mighty beast. He can navigate around on it.

3. Gravity does not need to apply to this mammal. Physics do not apply to the dolphin.

4. He can travel through time! What other dolphin does that?

5. The single dolphin can save the world from an entire species of aliens.

Editor's Note: Dolphins > Sharks. Just thought I'd put that out there. 

Ecco the Dolphin  was the first action-adventure entry in a series of aquatic titles which emphasized exploration, chilling atmosphere, and a gradual increasing in serious narrative. The actual games themselves had some mixed reviews, with praise typically being given towards the colorful graphics and emotional music, but with some disagreement regarding the quality of the main control mechanics. However, whether or not you liked the actual adventure itself, you must admit that the title character is perhaps the most masculine dolphin to ever make an appearance in a video game. If you don't believe me, then read on as I try to convince you.

Look at that intimidating expression of his. That is truly the face of an adventurous hero.

First, let's start with the most obvious reason that this blue beast is clearly without a doubt the best aquatic mammal in video game history: He is a freaking dolphin. That should automatically end this persuasive post, as what more evidence do you need of his awesomeness? But perhaps you dislike dolphins or simply do not know enough about them to trust my opinion. Let's go over some biological facts about this fascinating species.

Dolphins consist of approximately forty species of marine animals, whose closest relatives are the similar porpoises and the more massively sized whales. They can be found in oceans all across the world, typically in the more shallow regions closer to land areas. These badass creatures can hear frequencies ten times as high as what humans can tolerate, take advantage of their sonar ability of echolocation, and they can constantly stay awake by only sending half of their brain to sleep at a time. Although they are believed by scientists to not possess a sense of smell, they are quite maneuverable with the environments around them, especially when they are in large groups. It has also been observed that dolphins share a positive relationship with humans, with there being reported cases of dolphins protecting some humans from surrounding enemies such as sharks. And did I mention that they can sing? Some of these creatures can even paint! What a mastery of the visual arts!

Look at this realistic sketch of the aquatic creature... yes my drawings are not particularly impressive.

Surely I must have enlightened you about why dolphins as an animal species are talented, but what about their appearances in video games? More specifically, how is Ecco the Dolphin, a character who is often portrayed as a friendly and harmless dolphin, one of the most masculine of these virtual presentations? Well dolphin lover or hater, allow me to explain some things that help Ecco the Dolphin notably stand out from his real life relatives.

Ecco is such a badass that he when he sleeps, he does it while lying down on cold hard ice!

This freaking dolphin can jump on rocks! That's right, not even land itself will stop the aquatic monster from fulfilling his complicated, challenging, and practically impossible destiny. And rocks are not the only thing that he can navigate around on. He can leap around mechanical ramps, slide across the arctic ices, and even dance till dawn on the cliffs surrounding the lost city of Atlantis. There is no stopping this crazy fool, and you do not dare to interrupt him during his morning exercises. During the evening, he leaps over small islands just for the thrill of the moment. What other evidence do you need that this mammal means serious business?

If Ecco the Dolphin feels like flying in the air, then let him. You can't stop his madness.

Oh by the way, did I mention that Ecco the Dolphin can defy the basic laws of physics when he so wishes to? In later sections of Ecco: The Tides of Time, the manly dolphin has to escape from a mostly aerial land that is located in the skies, avoiding dangerous organic enemies while navigating without the frequent presence of aquatic tanks. One way he does this is by literally flying out of the level and letting the altered gravity fly him to other areas of the map. What, you don't believe me? Take a look at this and see the madness for yourself!

Now somebody could argue that this is done via some strategically placed gravity boxes, but let's be real here, this is very clearly because Ecco the Dolphin is secretly a black wizard. He will shape the very laws of physics in order to suit his own needs. Now I don't know about you, but if a dolphin can fly through the air and invert his speed projection while doing so, then that's pretty damn badass in my book. Nothing can stop this monster.

Dolphins have the ability to travel through time... who would have guessed?

But why limit the scope of his power to the present time? Ecco the Dolphin can not only face challenges that exist in his current lifetime, but he can repeatedly travel across time itself to manipulate the course of history! Whether he wants to traverse dozens of millions of years into the prehistoric past, or if he desires to alter an apocalypse that takes place hundreds of years into the mechanical future, time is not a limitation for this ferocious beast. He creates split timelines, instigates simultaneous events in history, and he epically navigates through portals on his paths through the fourth dimension. And here's a simpler way to prove my point of why this is certainly a point in the dolphin's favor: Do you know any other dolphins that can travel through time?

And here's something impressive for thought: The sheer amount of dangers that Ecco the Dolphin had to deal with in his first adventure was certainly worth a reward. By the end of the first game, Ecco managed to impressively rescue a large pod of animals by killing almost an entire species of aliens while he wasn't even on the planet earth. But there were many other obstacles that the manly dolphin had to aggressively deal with throughout the series as a whole. Let's take a look at just a few of the insane and deadly traps that he had to courageously make his way past: Killer octopuses, carnivorous sharks, demented aliens, hungry alligators, crushing machinery, deadly heights, prehistoric monsters, electrical traps, and many more dangerous things. If every one of Ecco's successes is not an absolute proof of his legitimate courage, then I'm not sure what else is.

Hopefully I convinced you that Ecco the Dolphin is in fact the most masculine dolphin to have ever been created in video games. If you disagree, then feel free to leave your thoughts on the character down in the comments below. I also have a short video series containing even more proof of the creature's epic mastery if you're interested in seeing it. Thanks again for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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