(Editorial) Kinect Wants To Take Over The World

Posted on November 6, 2011 - 8:37am by Dallinag


We all love Kinect right? No? WELL TOO BAD! Because Microsoft wants to use Kinect to take over the world, starting with (are you ready for this?) Kinect for your computer.

I know this is old news, but the folks at ScrewAttack seemed to have overlooked this, so why not? Microsoft has realeased a SECOND beta for a program in which you can use Kinect with Microsoft Windows. What could you possibly use it for? Here's what Craig Esler, general Manager of Kinect for Windows says,

“It all started with a revolutionary sensor and amazing software that turned voice and movement into magic. With that magical combination, last year the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft showed the world how to re-imagine gaming. This year, we’re showing the world how to re-imagine entertainment. Next year, with Kinect for Windows, we will help the world re-imagine everything else.We’ve already seen strong enthusiasm for Kinect among developers who have done amazing things with it in countless different ways, from education to healthcare, gaming to art installations, manufacturing to retail. Currently, we have more than 200 companies taking part in our pilot program. They are telling us how Kinect for Windows will help them transform their products, their processes, their brands, and their businesses. Putting the power of Kinect + Windows into the hands of business leaders and technical visionaries will give them the tools they need to develop novel solutions for everything from training employees to visualizing data, from configuring a car to managing an assembly line."

So, in my opinion, that vauge quote means that they don't really care if the program makes your computer hard to use. They only care about the people using Kinect to run a buisness so that we can reap the rewards for every single one of those glorious products sold.

So, yeah, you can probably understand my feelings on the subject, but if you stupid want the thing you cna download the beta here (http://www.kinectforwindows.org/) or you can wait for the finished product in early 2012.

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