The Fastest Way to Get From 1 to 60 in Diablo 3

Posted on August 29, 2012 - 1:26pm by thegatekeeperBeta


A Diablo 3 leveling guide.

Hey guys, Clive from EasyDiablo3 here. I am sure you all know the importance of powerlevelling in games like Diablo 3, but you may be thinking:

"Why do you need a leveling guide when getting to 60 usually happens on its own in late Hell?"

Sure it does, but wait until you start an alt. Every minute not spent at level 60 will feel like a waste of time from start to finish, and that's exactly why you need a leveling guide.

There used to be a lot of ways to level before, but then Blizzard enabled something called "Game Limits" that severely limited most of these leveling methods. If you are wondering what some of them looked like, here is a sample:

OK, so what is the best way to level post game limits? The best way I have found, along with others on the official forums, is to follow this procedure:

  • Get your high level friend (preferably 60) to unlock all the waypoints for you up to Act 3 Hell.
  • Play in Act 3 Normal until you get to level 30.
  • Play in Act 3 Nightmare until level 45.
  • Buy level 60 gear with -15 reduced level requirement.
  • Play Act 3 Hell until 60.

You can level to 60 in about 30 hours using this method, and it gets less each time because of practice.

Some tips I can give you is that since you will be fighting higher level monsters most of the time, the gear they drop will be useless for you. Thus it will be benefit if you use the Auction House to upgrade your gear every 3-5 levels. To level up even faster, try building a gear set with +experience on it. Remember that if you level up a lot of characters you can keep using these sets for each one.

Hope you guys found this post useful. I wrote a more detailed guide about the same method on my site at Diablo 3 Leveling Guide, as well as reviewed a professional leveling guide at Diablo 3 Speed review.

Thanks for reading!

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