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Posted on September 5, 2012 - 1:25pm by thegatekeeperBeta


A Diablo 3 guide about Leoric's Signet.

If you are into Diablo 3 power leveling, you must have heard of Leoric's Signet. It is one of the new items added in patch 1.0.4 that has a percentage based experience bonus, making it the perfect ring for paragon leveling. As promised in our Diablo 3 Paragon Leveling Guide, I will be sharing my tips and tricks for efficiently farming this ring.

First off, the ring can only drop in Act 2 Normal. As far as I know all monsters there can drop this ring but with it being iLvl 17 and all it probably has the highest chance to drop from Serpent Mages and  Writhing Deceivers (since they are level 17 too).

Since most of you farming this ring will be at level 60, you will be able to one shot everything. However, if you are playing the Monk, you can use Mantra of Conviction with the Submission rune to kill everything within 20 yards without even lifting a finger.

Apart from the Monk-only tactics, other classes can do the following:

  • Maximizing movement speed (capped at 25%)
  • Getting Gold Find and Gold Pickup Radius to help you get more gold per hour
  • Capping Magic Find at 300% so that with 5 Nephalem Valor stacks you will have 375%
  • Not using Followers. You will end up chasing after them to check drops etc and are generally a waste of time.

In order to get the 5 NV stacks as fast as possible, I recommend starting from the Blood and Sand quest which is packed full of dungeons. You should play up to the end of act 2, but don't kill Belial as this is a waste of time. Instead just leave the game and start again from Blood and Sand.

Thanks for reading guys. If you want more information on this subject, I wrote a more detailed version over at Leoric's Signet Farming Guide. I also reviewed a professional gold farming guide over at Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Review.

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