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Posted on March 18, 2012 - 9:20pm by The Guardian

Editor's Note: The Guardian has found another great batch of Chrono Trigger remixes. This time he's taking a look back at some of the most creative re-imaginings of his favorite tune from the game, Schala's theme. Oh and I didn't think Wiz Khalifa's use of the song was that bad...even if it wasn't all that great either. I mean it just doesn't match his lyrics....anyway, enjoy the article. Great work Guardian!  

YAY! I told you it wasn't totally going away, just slowing down... a lot. I have recently been struck by inspiration! Hello G1s, how are you all doing on this fine, cloudy day? I hope you're doing well, but if you aren't, I have just the cure for you. The nice refreshing taste of Schala's Theme.

Oh man, troubles just melt away. In the game I wasn't very taken by Schala's Theme, but over the years it has grown on me something fierce. Just about every school day I listen to it to relax before class and after. Schala's Theme is just so haunting, yet so beautiful. It matches the character very well, I believe.

And before I move into the pressing issue at hand, I do want to just bring up one thing about Schala's Theme. And that would be Wiz Khalifa. He has easily the most famous remix of Schala's Theme. Well it's more a cover since all he did was slow the tempo and drop the key a bit. It's his song  Never Been.

Sample? He didn't sample ****! This money grubbin little ***** just ripped the whole ****ing song! Literally every ******* note is copied and pasted, just moved around a little bit. I used to think it was cool that Chrono Trigger was still effecting pop culture today, like 15 years after release. But now... **** this guy and what he did to Schala's Theme. In the butt with a donkey.

Sorry, I've been simmering on that for a while and just needed to get that off my chest. Thought I'd keep it pretty PG too, everyone should enjoy the classics. Now that it's all cleared up, I can see the path clearly and it's time to visit some sick remixes!

Schala's Theme: Chrono Trigger Resurrection

For all you kids out there, let me explain to you what Chrono Trigger Resurrection was. Chrono Trigger Resurrection was a fan project to update Chrono Trigger. I believe it was for PC, but the fans were creating 3D character models and environments from scratch and even rewriting the music in the game.

The project was nearly completed and screenshots and songs were released to build up some hype. There was even a trailer released using in game footage. A demo was released, though very limited, it showed what the team had been able to accomplish. A few months before release, Square Enix got wind of the project. Being a major company and having  it's intellectual property in danger, it sent a cease and desist letter to the project team, killing  the project permanently. 

And so we are left with pictures, a video, music, and thoughts of what could have been. This is the Schala Theme produced for the game. It is a combination of Schala's Theme and Star-Stealing Girl and if you've played Chrono Cross, that makes complete sense and you get it. For those who haven't played CC, I can't really tell you because it's a major spoiler and I'd have to tell you basically the whole story.

Regardless, I'm counting this as a remix for two reasons. One is that I really liked the Resurrection project and my heart isn't ready to give it up just yet. Because of that, I just throw little reminders out there, usually to myself, about the project. And two, it's just a beautiful piece of music that I've been wanting to share for the longest time.

So now you've learned something today, and if not, you still got to listen to an awesome song, Chrono Resurrection's Schala Theme.

Dreams of a Black Wind

This remix was arranged by Naz. I have no idea who he/she is, I don't even know where the original post of this remix is at (maybe VGmix?), but they sure know how to crank out a nice guitar remix, that much is sure. 

This remix stays very close to the source material, it may even just be a guitar cover. But I don't really care,the song  just has a smooth hurt to it. It "sounds" anxious and worrisome. The minor chord, the weird distortion going on through out the song, the amount of soul you can hear coming  from the guitars. Truly as haunting as the original, if not more.

My favorite part starts at 1:29 when the guitar comes in hot on the melody. It's just soaring up there with that eerie distortion on it, giving it a troubled sound. I really don't quite know how to describe it, but just that little bit from 1:29-2:10, I really like it. I like how it sounds, I like how it feels, I like the tone, I just like everything that happens in there.

Definitely one of the shortest songs I've had in one of these, not even reaching 3 minutes, but it does a lot with the time it has. One of my favorite Schala remixes, Dreams of a Black Wind.

Forced Enlightenment

Diggi Dis, from the site Bad Dudes, made this Schala remix for their album Chronotorious. I see what they did with the title there, and I like it.

I said that I usually listen to Schala's Theme before class to relax myself. Well, this is my pre-test song. No matter what's going on, I stop everything 10 minutes before I leave for a test, listen to this song twice, pick up my old school Squirtle eraser and go dominate. Proven formula for success, my GPA can attest. 

