Favorite Remixes of Songs I Love: Kraid's Lair

Posted on July 19, 2012 - 2:30pm by The Guardian

 Hey there g1s, how you all doing? I hope you're doing well and I'd just like to start off by appologizing for the tardiness. You see, I came down with pnemonia and was kind of out of commision for 2 days, I'm still on the mend, but I'm feeling TONS better today. Good thing too, because my copy of Pokemon Conquest is supposed to arrive either today or tomorrow.

But enough of that, right? Who cares, I'm better now and there is good music to be listened to. So without further ado, let's meet today's theme, shall we? Coming to us from the NES, in the original Metroid, one of the best tracks in franchise history and a recurring theme, I give you, Kraid's Lair!

Short and sweet, just amazing. It has that classic creepy isolated feel that Metroid is famous for and is just so simple the whole way through, there can't be more than 3 inputs at any one time in this song. It is really a testiment to how simple, yet great 8-bit music was. But as good as the original was, that isn't why we're here. It's time to break out all the tricks and the band to get this track poppin'! Let's get some remix fix!

Lair of the Kraid

Made by the artist waves, who I couldn't find anywhere (which is unfortunate cause this is awesome), this is one sick, slick remix. It starts off really minimal, a lot like the source theme, but very soon a synthesizer storms in and steals the show. You know, like that one drunk at the party that just storms the dance floor and is obnoxious? That's this synth, luckily the main theme comes in and subdues the out of control synth to stop its antics.

The fact that the artist's name is waves is very fitting, because as this song progresses, it builds in waves. It has a quiet beginning, then builds with the synth and melody, then rolls back a little bit around 1:22, then steadily builds up again just to recede dramatically at 1:55. But don't be fooled into thinking this musical ocean is calming down, it's just a tell-tale sign of a tsunami that's about to hit your eardrums.

Here we go, building through the 2:40 mark, intensity is building up more, and we get a bit of a synth soloing by itself and then... 2:49 hits and you better be on high ground or you are about to be smashed by guitarsexmagik like never before. The wave moves out and all is calm, might be safe right? Nope, tsunamis are a series of big waves, 3:45 is the next big roller to come storm ashore.

For the record, yes, I've had way too much fun with this wave analogy. That being said, our last breaker hits at 4:41 to finish the devistation of your auditory system and destroy your ears. And with that this awesome remix comes to a close.

This is one of the best all-around remixes I've ever heard. I'm surprised by the lack of views this remix has gotten and the fact that I can't find the artist anywhere. It has some excellent drum and bass, periods of a great trance feel, and you can't forget the amazing solos that occur in there either. This "waves" character... must find more, or at least download links.

Cranial Syphon [Kay-raid]

From the band Armcannon, via OC Remix, we have a great live performance of Kraid's Lair remixified. By "live" all I mean is that real instruments are used almost exclusively.

This is actually the first song Armcannon ever arranged, so it's a very strong effort for a first anything really. We start with some heavy bass going on, almost oppressive amounts of bass. We get a little violin and electric guitar popping in, before we just run into a wall of sound at 0:34. Seriously, it hits you and it's like walking into a glass door, "Whoa, what the hell?!" And another... and another. And around the minute mark the tone of the song changes from the more subdued intro to a rock song. No more stumbling into the wall of sound, you'll just be right there now.

Until 1:46 where there is a serious turn for the calm. Got a little piano goodness going on coupled with a smooth little harmony from a guitar. As suddenly as we downshifted to the piano we rev back up at 2:41 to all rock all the time. Got a nice little guitar duet going on the melody there, oh, a little deviationby one, I smell a face melting solo coming. 3:07, face melt imminent. OH MAH HEAVENS! Must deploy anti- face melt mask...

And we're safe at 3:31. It's like after the solo the song just takes a deep breath, because the end is really chill and relaxed, like all the energy was used in the solo and the build up to it. I do love the piano and synth finish though. The ending is a bit abrupt with a sharp cutoff before the last note even finishes, but I can deal with that with all the other great things that happen in the song.

For a truly live performance, you can go here. Head banging included.

And for a download... http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01692/ 

Samus' Past

This remix comes to us thanks to YouTuber leoniscaeli. It says orchestrated, but don't be fooled again, it has orchestra pieces but it far from full orchestration.

That isn't to say it isn't phenomenal though. While this remix loses a lot of the creepy atmosphere that the source has, it does reach a level of beauty that NES songs could only dream of obtaining. How do I say this... it is hauntingly beautiful. While this mix is a bit shorter than I like, it does a lot with the time it has. 

The only real gripe I have with this remix is that it kind of gets stuck in a rut for almost a full minute in the middle of the song with the flute holding the melody and not really doing anything with it. The song kind of stalls out for a bit. I mean, it sounds gorgeous, but it just sits there. No movement really, only bad thing about this remx really.

Again, it's beautious and a gem, it could just use a few more cuts and a final polish to really make it shine.

Waking Kraid

Zack Bogucki is the matermind responsible for our finale here today. Electric/Trance all day baby! So nice, I listened to it twice... then seven more times.

It seems that going for the minimal approach is the way to go for Kraid remixes. Because I swear every single one I heard started the same. The mix really kicks into gear at 0:30 and we start moving to great electro places. The more I listen, the more I notice that there is some dirty, filthy bass in this song. Like, it might need to be censored, kind of dirty. Like, you can't do that with company over, kind of dirty.

 What was distracting me from this bad, in a good way, bass? The amazing melody lines Zack conjured up from his book of breakbeats, syncopation and everything else but the kitchen sink that he threw at this. He's got some great high energy, high intensity moments, he has his chill moments to catch your breath and in between he has awesome transitions that holds this whole mix together like Gorilla Glue, ain't nothing breaking that bond. 

And there are a few places you can download this remix. Granted, this one you'll have to pay for, but it's worth it. And check out his other stuff too, all top notch. We have ITunes and Amazon.

Quite possibly the best Kraid remix made, Waking Kraid.

And that's a wrap this week, I know there are a lot of great remixes that aren't here, feel free to mention your favorites in the comments. Next week... I'll be honest, I'm not sure yet what I'll do. Tenitively, up next is...

See ya next time.

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