Final Fantasy Versus XIII... So much potential that could be wasted or is it?

Posted on July 21, 2012 - 12:49am by SacrificedAbomination


 Versus XIII is a mess, but it is an intriguing mess none the less.

 When I first heard about Final Fantasy Versus XIII all I could say was that it looks better than XIII, a few years later it seemed much more interesting than the banal  and convoluted XIII, and by now it just seems like a bunch of lost potential that may get sucked up into the next numerical title. Well, if that is the case then I want to clarify what I actually like of what I have seen from Versus XIII so far. Square Enix take it or leave it.

Pros (Short and to the point)

  1. The world seems very expansive by comparison to many of it's contemporaries.
  2. Potentially no load times between areas.
  3. Plenty of wondering enemies that don't seem to follow a set pattern.
  4. Real time combat in an open world with no the ATB timer interfearing with the flow, I like the ATB system but it's getting old.
  5. A retooling of the Kingdom Hearts engine in a more realistic game.
  6. Many tools to use during combat, and many characters that play differently.
  7. A very dark plot set in a modern setting.

Cons (long winded explanations)

  1. A plot that we know almost nothing about. Seriously what the heck is this game about other than the Romeo and Juliet like relationship between the protagonist and one of the antagonists. I mean we see all the flashy scenes from these trailers that get us hyped up for this game and yet there is almost no cohesion in them. Give me somthing like the first thing that I learned about Xenoblade Chronicles, the game takes place on two giants that fought each other to the death. What the hell is this city in the middle of nowhere, Midgar, and what sort of power struggle is going on in this city, Shinra owns everything and is sapping the life blood of the planet to run everything while Avalanche wants to stop Shinra from doing that. Okay blabbing about an incoherant plot is kind of the norm with Square Enix these days, but honestly enough flash and more substance.
  2. It took forever to show off the amazing looking combat system. Invoking Xenoblade again I will say that Versus XIII's combat looks exactly like what you would get if Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade had a baby, and it doesn't get any sweeter than that. For the longest time though we knew nothing about what Versus XIII had to offer in terms of combat, but the prerendered cutscenes that filled the trailers suggested that Versus XIII had an amazing combat system to back them up. While I agree that what we have seen is amazing it is also rather disappointing that it wasn't front and center. Square Enix shouldn't sell a game by it's prerendered cutscenes alone, but with it's gameplay as the reason to get it. Now if Versus XIII gets canned this combat system needs to be the main thing that is used in XV cause it looks like the shit.
  3. Lastly why is it that I am hyped up for a game that I have only heard two songs for so far? I'm serious there are only two songs, Somnus and another untitled song. I'm used to hearing at lest five songs for most games when they are promoted especially ones at the higher end of the spectrum. Oh well I'm complaining about nothing the songs are awesome, but man they needed more, like a damn battle theme.

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