This is another one of those songs that attempts to defy my grasp of words, and it does a good job of it too. I really like this remix, a lot, but I have trouble defining exactly what in it makes me like it so much. I always hate that, when I can't explain why I like something and end up saying, "I just like it." 

So let me try my best here. Well, there is no one section in the song that I think stands out above the rest, it's just continual superb-ness and the whole song flows well and transitions like a dream. It has that sweet funky-fresh clap line going throughout most of it, which is cheesy excellence. The piano section in the middle adds some nice classy punch to the remix and just kind of sneaks up on me, even when I know it's there. Perhaps what I like is how different it is from the original. This remix sounds really happy and upbeat, unlike the original which is way more haunting.

It's all fabulous, I love it, maybe my favorite of the remixes, Forced Enlightenment.

If you're interested in the song, you can download Chronotorious off of Bandcamp, Itunes and Amazon, so if you like it, go make it yours!

... And In Her Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath

Oh yeah, OC Remix contributor LulzA made a hum-dinger here ladies and gentlemen. A huge style change from the original or any other remixes I've heard (and liked). It's time to meet Metal Schala.

Oh, is sounds so diabolically delicious. When I hear this song, it just makes me envision Schala going ape-shit crazy on the Queen. She just whips out a sword and kills EVERYONE in the underwater palace. It just sounds so... evil. Which is very fitting, given the title and where the inspiration for the title comes from. LulzA was inspired for the title from near the end of Chrono Trigger when Schala's fate is realized. Actually, it might have been revealed in Chrono Cross and we didn't know what happened to Schala. Whatever, all you that played the game know what I'm talking about... I hope.

This could have easily been the final battle song for Chrono Trigger, or just about any Chrono game really. Like, I get an involuntary surge of adrenaline every time I hear this song. The middle section is a nice little breather from the guitar wankage that is the rest of the song. It gives my neck a break before I have to start headbangin' again. I'll be honest though, my hair isn't long enough to get the full effect out of the song.

There's a little evil corner in my heart that absolutely loves this song, it makes me feel good in all the bad ways. The fiendish ...And In Her Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath.


The Last Schala Mix Ever

Oh Lord, have mercy on my ears, Brandon Strader and halc teaming up for a remix. This could be life-altering. Halc is known for his chip-tunes mastery and making SICK tracks in his sleep. Brandon is absolutely dominant over all things guitar and he brings his 7-string electric to bear on this remix. When these two masters of remixes combine their powers...

You get absolute ****ing gold. The subtle combination of electronic chip and the live guitar give this remix a one-of-a-kind feel. The nice, smooth, refreshing start just sets you up for the rest of the song. The chippy harmony combined with the 7-string over top just relaxes the whole thing out. Brandon taking the lead on the melody while just about everything is chip just sounds so... right.

I have no idea how this worked out so dang well, but it's absolutely phenomenal. Again, I'm at a loss for words to describe what I'm hearing and feeling. Everything just works so well and it's executed to almost Jesus-like perfection. The whole thing just flows so nicely and it's all so connective, unlike my thoughts.

If this was indeed the last Schala mix ever, I'd be okay with that because it's going out on top with a bang. Quite possibly the best thing I've heard in the last few weeks, The Last Schala Mix Ever.


Back 2 Skala

Another tag team effort off of OCRemix, this time it's Skrypnyk and ambient laying down the beats. And they go yet another direction with Schala, full out electronic.

This track started off as a joke track that was going to have rapping and be called "Chrono Wigga". Thank goodness that that went away and ambient got serious about making this, because we all benefit from it. He couldn't get the drums to sound quite the way he wanted so he enlisted Skrypnyk for help.

The stutter drums and everything else percussion you hear is Skrypnyk's doing. He does drums, and he does them very well. But I don't need to tell you that, you can hear it. It's weird how lo-key everything sounds individually, yet how great all these elements sound when all put together. There is a lot of things going on in the track, lots of glitching and stuttering, sound distortions and drop outs. I have to say that the drum work is probably my favorite part of this mix. Just those aggressive stutter drums, they get me every time.

Case in point, I started writing this section at 12:30, it is now 1:50. An hour and twenty minutes just got up, ran away, and I don't really know where they went. The glitching effects around the 2:00 mark I also like that lead into the main melody again. 

All in all, another phenomenal remix of Schala's Theme, Back 2 Skala.


And there we have it all you music loving people, my favorite remixes of Schala's Theme. Are there more out there that I missed? Of course there are, as usual, let me know about them, I probably missed it in the sea of Schala remixes. 

Now, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but the next song on the ol' checklist is...

May the nostalgia be with you.

See ya next time!

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