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Final Fantasy V coming to iOS

12/20/12 7:32pm

Hot on the tail of today's iOS release of Final Fantasy IV (it's the 3DS version without the second screen), Square Enix teases the upcoming release of Final Fantasy V on iOS.

FFV has previously only been ported to the PlayStation and GameBoy Advance, and unlike Final Fantasies I, III, and IV, it never received a graphical boost. Whether Square Enix will spend the time and effort to make V look at least as modern as IV remains to be seen, though I have my doubts.

Mum's the word on pricing as well, but FFIV launched today at $15.99, so expect another ridiculously high amount for a cell phone game. That said, Final Fantasy Tactics is currently on sale for $9.99. Keep your eyes open for sales, I guess.

The trailer also teased "more" games in the future. We can only hope for a mobile Final Fantasy VI.

Are any of you g1s excited about playing through Bartz's adventures on your Apple devices? Have you all lost faith in the once-great developer? Do you think they'll ever realize that $5 is high for a mobile game? Let us know in the comments!

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