F-Zero U & Starfox U - Will they happen?

Posted on November 28, 2012 - 1:02pm by Dark Magician

Editor's Note: DM asks a lot of hard questions, but I think we will all agree both these franchises are due for a new installment. Let us know which you think should come first, along with other key Nintendo franchises that should come to Wii U.

If you follow the gaming industry closely, you know the Wii U just came out last week. I like to think it had a good launch. But what do I know? I am just a gamer that likes a good console to play on.

Back in E3 2011, we got our first glimpse of the Nintendo Wii U, the successor to the Wii and codenamed: Project Cafe. It was a good conference. Everyone had good things to say about Nintendo, but people were a little confused about the Wii U and its touch-screen Gamepad.

It wasn’t till E3 2012 that we got a better look at the launch titles for the Wii U and a better explanation regarding the console itself. People we’re thinking, there was no square box of hardware. They were thinking the Gamepad was the console. And they didn’t like the name...

Now, I for one feel strongly about this. Nintendo should have included more first-party games in their lineup. Yes we would have loved a new Metroid, a new Donkey Kong, or even a new Kirby. But there are two Nintendo properties that people were hopefully to see, myself included. Those are a new F-Zero game and a new Starfox game.

We didn’t have a real Starfox and F-Zero since the Nintendo Gamecube. F-Zero GX was a fun new game built for the Gamecube and Nintendo gave Sega the opportunity to develop it. There was also Starfox Assault which was a less than stellar game that was released late in the Gamecube’s lifecycle. That could be one reason why it was a flop. Another reason, they took Fox McCloud out of a R-Wing to give it some third-person shooter missions.

It comes as no surprise that these Nintendo properties made no appearance on the Wii. We said, “Okay” and hoped they could be on the next console. They weren’t in the Wii U’s launch lineup so that has fans like myself worried if we will ever see F-Zero or Starfox on the Wii U.

The origins of these two titles were created to be glorified tech demo’s to show-off the hardware of Nintendo’s new console. F-Zero on the Super Nintendo was made to show off the “Mode 7” graphics. Starfox was made to show off the FX Chip. These two titles did not disappoint. They were very impressive and not bad video games back then.

In the Nintendo 64 days, there was no doubt we’d see these two titles make a second appearance. We were given Starfox 64 and F-Zero X. Now jumping to 64-bits, these games were very impressive in themselves. They showed off the new 3D graphics that this next-gen consoles were capable of. We also had stereo sound and digitized voice work. Again, they show off the new capabilities of the growing technology.

Of course, when the Gamecube debuted, there was an F-Zero game to be made sometime after the initial launch and Starfox Assault was released at the tail end of the Gamecube’s lifespan. At that point, there is very little room for those two titles to grow from the new readily available technology when the Wii came. Did we want motion controls with our Starfox and F-Zero games? Not really.


For the Wii U, there is a chance these games could get made. The big thing about this new console, it is HD ready. Everyone is excited about Mario in HD and Zelda in HD. Why not HD Starfox and HD F-Zero?

One thing I like to point out. The definitive Starfox game was Starfox 64. F-Zero had three amazing console games. Should they make these games to appease fans of those titles? How much better can these games get with new-gen graphics? How much more innovating do these titles need to have that same wow factor since the Gamecube days?

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